Group Events

Chronicles of Aether is Lastomen's flagship group. It opened in 2006 and has been going strong since its inception. The group has hosts many events in the past with only two as reoccurring: the Inner Group Awards and the Lastomen Get Together. Below has the links necessary for both those and any other event hosted by the moderators.

Current Winners

Favorite Man: Cross
Favorite Woman: Karidee
Favorite Support Character: I'Frit
Favorite Dynamic: Forint & Karidee
Favorite Romance: JJ & T'vasha
Most Attractive Man: Xanthus
Most Attractive Woman: Shekina
Drama Queen/King: Kristee
Favorite Youth: Kosuke
Most Intriguing: Mikayla

Inner Group Awards

Nominations Time: September 1rst - September 14th
Voting Time: September 15th - September 22nd 
Winners Announced: September 28th

Ballot Status: OPEN

This event is held every year to honor the various characters who have been outdone by their players. The both normal, support and villain characters can be voted into these positions. Once ballots are taken in by the moderator the polls go out on the Yahoo Group and links are mailed out. Voting takes up at least a week, with one moderator holding off to break ties if possible.

Players are not to vote for their own characters unless their characters are part of a group section on the ballot (romance/dynamic).

The Lastomen Get Together

Location: Moderator's home in McMinnville, Oregon
Duration: 1 Week
Dates: July 30th 2017 (Monday) - August 5th 2017 (Saturday)
Airport: PDX (Portland International)
Plane Arrival Times: Between 10am-1pm
Plane Departure Times: Between 10am-1pm
Train is an option as well.

Hotels in the area if that is preferred, otherwise hosts have 1 seductive couch, 1 seductive love seat and 1 queen sized air mattress. Please look for emails to the group and on for information.

Events: A Chronicles of Aether live role-play (with dice and character sheets), a random role-play, board and card games, movies and or sightseeing of Oregon's oceans, mountains and deserts.


There are no others at this time.

Past Awards

The 80's Competition
A one-shot competition for fun, designed around figuring out which characters best represented/acted like old 80s cartoon characters/themes.

Care A Lot we Care A Lot! (Serena) | Yabadabadoooo! (The Singer Family) | Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS! (Tina) | By the Power of Grayskull! (Albrecht) | For the Honor of Grayskull! (Elizabelle) | Truly, Truly Outrageous! (Karis) | My Little Pony! (Yasnin) | Shuubedo, Shu, shu bedo! (Lance) | Bring Color to the World! (Edorian) | Scooby Dobby Dooo!! (Aerith) | Thunder Cats, HOOOO!!!! (Karis) | Go Voltron Force! (Francis) 

COA High School Competition
A one-shot competition for fun, designed around deciding which characters best fit certain high school stereo types. 

The Bully (Nok) | The Cheerleader (Gwendolyn) | The Geek (Don) | The Goth (Tayanna) | The Groupies (Usha) | The Jock (Muramasa) | The Nerd (Geralt) | The Preppy (Odin) | The Rebel (Lel'Eyon) | The Teacher's Pet (Violet)

The Disney Competition
A one-shot competition for fun, designed around seeing who acted most like the Disney prince and princess characters.

Snow White (Yasnin) | Cinderella (Valeria) | Aurora (Sable) | Ariel (Gracie) | Belle (Aerith) | Jasmine (Alyson) | Pocahontas (Khana) | Mulan (Kristen) | Tiana (Larisa) | Prince (Trevor) | Charming (Halden) | Phillip (Lucious) | Eric (Fredrick) | Adam/Beast (Eidolon) | Alladin (Fredrick/Lucien)