The Kingdom of Aether


Promathea, the royal family's crest.

The Lion is Courage and the Unicorn is Wisdom. The colors of the shield represent the four elements that made up their historic religion. The sword represents the streght of Aether and its history of warfare.

Kings (Queens): Heravick Eclipse (Elunette), Janos Promathea I (Velessa), Theros Promathea (Sylvashia), Azure Promathea I (Ashlei), Azure Promathea II (Aerith), Kurash Promathea (Helen), Janos Promathea II (Belladonna), Christopher Promathea (Kristen & Iradessa), Chestin Promathea

Royal Triva: Lucien Promathea, the younger brother to Kurash, over threw Janos the II for a short time before being assassinated.

For some time, Christopher and Janos ruled together as the Whtie and Black Kings (Diplomacy and Warfare).

Later Christopher was broguht back from the dead to assassinate Janos II and his wife. He managed to retain control enough to not kill his little half-brother. Belladonna died.

Janos the II was the first King of Aether to go Dowager (though it was offically written as him giving the throne and crown soley over to his older brother who rightfully should have been King all along).

Christopher is the first king to go dowager and have it recorded as such in history.

The Promathea Curse refers to the tragedy that has befallen the blood-related Promatheas. After his fall and destruction the royal family has suffered loss after loss and currently most of the blood is no longer even true Promathean.


Aether is a Kingdom founded on exploration, industry and alliances. They fancy themselves world leaders and idealists, though they can often be overbearing and elitist to outside cultures. Their people are very diverse, particularly thanks to the fall of several allied (or conquered) nations which has placed those populations into their own melting pot. This means tensions often run high politically.

Social Divide
The nobility lives an entirely different life then the common person. The wealthy lack for only enough to spend on and the poor are nearly dead with need. Token nobility from knighthoods are one of the few ways the poor can hope to gain wealth and rank. The other method is to marry in. Merchants also manage to fair well. Trade is huge within Aether and with their external neighbors.

Aether believes itself to be on top of the world. Every world map puts them right in the center (even though on the site we choose not to). Other national nobility and royalty are treated only has high as essential, unless they are on strong friendly terms. This means that where the exiled prince of Wysteria might be treated like a token noble at best in Aether (despite any amount of wealth), the Ryuko exiled prince would be treated as on-par with an Aetherian royal duke. Why? Because Aether has always had a good relationship with the Ryuko people and had a war with the Wysterian ones.

Treated Well: Ryuko (allies), Araneae, Phairan (Royals only)
Treated Moderately: Nazcan, Phairan, Keise
Treated Poorly: Wysterians, Roma, Dahhak, Werewolves, Vykul

: Our longest, cryptic, allies
Dahhak: Close to demons, entirely untrustworthy monsters
Keise: Giving friends but cowardly
Nazcan: Savages we are taming
Phairan: Upstart feminism, but swimming in wealth
Roma: Criminal trash
Ryuko: Honorable and noble people with great martial strength
Werewolves: Dangerous and predatory
Wysterian: Murderers and slave loving scum
Vykrul: Sell-outs, our enemies

The society as a whole is fashioned after a high fantasy equivalent of Victorian Europe – London specifically. As a result, the gap between the have and have nots is becoming ever clearer even as industry begins to take off. Things like keise crystal powered lanterns are on every street corner and yet the homeless children have nowhere to sleep at night.

Keise Crystals: Crystals are equal to batters and come in all shapes, sizes and powers. They are used only in the wealthiest of homes in Aether.

Plumbing: There is a sewer system and city-wide water works, however only the richest (nobles and up) can afford to have a water heater powered by keise crystals so most taps are only 'on/off' and run unheated water. Toilets are in most standard homes for those not of poverty level, within major cities.

Teleportaion Sites: The teleportation industry is owned by Kevin Promathea-Eclipse. Their are teleporation sites within every duchy capitol and all ally capitol cities (including one in Phaira but they are not allies). This is extremely costly to use and often only richest can afford it.

Lamps: These are powered by keise crystals but otherwise they look like turn of the century lighting; both indoor and outdoor.

Printing Press: Detridon (ancient inventor) has created and given the specs for the printing press. Woodblocks are still used for images.

Photography: The first old-time cameras are developed, however there are less then ten of them as they are hand made by Detridon. Though they require a darkroom to develop, these cameras do not take hours to develop a picture, only a moment to expose the light onto the film.

The Steam Engine: Though there is steam engine technology, the introduction to the keise crystals has all but killed the 'industrial' revolution. Since most of the steam engines were made for machines of war that do not fit in civilized society they have been left to warfare.

Sky Cities & Ships: By the way of magic crystals and powers, there are floating cities. The first was the Island of Entropy, lifted up into the sky by Mouko, The Temple was next, lifted up by the (then) Child Goddess Mikayla during the civil war between the Crown and the Temple. As a gift to Janos, Mouko lifted up an old church grounds to become Janos Promathea II's personal hideaway. The Dawnbringer and the New Dawn are ship-fortressed that were developed by the Consortium working with A.E.G.I.S and Mouko's people. They can fly and have advanced arcane and ballistic weapons. The Arcane Sanctum is a huge city-ship from the nexus that has a mixture of power but is not armed with more then a barrier.

Music & Style
The music of the Aetherian’s is standard European classical, with occasional bits of Celtic & Scottish folk music for the peasantry. Generally anything that can be produced by orchestra is what the nobility prefer and to play “well” it so adhere to the established design not to invent your own.   As an amusing note, music speaks quite differently to the nobles versus the peasantry. The nobles view playing music as either background filler for their parties or as a way to promote themselves. “Look at how well my daughter can sing, any man would want to marry her.” Meanwhile peasants see music as a way to loosen up after a hard workday, its something to set them free and let them stop thinking and start laughing.

