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Inner Group Awards - Ballot

1. Copy and paste from YOUR NAME down onto a word processor or email.

2. Then fill it out using the Inner Group Awards page.

3.Send it into to: The Group Owner

Put the name and then the reason the nominee qualifies. A short simple reason is all that is needed. Just something to justify the nominee. However please do list some reason, I use those for the winners at the end!

Favorite Woman: SomechicksName - She is strong willed, good looking and refined.


Characters must meet these requirements to be nominated.

Must not be played by the player who is nominating them unless one character within a multi-character category.

Character must be in play for 6 months or more, in real time.

They can be NPC, VC, SC or PC.

Your Name:

The Categories

Favorite Man:
(Favorite male/transmale character over 16 years old.)

Favorite Woman:
(Favorite female/transfemale character over 16 years old.)

Favorite Supporting Character:
(Favorite character who does not shine on their own yet seems to help all those around them excel.)

Favorite Dynamic:
(Favorite pair or group of characters.)

Favorite Romance:
(Must be a current romance.)

Most Attractive Man:
(Most visually appealing male/transmale/non-binary on the masculine spectrum.
No excuse not to vote for this. Scroll down the character page bitches.)

Most Attractive Woman:
(Most visually appealing female/transfemale/non-binary on the feminine spectrum.
No excuse not to vote for this. Scroll down the character page bitches.)

Drama Queen/King:
(Character with the most engaging plot development in the past year.)

Favorite Youth
(Any character under the age of 16, but that has been in play 6 months or more in real time.)

Most Intriguing:
(The character that you enjoy reading the posts of. Doesn't matter if it is world or salt shaking, you simply enjoy this character's interactions.)

Thank you for your submission of nominees to Inner Group Awards.