Available Character Attributes

This is a listing of all the character attribute slots. Rank, gender, clans, kingdoms, it's all here so that you can see what is open to new character creation. Please be sure to check the below slots for what is currently available for new character use or for a list of adoptable characters.

A champion is a character who will go down in history books for their famous or infamous actions. They are usually combat orientated as glory usually does. To make a champion, please request it from the moderator. To have a character become one, create a plotline, that is approved, and complete it to its entirety.

Adrian (of the Araneae), Astera (of Phaira), Baldir (of the Arcane Sanctum), Celisdane (of the Arcane Sanctum), Chantria (of the Arcane Sanctum), Chestin (of Aether), Cross (of Aether), Galenaris (of Aether/Shamed), Janos III (of Aether), Jean (of Aether), Kariel (of the Arcane Sanctum), Leorajh (of the Dawnbringer), Lucious (of Aether), Maelstrom (of Aether), Mouko (of the Dawnbringer), Oseron (of the Dawnbringer), Ravengale (of the Arcane Sanctum), Raiu (of the Ryuko), Tess (of the Araneae), Theos (of the Arcane Sanctum), Varna (of Phaira), Vindassi (of the Dawnbringer), Xiphil (of Aether), Zanzas (of the Arcane Sanctum)


Aetherian High Born: Open

Aetherian Low Born: Open

Aetherian Half-Breed: RP Born

Araneae: 9 Slots

Dahhak: 5 Slots

Keise: 9 Slots

Nazcan: 6 Slots

Phairian: 7 Slots

Roma: 1 Slot

Ryuko: 3 Slots

Solarian: 4 Slots

Vykrul/Wilder: 2 Slots

Werewolf: 9 Slots

Wysterian: 9 Slots

Crossbreed: 9 Slots

Supernatural: 4 Slots

Gender & Age Group

Female: Open (We really need men.)

Male: Open

Trans-Female: Open

Trans-Male: Open

Hermaphrodite: Open

Child: Closed

Young Adult: Open

Adult: Open

Elder: Open

Aetherian Civilian Professions

Diplomat: 2 Slots
Doctor: Closed
Entertainer: 2 Slots
Fashion Designer: Closed
Healer, Royal: 1 Slot
Instructor: (Prof. page for openings.)
Nurse: 2 Slots
Stewardship of Land: Open*
Student, Legacy Institute: Open

* Needs in-play master/employer!

Bar Tender: 1 Slot (Emberlight Tavern)
Wench: 2 Slots
Criminal: Open
Employee: Open*
Entertainer: 1 Slot Dancer, 2 Performer
Laborer/Farmer: 2 Slots
Merchant: Leather Crafts & Supplies, Bookstore, Antique Shop
Servant (Butler/Maid): 2 Slots
Tailor: 2 Slots
Agent: Open*
Alchemist: Closed
Apothecary: 1 Slot
Architect: 2 Slots
Artist: Closed
Assassin: You will never get to kill a player character so this may as well be closed. 1 Slot
Spy: Open*
Thug: Open
Warlock: Open (Pick an Archfiend)
Witch: Open

Aetherian Profession by Orders

Magic Council Member: Closed
Headmaster: Closed
Archmage: 1 Slot
Mage: 3 Slots
Student: 5 Slots

Knight Commander: Closed
Knight: 4 Slots

Order of the Crown
Knight Commander: Closed
Juggernaut: 2 Slots
Wasp: Closed
Knight: 2 Slots
Rifleman: 4 Slots
Scout: 4 Slots
Soldier: 4 Slots

The Temple
Holy Knight Commander: Closed
Paladin: Closed
Holy Knight: 3 Slots
Clergy: 5 Slots

Arcane Sanctum Professions by Orders

Deus Vis
Arcanist: Theos
Council Member: Closed
Archmage: 1 Slot
Mage: 3 Slots
Apprentice: 2 Slots
Artificer: 4 Slots
Student: Open

Order of Heaven
Radiant Lord: Ravengale
Divine Lady: Chantria
Paladin: 4 Slots
Disciple, Paladin: Open
Seraph: 4 Slots

Master of Intelligence (MI): 1 Slot
Operative: 3 Slots
Informant: Open

Order of the Radiant Sun
Knight Commander: 1 Slot
Knight: Open
Soldier: Open

Wraith Lord: Zanzas
Reaver: RPed Entry
Revanent: Open (w/ freewill)

Royal Guard
Master Marksman: 1 Slot
Marksman: 3 Slots
Soldier: Open

Walk of Shadows
Void Lord: Kariel
Void Master: 1 Slot per Void/Unholy
Voidmancer: 4 Slots
Apprentice: Open (w/ in-play master)

Crafter: Open
Entertainer: Open
Merchant: Open
Retail: Open

Defunct "Lost" Professions

Archivist: 2 Slots
Arbiter: 1 Slot
Neonate: 2 Slots
Overseer: 1 Slot
Scribe: 3 Slots
     Champion: Closed
     Magistrate: 1 Slot
          Overseer: 1 Slot
               Guardian: 1 Slot
               Slayer: 1 Slot
               Tracker: 1 Slot
Weaver: 1 Slot