They have a written and spoken language called Aetherian. Some elite scholars may also speak, read or write Ancient Elfin. It is also common for half-breeds or those who have constant communication with other races and nations to have a second language they read and write.

Love & Marriage
: Both love and marriages are freewheeling things for the peasantry. You marry whom you wish to, when you feel your stable enough to do so and that is simply it. They do not care if your lover is the opposing gender; the same gender and they hardly care about age taboos so long as you’re not after a child (below the age of 15). Inter-racial marriages are something of a new factor to them but they are over all accepting – it's what makes you happy and anything else will generally fall into place at some point.  

Nobles: To be the exact opposite of peasants, nobles marry 75% of the time for status or money. Daughters, particularly, are used as a tool for getting the family more rank or better connections, commonly marriage to one is used to “seal a deal” or as a show of “good faith” between two newly blooming partners. Very rare is the noble who marries for love and they are often the envy of the multitude of bitter and unhappily married noble couples around them.

Though it is unpopular, same sex couples are accepted, legally, in Aether. It is preferred, however, that one keeps that skeleton in the closet if one is noble. Nobles are also very intolerant of age gaps (men are to be older then the girls and no more than 100 years separation is acceptable). Inter-racial marriages and partnerships are rare, and often the non-Aetherian partner is presumed to be a 'pet' to the Aetherian one, no matter how much the Aetheran member professes their love.

Laws & Punishments

High Treason

Plotting / Committing the rape / murder of a royal.

Sleeping with a royal and being of low class or low birth.

Refusing the direct order of a royal.

Levying war against the Kingdom.

Giving the sovereign’s enemies aid or comfort. 

Undermining established laws

Murder of other national royalty who are under Aetherian protection

Punishments: Execution    

Severe Crime

Theft from your betters. 

Murder of a noble. 


Plotting / Carrying out rape. 

Insubordination against the sovereign or aristocracy.

Punishments: Loss of Appendages, Imprisonment

Minor Crime


Accessory to Murder / Man Slaughter


Plotting/Carrying out the physical violation of another (rape).

Punishments: Canning, whipping, possible loss of a limb, or imprisonment


Before Invasion (Year 1500 B.I. – Year 0 B.I.)
While Aetherians believe time started with them, this cannot be farther from the truth. The Araneae were one of the first races and documented the rise of each race during this primordial time period - including the eventual "Invasion" of the Aetherians from off world.

Year 1500: The Solarians land on the planet. They witness the birth of many strange creatures. Their mission was to document the formation of new life on the planet as done by ethereal beings (gods). At this point they are witnessing the last stages of basic evolution in both plants and animals.

Year 1100: Araneae are created and their systems formed by their God. They are to watch over and chronicle the world. The Keise are created alongside them, the dark to their light. The Keise are taught the ways of darkness by creatures like the Bat, the Cat, the Hound and an ethereal entity of Darkness (Death actually, but it was mistaken by the Keise) known as Rerierre.

Year 1000: The Phairan's are created and are Harpies at this point. The Heavenly Host has plans for them and begins to prepare their bodies for excellorated evolution in the next few hundred years after they meet the Solarians.

Year 950: Wysterian's, called Humans at this point, are created by the Elemental God of Earth, though they call it “The Light” as the first people spoke of it as such in ancient texts. People war over how to rule and serve this “Light”, which fractures the people into tribes at an early stage.

Year 920: The first Slada'Sha (or Shaytan as they called it) rises up. The Solarians work with the current creatures to put it back to sleep, not knowing what else to do. They learn of the Titan Tree who sent them 'champions' called Epitaphs to aid them in their fight against the Slada'Sha. They begin to study the tree.

Year 850: The Keise begin to divide as a society. Some of them begin to seek out living blood harvested form creatures around them. This blood gives the Keise more power but it also warps them, twists them. Their society divides over this substance abuse and leads to a full on civil war, this period is called the “First Blood”.

Year 812: The Ryuko are created by the Dragon Gods (basically another face of the Elemental Gods) and Animal Spirits – specifically the Monkey.

Year 806: The Nazcan are made, the last of the Gods children. They are created by the Elemental God of Fire, who they know by the name Huitzilopochitli. Their first ruler is Niphityt, a creature of perfection whose bloodline is slowly diluted over generations of breeding with the normal people.

Year 800: Jinn, the First Dragon King, claims the heart of a dragon to free the Dragon of Water from the tyranny of the Dragon of Fire. In return, the Dragons of Water healed him and blessed his lineage. He ate the dragon heart he claimed and it empowered his family line with the blood of dragons. It also became the future ruler ship ritual of the Ryuko people.

Year 791: War against the Slada'Sha have been on going. One will be put down and another will wake up. The Solarians realize that their presence is what is causing the Slada'Sha to awaken. To do no further harm they construct the Arcane Sanctum as an ark to take them from the current cultures that they are doing too much 'damage to' and find a place where they can continue their research and watch for Slada'Sha activities. They leave behind most of the other races despite having given them their faith in the Light with ancient books and teachers. All Solarians, with some of their pet Wilder and a few Humans, board the Arcane Sanctum.

Year 789: The Solarians find a landmass to cultivate this land for themselves without any god's children (so they thought). They are on the contention Aerith. They take all of their technology and shift Aerith out of phase to take away any possible pollution they could do while they put the Arcane Sanctum into dock. They learn early in that there are orcs trolls and dwarves in these lands and together they make the Kingdom of Underoot.

