Hero Skills

Though they are called skills, the Hero Skills offer things on a more magical level. The take the normal and give it a boost. Most hero skills come from a specific line of work but some can translate across a few. For example, Sense Lay Lines can be learned and done by anyone who has an affinity for casting but it is an automatic for mages.

Character Creation
Check your profession, it will tell list what hero skills are automatic to the class. To gain out of profession hero skills either justify it in the character's history or ask for a plot line in story to learn it from another in-play character or NPC (if there are no characters).

Please do not have more then an additional 2 Hero Skills for a new character. Request from the moderator the ability to have more if you can justify it with the character's history and goals for the character's story arc.

Sometimes a character's concept would be applicable to a skill that isn't labeled as for their profession or species.
In that case please drop a pair and put them on the CIS. If we feel it would not work we will tell you when we review the CIS.

Call Pack
Werewolves, Shaman
You can summon the aid of animals in the area by calling out for help.

Cat's Pathing
Any, Operative
You are flexible and agile enough to scale your environment without the help of tools. Unless the environment doesn't permit it, you are able to use acrobatics to climb up tall buildings and safely get down as well as into unusually tight spaces.

Knight, Paladin, Warrior
The heavily armored person charges at max speed towards their target. This often causes intimidation as well as knock back and stun affect should the target be struck. Even if they are not intimidated, all actions the target is taking must be ended for them to move out of the way. The armor wearing battering ram moves at twice their normal speed, giving them a burst of energy should they hit their target to double their damage and attack (allowing a succession of 2 attack per turn that are not avoidable).

Cry Havoc
Knight, Soldier, Warrior
The person lets out a bellow that inspires themselves and their companions, removing any intimation or fear effects happening at the time and bolstering their focus giving them better chances on an attack roll. It also intimidates the enemy, reducing their chance on dodge and attack rolls if they fail a stoicness roll. Some characters simply by design will not be effected by this, but it still will boost the person using the skill and their allies.

Danger Sense
Given by Moderators ONLY(do not request)
This character has a better peripheral vision and keener senses then others. They have an instinctive danger sense giving them a +3 chance to notice when something is changing in their environment specifically if it desires to harm them (+1 otherwise).

Dual Two-Handed Weapons
Knight, Paladin, Reaver, Warrior
You can use two two-handed weapons without a drop in skill.

Elemental Ammunition
The marksman can summon ammunition with a magical property to crate shots that carry more potency.

Fire: Creates burnings
Ice: Chills and slows the use of limbs
Arcane: Blasts the target with a little pop of power upon impact for moderate extra damage

Flurry of Force
Operative, Scout, Shaman, Martial Artists, Dagger Users
The character becomes an acrobatic master while using two, one-handed, weapons. They inflict a series of moderate wounds upon a target while they flip, spin and practically dance around them. The target can only block half of these attacks.

Any Priest, Priestess, or other clergy & Paladin
The character sacrifices a little of their life force and puts a protective barrier around someone that activates should they take a lethal blow. It lasts for five seconds.

Lithe Reflexes
Operative, Criminal, Assassin, Scout, Slayer (Araneae), Reaper (Keise), Shinobi (Ryuko), Kunoichi (Ryuko)
Lithe reflexes allow them to use acrobatics for dodging (+3 Agility to Dodge) and for transversing the environment (much like Parkour but each has their own style of doing it).

Ignore Pain
Operative, Knight, Paladin, Reaver
The individual turns off their pain sensory. They no longer are slowed by pain or crippling, burning or chilling affects. They take all damage as they go along, but they will not be distracted to stopped due to it. Unless a body part is physically incapable of preforming, the person will keep using it. While this is active the body is also hardened and in a state of doing as much self preservation as it can, meaning broken bones will not slip and puncture out of the body as the muscles are holding it in place so it can serve its function. This lasts for a post line/fight. The target takes all the pain and damage once the affect wares off.

Mythic Form
You can take on a human-animal form allowing you access to all your animal abilities and your humanoid ones. You are the beast equivalent of a werewolf in its crossed form.

Assassins, Criminals, Operative, Scouts
The character is adept in moving through shadows, moving silently and finding really acrobatic and pro hiding spots. This ability is for characters who are masters of stealth, beyond the usual criminal sneak.

Poison Shot
Marksman, Operative, Scout
The weapon, summoned or not, is imbued with a poison.

