Below are the factions in the game. They are listed out by their superior faction title, such as Aether has A.E.G.I.S., the Legionnaires, Order of the Crown and the Temple's Holy Knights. They are listed under Aether's heading. The factions add community for characters and give a sense of purpose. It is not required that characters be part of a faction.

Aether, The Kingdom Of

Location: Entire Kingdom of Aether, Headquarters: Shade's Run
Leader: King Chestin Promathea
Function: Nation

This is one of two major standing powers in the known world. The Kingdom of Aether is the default allegiance in the story. The player characters are usually citizens of it. With in Aether there are smaller factions that make up parts of government and the military.

The Academy of Education
and Guidance for Incantations
and Sorcery

Leadership: Magic Council
(Sadarius, Askela, Priya, Reiko, Carth, Tayanna)

Location: Shade's Run, Aether

To education, monitor and police the activities of Aetherian mages.

Citizen of Aether, Mage


Leadership: Jean Twilight

Location: Shade's Run, Aether

Serve the Crown without personal attachments to who wears it, secret service and private police to the royal family.

Citizen of Aether, Knight, Male

Order of the Crown

Leadership: Edward Blackthorne

Location: Shade's Run, Aether

Police the people, royal guards, the bulk of the army leadership (soldiers follow these knights).

Citizen of Aether, Knight

The Temple
Holy Knights

Leadership: Lord Spiritual
(Janos Promathea III (JJ)

Location: Shade's Run, Aether

Defend the Temple, take military action with the support power of gods and greater spirits in the form of magic.

Citizen of Aether, Member of the Temple as clergy first

Arcane Sanctum

Location: Arcane Sanctum's Ship
Leader: Prince Soren & Council Members
Function: Nation

The Arcane Sanctum is the remains of the old Solarian empire back before Aetherians ever existed. They have remained preserved in culture by traveling through the void, waiting for when they would be needed again. Inside the Sanctum a handful of factions rose in support of various professions.

Deus Vis

Leadership: Council Members
(Theos, Dakas, Kishtar, Soren)

Location: Tower of Ether

Retains a neutral position in matters of international strife. Assists in handling magical study, research and dangers.

Mage, Citizen of the Sanctum

Order of Heaven

Leadership: Radiant Lord &
Divine Lady

Location: Halls of Heaven

Oversee the training of clergy and battle in the name of the Light and justice.

Paladin or Seraph

Order of the
Radiant Sun

Leadership: Prince Saren

Location: Ranger Grounds

These knights aid in training up soldiers and assisting in peace keeping through the Sanctum. They are masters of martial combat.

Knight, Soldier


Leadership: Wraith Lord

Location: Halls of Mist

Commanding the members of the Reavers and all of their undead minions. Keeps a very tight grip on secrets and rites of the Reavers.


Royal Guard

Leadership: Prince Saren

Location: Ranger Grounds

Police the streets of the Arcane Sanctum and defend it. Train marksmen and soldiers.

Marksman, Soldier

Walk of Shadows

Leadership: Void Lord

Location: Walk of Shadows

Supervise and train warlocks and voidmancers in the dark arts of void and unholy magic. Ensures that members are put down if they succumb to the temptation of evil.

Voidmancer or Warlock


Champion's League

Location: Golden Scale Resort, Merlose, Aether
Leader: Adrian Gyrfalcon
Function: To be a neutral party that can deal with issues that kingdoms can't.
Allegiance: -
Restrictions: -

The organization follows the Champion of the Araneae. They tend to look into matters and bring militant force to people and places that the sovereigns of the locations won't or can't tend to. Though they are their own organization they are considered to be beholden to the ruler ship of Aether, something they don't necessarily agree with.

Cult of Asoth

Location: Vox Diablos (Inside of Umbral Halls)
Leader: High Priest Andrew Semar
Function: To worship their dark god, Asoth and empower him with sacrifices
Allegiance: -
Restrictions: Must be in service to Asoth.