Year 627: The Kingdoms of Solaris, Lune, Xainath, Falon and Gara are built. Falon is made of Wilder who are trying to be free and independent of their Solarian and Human owners. Gara is made up of humans that have worked to become independent. Lune is full of Keise who never go into the Darkworld and start working on worshiping the night instead. The kingdom of Xainath becomes the epicenter of magic and arcane study, the jewel of the Solarian's home.

The rest of the Arcane Sanctum's history is on their Society Page.

The Originators
Anything before the first Aetherian Year of the Gods is a folktale by the Aetherian people. However there is evidence to show that the ancestors of the Aetherians were not native to the planet entirely. They were a seeded race from space. A starship landed and higher life forms decided to establish a livelihood here on the planet.

The stories say that the ‘crew’ was led by their captain, Aries. A strong man, bold and confidant but extremely impulsive. Other notable members of the crew included: Taurus (Head of Security), Gemini (Communications), Cancer (Civilian wife of Taurus and the first Orphan Mother in history), Leo (Security Officer), Virgo (2nd in Command), Libra (Counselor and constant matchmaker), Scorpio (Head of R&D),  Sagittarius (Navigator), Capricorn (Operations), Aquarius (Science Officer), Pisces (Negotiator), Aros (Computer AI) and Detridon (Engineer). As would be readily apparent, when the Aetherian calendar was invented the many of the names were used to create their moths and astrology charts.

The only reason the ship even came to the planet was because it was chasing a rogue criminal race called the Dahhak. Energy entities that were controlled by the charismatic but murderous Markavi. Their task was to stop this race, at any cost, and bring them in for judgment. Instead, the battle over the planet skies knocked both fleets to the earth below and stranded them to fight on the land.

It is said that, as the war raged, the Originators discovered a massive tree – called the World Tree. The amber of it was capable of naturally absorbing energy, and it quickly became the primary tool in destroying the Dahhak. Naturally it became such a demanded resource that it was quickly over harvested and the massive tree died in the process.

No one knows how the Originators died but there is no note about it recorded history, just the folktales of their lives.

Note: It is important to note that, even predating the Year of the Gods, there has always been a Lorekeeper. This role was ordained by ancient powers no one understands, but it was tasked with monitoring Markavi’s transference and ensuring he never rose to power once more.

Reign of Heravick Eclipse, King of the Gods (Year of the Gods 1 – 254)
This is where the Gods first came into record. The elemental archons reached out the progeny of the aliens and began to accept them as part of the world itself. This is believed to have taken place several centuries after the seed race passing.

However, shortly after the innocent introduction to the Gods a man would take control. Heravick Eclipse, a mage of extreme skill who had learned from an ancient creature of the world, used his gifts to subjugate the elements. Bending them to his will, he gained control over earth, fire, wind and water. Between these powers, and those he wielded as a mage, he was an unstoppable force and proclaimed himself the first “King” of Aether.

He would also have controlled darkness but the Dark God asked a heavy sacrifice of its people. It commanded that they kill themselves and bury or destroy its tombs before the tyrant ever came to power. It literally erased itself from existence before Heravick could discover it. As for the Light God, it had never reached out to the Aetherian people and thus was never at risk.

During this time he was a strong dictator, creating ironclad laws and destroying all opposition through his powers. However, for all the evils he did he also created Aether’s core nation and principles – many of which remain into the present day. He founded the capitol city of Sel’hala, which was ancient elfin (the dominant language of the time) for “Eternal Nightfall”.

Year 2: When the tyrant begins his ruler ship, many flee his kingdom to seek new lives elsewhere. He chases them down, slaughtering many of them. The few who survived do so by throwing themselves into the deadly desert terrain of the Epitaph Sands. They become the first Roma. They form a gypsy type society and wander the landscape while refusing to ever set foot in Aetherian territories.

Year 10: Heravick divides the lands into counties and baronies. He places loyal or wealthy subjects in control of them, who become the first “nobles”. Those who he simply feels are impressive enough are granted the title of Marquise – which, at the time, basically meant you were above those who had to control land but beneath the Crown.

Year 21: Many ryuko become loyal to the Dragon of Fire, dubbing themselves the Fire Tribe. They pursue their master’s desire to conquer or control the children fo the Dragon of Water – the Ryuko. Ironically this agenda was decided without the blessing of the Dragons of Fire, who were shamed by the events surrounding Jinn’s ascension.

Eventually the Fire Tribe launched an attack, during an event called “Waves After the Storm”, but ultimately lost the battle. Their kind was banished to the outreaches of the Land of Dragons.

Year 32: Heravick desires more control over the populace. He creates the Order of the Crown, a legion of knights devoted to ensuring his will is done.

Year 58: “The War of the Blight” takes place in the Dark World. The blighted, now having formed a dark society of their own to war against their gentler siblings, begin to steal “light world” children from the other races. They would use their blood and their magics to warp these children into minions for their armies. At this point the civil war doesn’t so much end as it evolves into two societies instead of one race against itself.

Year 123: Heravick marries Elunette, a fellow magi who suits his personality perfectly.

Year 223: Crown Prince Kelleth is born.

Reign of Janos Promathea I, Sword of Mercy (Year 256 – 801)
The seeds for Heravick’s downfall were sewn the day he decided to rule through fear. Eventually it would be his right hand man, and best friend, Janos Promathea who would assassinate him. His rebellion, and his subsequent victory, rallied the people behind him in hope. He ascended to the throne and ruled in the opposite manner of his predecessor – with mercy and justice.