Bleeding: Causes the wound to bleed out doing damage over time
Burning: Creates a fire based wound that burns inside and outside of the impact point
Crippling: Causes muscle spasms to slow or cripple a target temporarily, can do major damage to the muscles
Euphoric: Target becomes drug induced as they become high on pleasure chemistry
Sleeping: Target becomes drowsy and falls asleep if they cannot will themselves to stay awake

Read/Write Language (_____)
Mage, Paladin, Reaver Seraph, Voidmancer, Warlock
This hero skill allows one to read, without discomfort or disorientation, magical works and pictures, or hear the chants of magical languages. The magical languages have a power of their own that common people usually cannot endure. People trying to read arcane books can lose their minds attempting to make out what it says while unholy texts can open the doorway to possessions if one isn't careful. The skill allows for careful and safe use of these powerful languages.

Mage: Arcane, Entropy
Holy Knight: Holy
Paladin: Holy
Reaver: Death
Seraph: Holy
Shaman: -
Voidmancer: Void or Unholy
Warlock: Unholy

Sense Ley Lines
Mage, Paladin, Reaver Seraph, Voidmancer, Warlock, Supernaturals
The power of the ley lines can be felt. People who study magic often learn this skill to find good locations for rituals and spell crafting. It is easier to learn spells where ley lines connect. Mages use the ley lines as a mode of transportation for their teleports and portals.

Marksman, Rifleman
The marksman of the Arcane Sanctum have perfected their observation and patience. With the use of this skill they can empower a summoned ammunition to do double damage to a target, so long as they took the time to aim. If a head or heart shot is called, the target is automatically hit (to what point of damage is up to the storyline, not system). Using this, the marksman can hit targets up to a mile away with a simple bow and arrow.

The rifleman's version of this hero skill allows for extremely excellent aim. Taking in everything from environmental factors, trajectory, curvature of the terrain, to even the limitations of their weapon, the rifleman's shots are dead-on. This is done after many years of learning the art of sensing the shot. The distances of these shots can be double the normal capability of the weapons they use.

Shaytan Affinity
You can sense the taint of Shaytan in the local area. If you have a specific Shaytan tainted person you are obsessed with you can find them anywhere, following the pulling of their corruption.

Shield Mastery
Knights, Paladins, Reavers, Soldiers, Warriors
You are a master at using the shield for defense and offense.

Knight, Paladin, Reaver
The individual can leap into the air and smash the ground, sending out a shock wave that has a chance at knocking all targets around them off their feet. If it knocks them down they are dazed.

Spell Craft (_____)
Mage, Holy Knight, Paladin, Reaver, Seraph, ritual preforming clergy, Voidmancer, Warlock
Spell craft is the empowered art of weaving and casting spells of a specific type. The types are Arcane, Chi, Death, Elemental, Entropy, Holy, Shamanic, Unholy and Void.

Mage: Arcane, Entropy
Necromancer: Death
Holy Knight: Holy, Elemental
Paladin: Holy
Reaver: Death
Seraph: Holy
Shaman: Shamanic
Voidmancer: Operative, Void
Warlock: Unholy

Speed of the Beast
Werewolf, Shaman, Scout
Your body is so rigged to move unconsciously that you move twice as fast as anyone else,

Spirit of the Land
You can release life-energy into a location, increasing HP regeneration over time. The area is suddenly covered in plants like spring came for up to 100 yards.

Summon Ammunition
The rangers of the Arcane Sanctum manifest their own ammunition for their bows (and guns). This is a simple reflexive spell that happens as they take the action to pull back the bow string or fire their gun. The conjured ammunition does the same kind of damage its corporal counter part does.

Tame Demon
Voidmancer, Warlock
This skill allows for the voidmancer to have control over a summoned demon that is in their service. The demon cannot attack them or actively work against them while in their presence.

Tame Voidbeast
This skill allows for the voidmancer to have control over a summoned void beast that is in their service. The beast cannot attack them or actively work against them while in their presence.

A conjured ammunition can be split into three parts when fired to do three times the amount of damage it normally would have done. This can be split between three targets if desired. They do not heat seek, so their still needs to be a hit check before damage.

Wild Strike
Knight, Warrior
With their weapon, and with no regard to their self-preservation, the character can strike wildly at a target. This strike will penetrate armor as it has a crushing blow. The target takes heavy damage while the character takes minor damage from the reverberation and pressure of the strike.

Given by Moderators ONLY(do not request)
The character's will power is the stuff of legends! Even the strongest mind control techniques cannot trick the character into believing they are willingly taking actions that they are being puppeted to do. Most magic that controls the mind or puppets the body rolls off the character.