They worship a dark god called Asoth. They are classic cultists who do dark and twisted acts in the name of their dark and twisted god. Their symbol is a black spiral. Bezelneph is in the form of a cat and is the body of their god, who happens to meander about.


Location: Dawnbring Ship, Functions out of Aether
Leader: Commander Leorajh Rudiger & Strategist Oseron
Function: Multi National World Defenders
Allegiance: -
Restrictions: -

In response to the world-ending Slada'Sha uprisings, the Dawnbringer was built as a multi-national, neutral, defense group. They have barracks, training grounds and factions that oversee the various parts of their military. Most members of the Dawnbringer have some alliance to another nation, and it is not required that the alliance be renounced so long as all war and propaganda from their nation is not acted upon while on the Dawnbringer.


Leadership: Chester Kenstine

Location: Inventory

They create everything from the weapons to the personal comforts of the Dawnbringer. They are in charge of maintenance and inventions.


Mibusin Gumi

Leadership: Raiu Yoshitoyo

Location: Barracks

The group is a left over from the Isle of Dragons. They didn't want to dissolve so they came together on the Dawnbringer. They keep bushido alive.

Former Mibushin Gumi

Shadow Hunters

Leadership: Scathe

Location: Hidden Wing

The Sky Hunters and Shadow Fangs came together on the Dawnbringer to be secretive intelligence agents and rogues. They infiltrate other factions aboard the ship.

Scouts, Secret Agents, Spies,
Reapers, Shinobi, Kunoichi

Order of Blades

Leadership: Vindassi

Location: Knight Grounds

They work to train soldiers and knights for battle against world ending evil. They train in mounted, melee and ranged combat, in Aetherian style.

Knight, Rifleman, Soldier

Order of Magic

Leadership: Shantrea

Location: Arcane Library

This houses and oversees magic users from arcane mages to shamans and clergy. For the most part no one is trained here, they come here to learn more martial uses for their powers and fight world ending creatures.

Caster of some kind.

Scions of Entropy

Leadership: Mouko

Location: Isle of Entropy

They assist the Dawnbringer with matters of entropic, death and unholy magic. They have a deep knowledge of how to work with Slada'Sha energy. They are a satellite city in the sky with the Dawnbringer's floating fortress.

Accepted by Mouko.

Monster Hunters

Location: Aether, Leila's Living Quarters
Leader: Leila
Function: Hunters of a'dalis, corrupted, demons and anything out to kill people
Allegiance: Aether
Restrictions: -

A small group of people who have devoted their lives to destroying the creatures that go bump in the night. They research incidents to ensure they are genuine and then toggle various methods and faiths to bring the enemy down.

Shadow King

Location: Phaira & Aether, Secret HQs
Leader: Melchior, The Shadow King
Function: Causing chaos
Allegiance: -
Restrictions: -

Melchior is a demon. A real one. Despite being the most powerful evil there is he focuses on simply making chaos and havoc where he can send his minions. His personal goal is to reach the Heavenly Realm.

Shattered Realm

Location: Emberlight Tavern, Shade's Run, Aether
Leader: Cross
Function: Family Gang
Allegiance: -
Restrictions: -

A "gang" that does all the things a gang is supposed to do without all the nasty things they inevitably end up doing. They protect one another, they are like a family unit, they tend to flock together and picking on one is picking on all of them. They are also strongly against the Crown, especially Christopher as King. Their leader is literally the God of Fire incarnate, giving their members a nearly divine righteousness to their cause.

Xanthus Mafia

Location: Velvet Secret, Shade's Run, Aether
Leader: Xanthus
Function: Organized Crime
Allegiance: Cult of Asoth
Restrictions: -

A basic mafia. They deal in trafficking people, weapons and drugs. They are thieves and gang members that all work under Xanthus' 'banner'. They work under Asoth to give them an edge so they can go against the Shattered Realm.