Much of his rule was spent fighting against the warlocks, running them from Aether and outlawing their dark magic. He believed, and not without a strong basis to work from, that such power corrupted those who wielded it. Even a good man would turn twisted and evil if given the power to dominate the weak.

Year 257: Magic, that is not of the Gods directly or natural born elfin talents, is banned in Aether. The punishment for practice, without chance of leniency, is death. Janos also creates the Order of the Paragon, a knight legion devoted to ensuring law and order regardless of social standing.

Year 260: Janos marries Velessia, a young noble with a talent for politics and archery.

Year 274: Velessia uses her rank and talents to forge a specialized battalion of knights who specialize in a lesson common form of martial prowess: The Wasp Brigade.

Year 281: Crown Prince Theros is born.

Year 300: Janos Promathea secretly approaches the Araneae and proposes a deal. His people are still violently tormented by warlocks, he needs a place to take them should things go for the worst. In return he promises to keep his people from their lands indefinitely. They agree and show him a "map" that details lands beyond the supposedly endless Epitaph Sands.

Reign of Theros Promathea, Elemental King (Year 802 - 1237)
Janos dies of magic inflicted illness in an assassination orchestrated by the warlocks. His eldest son, Theros, takes over. He is stricter than his father but not the tyrant the Eclipse family was. Instead he believes in creating laws to control the masses and protect the people.

The ostracized and cast-out warlocks came up with a desperate plan. They used a ritual, requiring several members, to attempt to capture and devour the primary Elemental Gods (Earth, Fire, Wind & Water). Desperate, the Gods each sent out a distress call to those in the world that would resonate with them the strongest – those they would think of as their champions. The heroes to respond were: Seville Blackthorne (A Mercenary), Delhi Amethyst (A mysterious man who claimed to hear the voices of the planet), Sherry Madrid (A Blacksmith) and Restin Ashcroft (A whimsical playboy noble).

The four responded to the call and approached Theros with the story of their visions and purpose. He backed their efforts 100%, giving them all the kingdoms resources to do their task. These four set out and brought an end to most of the warlock population – enough to end their threat for centuries to come. When they came home, heroes of both God and Kingdom, Theros granted them special privileges. Firstly, he crated the Duchies, gathering the Counties beneath them, and granted one of each to the heroes. Secondly, he gave them a new title: Paladins.

The Gods also bestow a gift of their own, their powers. The Paladins have wielded their elemental powers sine the “call” but now that power would be given to their heirs as well. Thanks to his immediately loyalty and support, the Gods also grant this boon to King Theros, choosing magics for his lineage based on which God suits their personality the most. (Theros himself had Earth.)

Year 805: The blighted discover a force from the Deep Darkness, creatures called the A’dalis. These are corrupted and vicious beings, like a strange combination of demon, insect and blighted. They seek to devour everything and naturally turn their wrath upon the blighted. This causes an end to the “War of the Blight” since the blighted are too busy worrying about the new threat they have unleashed.

Year 808: The Paladins respond to the call of the Gods and obtain Theros’ blessing.

Year 812: The Paladins return victorious. The Duchies are formed and granted to the newly returned heroes: Seville Blackthorne gains Merlose, Dehli Amethyst gains Argent, Sherry Madrid gains Phandaria and Restin Ashcroft gains Sheedan.

Year 933: Seville Blackthorne founds a battalion of knights who specialize in a lesson common form of martial prowess: The Juggernaut Bridage. Each man is strong and durable, considered worth 10 regular knights.

Year 1005: Theros marries Sylvashia, a sharp minded and stoic matronly sort who is extremely sharp in the courts.

Year 1200: Crown Prince Azure is born.

The Nazcan's gained a new High Shaman, who claimed their God demanded they destroy the Aetherians. High in number and in savagery, they decimated Aetherian forces in ther early years of the war, forcing the pale skinned ones out of their original capitol and claiming it as their own.

Reign of Azure Promathea, Lion of Aether (Year 1238 - 1298)
Theros dies while out on a simple hunt. The first Nazcan the kingdom of Aether ever encountered shoots him. War follows swiftly after as his son Azure takes over the ruler ship and wants to avenge his father.

However this war proves costly. The people of Aether underestimated the seemingly primitive Nazcan’s, but they actually possess deadly magical abilities that devastate the armies left and right. They could literally morph the landscape into plant allies and summon plant creatures to fight with them. Their magics overpowered many armies, despite Azure’s impressive skill as both a knight and a tactician.

The capitol city eventually falls and the residents of Aether flee to the sheltered heart of their lands, leaving the savages only one route they can use for entry: The Epitaph Sands. It is a massive and deadly wasteland of a desert – just to cross it would cost lives. Unfortunately, that also applied to the refugees and amoung the losses is Azure Promathea himself.

Rising to power during this time is the first Lord Spiritual. A lowborn man warrior became favored of all the Gods when the Paladins were lost to the war. This man, Eclipse Glasshour, would become renown as a spiritual leader at gain the title “Greated of Lowbornes”.

Note: With the loss of the capitol several royal documents are left behind, most of them regarding proof of peerage for various nobles and the like.

Year 1238: The 600 Year War begins between Aether and Nazca. During this time, the Ararneae are given a cryptic warning by their God: Magic shall curse them to hide from everything. Fearful of this curse, and thinking it would come from aiding Aether with their warlocks, the Araneae seal themselves off from all outside races.