Artist: 3 Slots
Clergy: 2 Slots
Reaper: 3 Slots
Sentry: 2 Slots

Artist: Closed
Scout: 2 Slots
Teacher: Closed
Shaman: Closed
Warrior: 2 Slots

Bushi/Hohei: Closed
Courtier: 2 Slots
Ite: Closed
Mahoutsukai: 2 Slots
Monk: 2 Slots
Samurai: 3 Slots
Shinobi: 1 Slot
Kunoichi: 1 Slot
Shinto Miko: 2 Slots
Shinto Priest: 2 Slots

Clergy: 2 Slots
Mage: 5 Slots
Warrior -
     Grand Marshal: Closed
     General: Closed
     Captain: Closed
     Blade Master: 1 Slot
     Mercenary: 4 Slots
     Rifleman: 4 Slots
     Soldier: 5 Slots
     Peon: Closed

Aetherian Classes

King: Chestin Promathea
Queen: -
Crowned Heir: -
Prince: -
Princess: -

Royal Duke: Closed
Royal Duchess: Closed

Argent Duke: -
Argent Duchess: Cera
Argent Marquis: Open
Argent Marquise: Open

Merlose Duke: Quentyn
Merlose Duchess: -
Merlose Marquis: Closed
Merlose Marquise: Closed

Phandaria Duke: -
Phandaria Duchess: Sable
Phandaria Marquis: Closed
Phandaria Marquise: Closed

Sheedan Duke: -
Sheedan Duchess: Taisie
Sheedan Marquis: Closed
Sheedan Marquise: Closed

Count / Countess: 2 Slots
Viscount /Viscountess: Closed
Baron / Baroness: 9 Slots
Lord / Lady: Open
Peasant: Open

Darkworld Classes

Darkworld Archfiend: Closed
Darkworld Diablo: Closed
Darkworld Whelp: -
Darkworld Hellion: -
Darkworld Dybbuk: Open
Darkworld Amon: Open
Darkworld Abaraxs: Closed
Darkworld Mamon: Open
Darkworld Marbas: Open
Darkworld Sabnack: Open
Darkworld Aristocat: Open
Darkworld Commoner: Open

Other Honored Classes

Araneae Patriarch: Closed
Araneae Matriarch: -
Araneae Second: 1 Slot
Araneae Exalted: Open

Dahhak King: Clive Madrid

Nazcan Emperor: Yunta
Nazcan Empress: Khana
Nazcan High Shaman: Yunta

Ryuko Ryuujin: Closed
Ryuko Joouheika: -
Ryuko Koutaishi: Closed
Ryuko Miko/Hime: Closed
Ryuko Ryuheika: Open

Werewolf Chieftain: Closed

Phairan Classes

Empress: Shekina Phaira
Emperor: Varna Phaira
Prince: -
Princess: -
Euluta: Closed
Eulutan: Closed
Satrapy: Closed
Satran: Closed
Atran: Open

High Priestess: Open
High Priest: Open
Priestess: Open
Priest: Open
Archon: Open
Understudy: Open

Mushkenu: Open
Wardu: Open

Arcane Sanctum Classes

King: -
Queen: -
Crowned Heir: Saren Solaris
Prince: -
Princess: -
Champion: 2 Slots
Noble: Open
Commoner: Open

Other Factions

Champion's League
Mage: Open
Other: Open

Cult of Asoth
Faithful: RP Only
Clergy: Open
Assassins: Closed

Member of the Shadow Hunters: RP Only
     Assassin, spy, thief
Member of the Consortium: Open
     Inventor, crafter, smith
Member of the Order of Blades: Open
     Knight, Rifleman, Soldier, Scout

Monster Hunters
No exclusive professions.

Shadow King
Warlock: Open
Contracted: Open

Shattered Realm
6 Slots, Male Preferred, No exclusive professions.

Xanthus Mafia
6 Slots, No exclusive professions.

Favored of Gods

RafielChester, Timothy, Blaine, Jason, Arcadian

MikhaelLel'Eyon, Takeshi, Virgil

JibrielFelisha, Fenda, Battista, Elliot, Helen

UrielSyria, Gillean, Akuchi

Raziel: Rosalyn, Kevin

Zerachiel: Cloe, Chestin, Clive, Gaelnaris

RamielOdessa, J.J., Trisha

ReailBalthazar, Quentyn, Barnaby, Jasper, Monnique, Tsukiga

LevianAkuchiBalor, Usha, Ivy, Kris, Orianna

ChorozeMelchior, Satrina, Kajal, Ranir, Shanti

Bael: Ansel, Emeline, Fenda, Phaedria, William


Andrew, Ashton, Cerrin, Gen, Janos II, Kibo, Taisie

Chantria, Ravengale

Detridon, Zanzas, (all Reavers)


Elemental Gods
Light: Lucious, Alistair, Marlene

Dark: Maelstrom, Eidolon, Essence, Schaw

Water: Kouryou, Jean, Xanthus

Fire: Magnus, Cross, Halja, Kathleen, T'vasha, Xiphil

Earth: August, Tayanna, Wyatt, Calliope

Air: Geralt, Elodin, Shantrea

EntropyMouko, Janos II, Kibo, Nu

WaterKouryou, Raiu, Ikaru

FireTsuhi, Toru

EarthMuramasa, Eriko, Himitsu

AirYonisho, Chisu, Miki

Wood: Erisuke, Saiya


Metal: Senchiro, Ichiko

LightningKaida Asa, Shoukin, Arcturus, Eshana

Astera (All Dragons) | Detridon (Mortis) | Kaidan (All Dragons)

Gods in Mortal Bodies
Air (Elodin) | Fire (Cross) | Water (Jean)