Character Sheet - Help with the C.I.S. Page

Please copy and paste the below into a world processor. Use the website to fill out the sections starting with Available Character Attributes. For help seeing how others have filled out the character page you can look at characters up on the Characters Page. For sections that are Optional (Magic and Equipment) you do not have to fill anything out in this area if nothing applies to your character.

Full sentences are requires save for locations with lists such as Likes, Dislikes, Fears and Quirks. If you do not use full sentences the moderators will modify your CIS to comply. Spell Check is a must, and re-read your work before submitting it. Email your completed file to You can also use the Last Omen form.


Name: You character's name: First, Middle (if any) and Last

Species: Name of the species your character is (based off of the population page under Kingdom of Aether).

Gender: Female, male, trans-female, trans-male, hermaphrodite

Age: How many years old is the character

Birthday: Day and Month: 01/01

Soul Name: What nonsensical word identifies your character's higher self?

Aliases: Any other names or titles the character goes by.

Class: What social class is the character? See Kingdom of Aether - Social Classes.

Profession(s): What profession pays your character's livelihood? See Kingdom of Aether - Professions.

Faction(s): What faction, if any, has your character's loyalty. Refrain from having more than one. See Factions.

Home: Does your character live in a mansion, a house, a town home, apartment, on a farm or as someone else's pet?



Prodigy: Request a skill you already have below to be the prodigy.

Major: Up to a max of two, what two skills is your character focused in perfecting?

Average: As many as is logical for the character.

Minor: Skills your character is just picking up.


Magic (Optional Section)

Species Powers: If your species has a power, just copy and paste it here.

Hero Skills: Does your profession come with Hero Skills?

Spells: What spells, if your profession offers them, do you have. The various spells are in the Magic Library.

Elemental Gift/Heritage: Does your character have access to the Elemental God powers?

Other: Do you have special, one of a kind, abilities?

Ritual Magic(s):

Curse / Blessing: Pick one, does your character have a strange magical curse or blessing and if so what does it do?


Equipment (Optional Section)

Main Weapon: Name of your character's weapon, if it has one.

Abilities: Is it artificed to be something more then average? If so what kind of power does it grant?

Description: What does it look like?

Other Weapons: Any other notable weapons kept on the character? Taken (copy/pasted) per weapon.

Abilities: Does the other weapons have any magic properties?

Description: What does the other weapon look like.

Armor: What is the name of the armor, if any.

Abilities: What magical powers does the armor have, if any.

Description: What does it look like?

Other Accessories: Any other magical accessories?



Eye Color: What is the color of the character's eyes? Blue, Green-Blue Hazel, Purple, Light Brown, Dark Red...

Skin Tone: What is the character's skin tone? Peach, Pale Peach, Tan, Beige, Dark Brown, Black, Violet, Pink, Green...

Build: What kind of build does the character have, without any suggestive embellishments! Do not describe the build as though you were writing for a smut novel. Let the players decide for themselves if their 'curves are in all the right places'.

Hair Color: What color is the hair: Red, Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Green, Fuchsia...

Hair Style: Describe what the style, texture and length of the hair is on the character.

Height & Weight: Example - 5'7" (that is 5 foot, 7 inches)

Other /Other Forms: Does the character come with any other forms or augmentations to their normal appearance?

Style & Casual Wear: What kind of clothing, and color choice if desired, does the character like to dress in day to day.

Accessories: Any notable accessories in either quality or quantity? If anything is specific for reasons, describe the item and the reason if desired, or put the reason in the history.

Distinguishing Marks: Scars, burns, birthmarks, missing limbs, things that identify the character even when buck ass naked.



Likes: List your character's likes and try to keep it interesting (so avoid: children, flowers, sunshine, joy... unless those simple and usual likes are really a cornerstone of the character). Example - Cats when they sleep on their lap, pizza with tons of cheese, creative writing, sweet foods

Dislikes: The opposite of likes, done in the same listed array style.

Personality: Give a more in depth description of the personality here. Bring in flavor information about how the character responds to others, what their social and personal quirks are, and if they are go-get-em personalities or wall flowers.

Fears: List what your character is actually afraid of, something that shakes them. Things like: pain, death, losing a loved one, are all fine but they cannot be the only things here! Examples - losing their beauty, becoming poor, having a child

Quirks: List any quirks that really identify the character such as a nervous tick, a need to finish a conversation with the last word, a penchant for being defensive and turning blame onto someone else... make it interesting.



Father/Donor: Who is the father of the character - Joe Bradan (dead). If their is more then one father list them as well such as - Yuri Jovak (adopted)

Mother/Sire: Same deal as father, with mother.

Siblings: List the siblings and state if they are older or younger. If you have no ideas or want to leave it open for other players to perhaps connect to your character like this just say: Open. You can list siblings and still end with 'Open'.

Spouse/Lovers: Name them out. Do not list 'Open' here. Find a way to role play in romance.

Children: List them like siblings, with birth orders, or Open.

Close Friends: List them out and by their name you can state what kind of friend - Ryan Davar (bestie with benefits)

Other: This is a place to list any extended family members that are close, enemies, estranged friends, and such like that. Make sure to put next to their name what they are - Rudy Ronalds (enemy), Dapka Iffiel (boss)


Pets (Optional Section)

Name: what is your pet's name? Please copy-paste this list and have one for each pet you have. Only list pets that will play a part in the story of your character such as familiars, loyal hounds, combat trained horses, and so forth. If all you have is a goldfish and it is really important to the character, list it but otherwise keep the fluff off.

Breed: What kind of animal is it?

Function: What role does it serve the character - combat, familiar, mount, labor, companionship

Age & Sex: How old is it and what gender?

Description: What does it look like?

Personality: What, if any, personality does the pet have?



Year ####: Tell us the important points in the character's time line! You can use the history sections of the various cultures to fill in the gaps for major events. For Aether it is under Kingdom of Aether - Culture. All the other Histories can be found by going to the specie's page. Quick link through Population.