Year 1239: Delphi attempts to negotiate with these savage, as they seem in tune with the planet as he is, but he never returns and is proclaimed dead.

Year 1241: Azure marries Ashlei, a woman gifted with healing magic and medicine talents. It is thanks to her inclusion into the bloodline that the Promatheas have the rare chance to develop healing magic.

Year 1243: Restin is killed in battle.

Year 1254: Crown Prince Azure II is born.

Year 1255: Sherry stops an assassination attempt on Ashlei and Azure. Sadly she does so by becoming a living bomb against the hordes that managed to invade.

Year 1290: Ashlei loses her life while saving her husband from a mortal wound. Seville attempts to avenge her and hold off the enemies to buy his King time to flee. He is never heard from after but it is assumed he did not survive.

Year 1298: The first Lord Spiritual, Eclipse Glasshour, gains his powers and title. The capitol city of Sel’hala falls and the Aetherian people are forced to flee to their heartland.

Reign of Azure Promathea II, The Bullwark (Year 1299 - 1620)
Azure the Second inherits the title of King and founds a new capitol in the center of what remains: Cardinal Meridian. His reign is filled with battle after battle. The Nazcans were only slowed in their advance across the desert but they were not stopped. As a result the Duchy of Sheedan, which bordered the land, was severely crippled, as it became the warfront.

Seeing their previous elves were suffering, the Gods provided them a last blessing via their Lord Spiritual: The House of Kingdom. Previously elemental magics were good but not overly powerful, someone with the Elemental Heritage of Fire would only be able to create fireballs – as an example. But with this new vault of power opened they could summon dragons to their aid, turn into living flame and so much more. These new powers turned the war into a few more level playing fields.

However, tenacity was clearly the strength of their enemy and it would be a long war indeed. Azure would fight every day of his life until a peasant, who blamed him for not ending the war sooner, assassinated him. His wife, furious and grieving, had the assassin hanged, drawn and quartered for the crime.

Year 1299: The new capitol of Cardinal Meridian is forged. The territory around it is made a minor territory under control of the royal family; in honor of their last capitol it is called Nightsong Forest.

Year 1300: Eclipse finds many nobles eager to pledge themselves to him and the Gods. Among these are nobles with elemental magics. Since he himself is a warrior he creates a specialized military unit, one that combines magic with the art of war, the Brotherhood of Fire.

Year 1356: The Gods unlocked the House of Kingdom and the war finally becomes an even playing field.

Year 1359: Azure marries Aerith Amethyst, an ambitious socialite of the courts.

Year 1400: Crown Prince Kurash is born.

Year 1501: A visionary, Leon Wysteria, leads his tribe to dominate all other tribes in Wysteria. He names the nation after his own family, forcing everyone to unite under his power. The Empire he creates becomes amazingly strong and industrious.

Reign of Kurash Promathea, The Noble (Year 1621 - 1800)
Kurash takes over as King, with his younger brother Lucien serving as his right hand man. Over time various shadow politics lead him to believe it is a wise idea to take a campaign of men to offer peace to the Nazcan’s, or at the very least a cease-fire. He and his men are slaughtered and left on pikes near the edge of the Epitaph Sands.

Year 1676: Kurash recognizes Sharon but cannot stand the woman so he refuses to marry her. This casts a lot of doubt onto the legitimacy of the son who resulted from this union, Christopher. Worse, rumors surface that Sharon herself might not be blue blooded.

Year 1700: The Wysterian’s first begin landing on the beaches of the Aetherian continent. At this time they cannot peirce the Forest of Mirrors, but that doesn’t stop them from kidnapping and killing Nazcans and Araneae.

Year 1701: The Imperial War Lord (ruler of Wysteria as proclaimed by Leon), orders his people to begin military expansion. They sail ships to new lands, pillage, conquer and claim slaves from whatever they find and return home victorious. As a result they advance in technology at an incredible pace.

Year 1710: In a relatively short span (for immortals) the conflict between Araneae and the Wysterian’s is decided by a gruesome final confrontation called “The Battle of Bloodsands”. Within this fight many powerful mages are slaughtered and their vengeful spirits, coupled with those who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the curse in the battle, created the limitation on the Araneae species numbers. All but 100 of them died that day and there have never been more then 100 since. However, despite this crippling blow they won the battle and Wysterians did not come upon the beaches for almost a century after. By that time, they have moved their home into the mountain and were gone from Wysterian reach.

Year 1734: The blighted are conquered by the A’dalis, who begin to use them as a servant race. No one is aware of this fact though, as the Keise shut out the Deep Darkness via a gate in the Isle of Twilight and opted to ignore the situation ever after.

Year 1796: Kurash recognizes Helen, and per the mandate of noble society they marry to complete the God ordained union. Their son, Janos II, is born later that year.

Year 1798: Queen Helen is killed by Nazcans while assisting in a relief effort in Sheedan.

Year 1800: Kurash leads an entourage of knights to negotiate peace with the Nazcas and is killed instead.

Reign of Janos Promathea II, The Forger of Alliances (Year 1800 - 1811)
Due to Kurash’s early demise two sons are left in line for the throne, neither of them ideal. First is a mere boy of five years: Janos. Second is a knight: Christopher. However, new evidence comes out that Christopher’s mother might have been lowborn – which would make him illegitimate and a half breed. The proof of peerage documentation abandoned in the older Aetherian capitol city is the only way to validate Sharon’s birth. As a result, a team is assembled to reacquire those documents (though everyone knows this to be a suicide mission at best) and until then little Janos rules – with Lucien at his side advising.

Year 1800: Janos II inherits the throne, for now. A team is put together to get back the proof of peerage documents for Christopher’s mother. This team consists of Geralt Ashcroft (son of the Lorekeeper and a noble), Magnus Valenti (a knight under Lucien himself) and August Valenti (brother of Magnus and a knight of the realm).

Year 1804: Maelstrom founds to Coalition to fight for the right of the downtrodden people in Sheedan.

Year 1810: First contact is made with a new nation of people, the Keise of the Dark World. Janos heads up negotiations for an alliance with their people via their representative at the time: Scathe.

Also, at this time, the Nazcan siege across the deserts with renewed vigor. Their massive forces put a strain on what is left of the Roma tribes. For the largest "family" of Roma this is becomes a turning point. King Abdul "Gold Fingers" was prideful and believed they could hide or outwit the invading Nazcan's forever, despite heavy losses. When this cost the family an entire settlement of people, Terreth "Wandering Tide" killed him to become the next 'King', those who remained loyal to him were few but he took them and headed into Aether to start a new life. The rest left behind segmented into various families, among those families was one lead by Abdul's revenge crazed son: Forenze "The Vampire".

The High Shaman's only son, Yunta, traveled to Aether for help liberating his people. His father ruled the people through religion and was destroying them. He ran farms into the ground, drafted the domestic into warriors and their population was dwindling after 600 years of war. With the help of the Paladin of Light, Lucious, and the Dark Paldin, Maelstrom, they managed to kill his father and instate Yunta as High Shaman. He married the Princess of Nazca, Khana, and together they began to rebuild their ravaged kingdom. The 600 Year War ends.

Reign of Janos Promathea II, The Forger of Alliances & Christopher Promathea, Sword of Aether (Year 1810 - 1819)
Against all odds the team sent out for the proof of peerage documents returns. They not only return, but bring with them two astonishing things: First is that they added one to their company while on the trail, River, who represents a new culture entirely, the ryuko. Second is that the four of them have been blessed by the Elemental Gods on their trip and are now the Paladins of Earth (August), Fire (Magnus), Water (River) and Air (Geralt).

The documents prove that Christopher’s claim to the throne is legitimate. However, Christopher is a loving brother and doesn’t wish to rip away all that Janos has done with his life. They come to a decision and split the throne in two. The white throne, now given the Janos, is for politics and diplomacy. Meanwhile, the black throne, given to Christopher, will be for military and law keeping.

Year 1812: Christopher marries Kristen.

The Scion of Entropy rises to power in the Land of Dragons. A child of the long scorned Dragon of Entropy, Mouko Eki is a force of charisma and change in the world. He gathers under him many followers, who become known as the Servants of Entropy. With these powers he launches attacks that level entire cities – including a major capitol, Tenshi. This is also when the Teiten Monastery, and its lineage of extremely powerful monks, is destroyed.

Year 1812 – Year 1813: This period is known as “The Traitor’s War”. Lucien Promathea assaults the castle in the dead of night with loyalists to his cause. His coupe de tat fails to kill the young Kings but it does run them out of their own home. By morning, Lucien declares himself King of Aether. To solidify his throne he quickly marries a lady knight, Caridee (sister of Kristen, ironically).

His ruler ship is strict and unforgiving, all nobles and knights must pledge loyalty to him or be beheaded. He also orders an Inquisition to root out all potential warlocks and have them destroyed – which effectively turns into a wild witch hunt guided by a newly released “how to find” book called the Warlock Crucible. Thankfully, this Kingship only lasts a year before Janos and Chestin retake the capitol. Janos himself beheading Lucien for his crimes. Their rebellion was backed strongly by their new ryuko allies.

Christopher’s son, Chestin, is born during the assault to take back Cardinal Meridian.

Year 1818: Janos marries Belle-Madonna, the sister to the Paladins of Earth and Fire. Within the year their have their first child, Janos III.

Year 1820: Wysterian’s land on the other side of the Forest of Mirrors and make their way into Aether. The first encounter with their army, and the new technology of “guns” is devastating for the Aetherian people. Christopher and Kristen, who were leading the army, are both killed. This begins the “Wysterian War”.

Unknown to the world, Christopher’s body is stolen by a Wysterian necromancer, Arella Chauchen.

Mouko also launches an assault on the capitol of Ryuuguu but is beaten back. However, during this time he makes powerful allies in a vast criminal organization known as the Chimarie Chikara.

Reign of Janos Promathea II, The Forger of Alliances & Chestin Promathea, Prince Charming (Year 1821 - 1833)
A full alliance is formed between the Keise, Aether and the Land of Dragons for the first time, creating a unified power of kingdoms called “The Alliance”. Chestin takes up as Black King of Aether, with his aunt Belle-Madonna assisting him as Seneschal.

Year 1824: The kingdom falls into a new panic: The Cult of Asoth. The bodies the cult was leaving in devotion to their master were rising in number, not even the royal castle was safe. It also spread to the Land of Dragons, since the Cult allied itself with the Servants of Entropy. When proof was brought to Janos that showed a young pair of twins, Bezel and Neph, were the embodiment of this Cult’s dark god he ordered them executed – as well as any potential Cultists at the time.

Sadly the God was already too powerful by that point. The backlash of its rage at the incident caused what is known as “The Loss of Magic”. Asoth blocked all magical connection between the elves and their elemental Gods, it even ripped the magical essence right out of the people themselves. As a result, many fell ill and died. Amoung those lost is the Lord Spiritual, Eclipse.

Lucious De’Dawning, Paladin of Light, takes up the mantle of Lord Spiritual with a heavy reluctance.

The Roma leader, Terreth "Wandering Tide", dies as a result of a plague. His last act is to unite the fractured family. By this point there are his people, known as the Sun Roma, and those previously ruled by Forenze known as the Moon Roma. His last act is to pass his family into the hands of Amira "Blaze", Forenze's sister and now his successor after death. This makes the family whole once more.

The A'Dalis attack the Dark World. They nearly lose the everything to the attack. Their home in the Darkworld is destroyed. Aether assists them in relocating to the Epitaph Sands, a place where nothing can live - nothing except their Darkworld city, the Isle of Twilight.

This is also when Mouko takes over the Orochi Palace and makes it into his personal floating isle of corruption. He renames it to the Palace of Entropy.

Year 1828: Chestin makes first contact with the Kingdom of Phaira when its people have to chase a criminal into Aetherian lands. Janos swiftly attempts diplomacy with them but the patriarchy versus matriarchy poses a unique challenge.

This is also the year that the A’dalis, enemies of the Keise nation, take over all corners of the Land of Dragons. The people are forced to flee by any means necessary, many of them going to Aether.

Note: In this year the camera was invented by Detridon.

Year 1830: The Isle of Dragons is created, using magic to teleport the old capitol of Ryuuguu into the sea off the coast of Merlose. The ryuko people begin their kingdom again in this smaller but familiar place.

Year 1831: Wysteria falls before the combined might of the Alliance. The “Wysterian War” comes to an end. Slavery is abolished in Wysteria when Aether takes over. However, the inclusion of the newly conquered kingdom brings back an old issue: mages! The nation of Wysteria had plenty of them and the Aetherians don’t see a difference between them and the warlocks of old.

Year 1832: Kevin Promathea creates the first teleport sites – one for each capitol city of a nation. He also begins founding the Tower of Storms, initially for private use.

Year 1833: Arcadian invents the concept of plumbing. It is first placed in a ryuko palace as a test run/gift but later spreads over the entirety of the Alliance.

Reign of Christopher Promathea, The Undead Throne (Year 1834 - 1855)
The supposedly dead Black King of Aether returns from the grave, revived by dark magic. His return begets the demise of Belle-Madonna, wife of Janos Promathea, and sends the young King into a sharp depression. Thankfully, the spell used to control Christopher is broken by the Dark Paladin, Maelstrom. However, even with his sanity (and in a way his life) returned to him, the damage is already done.

Janos is incapable of leading his people in this state, so ge gives the crown back to his elder brother since it was always his to begin with. This dissolves the "White and Black" ruler ship, returning the nation to having one King and thus making Chestin Promathea the new Crown Prince.

However the rule of Christopher could not have been more fraught with destruction and conflict. The once noble knight was now dark, jaded and mistrustful of the things he did not understand. He regularly started conflicts with Phaira over religious barriers, hunted mages to the point it put him at odds with the Lord Spiritual and incited much fear from his people. All the more so when he took on a royal advisor named Cerrin, a dragon that forced his way into the position by threat of scorching the kingdom from the face of the earth.

Year 1834: Upon taking up ruler ship, Christopher does not trust the knight orders that exist to uphold what is best for the nation. He orders the formation of the Legionnaires – who are loyal to the Crown, not who necessarily is wearing it.

Seeing the early warning signs of the undead king’s issues, Cross and his band of merry thugs decree themselves the “Shattered Realm” and become anarchists to bring down the King.

Year 1835: Various inventors, with the assist of keise and their energy crystals, bring the concept of electricity to the city streets and homes of Aether.

Year 1836: Over most of the year several people begin to have holy dreams and visions, especially those with talents in music. Called to head up this project is Alistair Twilight. The result is a massive holy event known as “The Harmonic Convergence”. The music created that day breaks through the curse laid down by Asoth, restoring magic to the Aetherian people and reconnecting them to their Gods with renewed vigor.

Year 1837 – Year 1839: Chestin captains the ship AS Ambassador to sail to new lands. He discovers the continent of Vykrul for the first time but only encounters signs of a ruined civilization.

Year 1839: Christopher orders the conquering the holy land discovered for the Harmonic Convergence. Phaira, however, refuses to let any one nation control such a sacred site. The begins “The Aetherian-Phairan Holy War”.

The Roma are granted a parcel of land outside of the capitol city of Cardinal Meridian. They use this to create a “Roma Carnival” to run their businesses and get trade moving. It is managed by Ring Master Shiloh, an Aetherian with long standing ties to their people.

Year 1840: The Araneae lose their native homeland in an ancient volcanoe and are forced to flee to Aether. King Christopher accepts them into his nation with open arms, particularly since their people are strongly against magic and magic users.

Year 1841: The mysterious royal advisor, Cerrin, appears out of thin air to assist King Christopher. Known to only a handful, Cerrin is actually a massive ancient dragon named Savarius. He only keeps his posh station as royal advisor because he promises Christopher he will reduce all of Aether to ash if he doesn’t let him.

During this time, a Wysterian man with the distinguished privilege of being the Champion of the Araneae people, creates the Champion’s League. This group is dedicated to going around the nations helping save people regardless of faction or kingdom.

Year 1842: Lucious steps down as Lord Spiritual. Shortly after, Janos III begins to have visions that call him to the station instead. Upon his christening, the first thing he does is use his troops to settle the dispute over the sacred site. He forces everyone out and decrees it independent of nation – siding with Phaira. Unwilling to fight his own Temple, for now, Christopher backs down but this sours the relationship between Crown and Temple. The Aetherian-Phairan Holy War ends.

Another A'dalis attack on the Isle of Twilight takes many lives, this time it includes their current rulers Diabla and Rawliss Twilight. As a result, Witchly inherits the throne along with its Aetherian spouse, Alistair.

Year 1843: The Crown begins to put down harsh restrictions on anyone practicing arcane or ritual magic. Guards are forced upon practitioners, casting against another can lead to imprisonment or even death and people are being run out of their homes. The Temple begins to secretly ferry these refugees out to a new bastion of sanctuary for magic: The Tower of Storms.

Furious, the Crown officially wages war with the Temple across the city of Cardinal Meridian. It breaks out into a full out “Civil War” and the conflict awakens a Slada'sha beneath the city itself. Ancient demons that feed on dark emotions, it is a massive beast and causes the entire capitol to be lost to its monsters.

A new holy icon, the Child Goddess Mikayla Ravencrest, uses her powers to lift the Temple into the sky and flee the city. The rest of the citizenry make a mass exodus to Shade's Run - which becomes the new capital of Aether. However, the Civil War rages on even so.

The Roma take heavy losses and are forced to take their Carnival on the road. Migratory life was where they began so many of them find it easy to slip back into that lifestyle again. It also increases the chances to swindle and con patrons.

Year 1845: Leaving nothing to chance, Christopher abolishes the operations of mercenaries and their guilds. He also closes the Order of the Paragon. Instead, all militant forces must now be of the Order of the Crown or the Legionnaires – anything else is illegal. The Brigades (Wasp & Juggernaut) are made subsidiary battalions in the Order of the Crown.

However the Brotherhood of Fire remains operational within the Temple as well.

Year 1853: A Peace Summit is held, at the neutral holy site, to sort out the issues between the Crown and Temple. All the nations are in attendance. The result is that Aether agrees to ease up on mages, putting down constraints on them instead of outright killing them. The Temple agrees to return to Shade's Run as a result.

One such restriction on mages is that they must attend a magic school, A.E.G.I.S., in order to operate as mages. This way they are trained to operate with the military, under the Crown, and are documented so that everyone knows where the “living weapons” are.
This ends the Civil War.

Year 1854: Cerrin, in dragon form, lays waste to the Tower of Storms. Shantrea manages to activate a last minute fail safe in the tower that spares the building itself but also sends it to a null space in which it cannot be reached. The survivors are forced to return to Aether and enroll in A.E.G.I.S. or find new paths in life.

It is in this year that Christopher realizes his resurrection instilled a darkness in him. A part of the Slada’sha had never left his heart and it was corrupting him. When he confesses the truth to his family, Chestin demands to begin arrangements to take over the throne.

The Roma Carnival is besieged by the Palace of Entropy and covered in corruption rain. The people turn into monsters or die by those who turn. The only survivors are the handful of lucky Roma who weren't home at the time. Their race is nearly wiped out because of it.

Year 1854: Chestin’s ship makes a much more successful journey to Vykrul and this time finds the ruling culture there. He arranges to send a more diplomatic force to create merchant and political ties in the hopes of obtaining another allied nation. Things do not go as planned, the diplomatic group is betrayed by the princess of the Vykrul, Laufellia, and she sends their greatest thread – 30 foot giants called Juton – to Aether so she won’t have to deal with them for a while.

The Juton hit the shores of Nazca first and lay waste. The people of the nation are forced to flee in masse. Chestin carefully hides all of this chaos from his father so that Christopher can go dowager and leave him the throne.

Reign of Chestin Promathea, Prince Charming (Year 1855 - 1859)
Chestin takes over as King of Aether, but his reign is immediately besieged. What began as the fall of Nazca then dominoes into the destruction of the Isle of Dragons by a massive Slada’sha awakening in the ocean. Even after that monster’s defeat by the newly forged Dawnbringers, it only serves to awaken undead dragons that proceed to attack the other nations around the world. Wysteria is devastated by one such creature, Meteal. It becomes a race to bring own titanic monsters of lore before the entire world is wiped out.

Year 1855:  A new group is created, the Dawnbringers, who propose to bring together the greatest minds of all the nations to combat apocalyptic threats beyond the average man. This group is helmed by Commander Leorajh and backed by his Strategist Oseron. At the same time, two groups form: The Consortium (an international group of inventors looking to explore new ideas) and the Shadow Hunters (a combination of the Sky Hunters from the Isle of Dragons and the Shadow Fangs of the Dark World).

The Isle of Dragons falls to the awakening of the largest Slada’sha yet over the Merlosian Oceanside. The nation is taken out in one strike and 80% of the ryuko population is lost.

Year 1856: The Dawnbringers defeat the Ocean Slada’sha. However, just as they begin to celebrate it seems the death of the creature creates a chain reaction. This reaction awakens three ancient dragons, who are driven insane by the forced rising and begin to assault the lands around them. Serpa attacks Nazca (though only the Jutons are really left to contend with that at the time), Meteal destroys Wysteria and Primus is in Phaira but does not attack because it’s actually Cerrin – who was recently cleansed of his madness.

The Dawnbringers attempt to defeat Meteal but are overpowered and seemingly destroyed save for their commander. Thankfully they rebound and defeat the dragon, but at a heavy price that leaves them disbanded after. Sadly, Wysteria is damaged beyond saving and will take a very long time to recover.

Year 1857: The Dawnbringers finally reassemble to take on the threat Serpa poses, but this time they vow to go much slower and cautious about it to avoid the losses they took before.