The Kingdom of Aether


To be rich in Aether is to have everything you ever wanted. Even the lowest of the nobility have more then the most wealthy peasant can dream of. Parties are a common occurrence and everything boils down to your standing in the courts and with the harpies. Commoners within Aether live the most basic life, which is to say they have less of an easy living and far more of an honest one. They do not have to act as anyone but the person they are and generally have enough money to live comfortably enough that they can go to a party between friends or even have a shopping spree now and then.

The poor of Aether are beggars, thieves and street trash, with less attention paid to them by all aspects of society. This isn’t to say that if you rape a beggar woman the knights won’t chase you down and put you to the sword, but if no one reports it they won’t give a damn. Those who break the law and treated in accordance with their rank in society. If you’re a peasant commonly your punishments will be harsher, particularly if your offense is against a noble (at which point the punishment is almost always death). If you’re a noble commonly you will get off with a far lighter sentence unless you offend the crown or commit a truly heinous crime.

Appearance of Money

Heads & Tails

Coins are issued in the titles of: Farthing, Pence, Pound, Shilling, Crown and Guinea. Each is made of materials educative to their ‘value’ in the system and all are designed as ‘coins’ for easy carrying in pouches as well as durability. They are marked as follows:

As per the title of this ‘face’ on the coin is has the barely detailed head of the reigning monarch when the coin was minted. Under it is the words (in ancient elfin): “Prestige is Forever in Aether” and across the top is the name of the ruling monarch at the time. 

This side of the coin usually has the crest of the house Promathea on it. Across the top is the year it was minted and across the bottom is the title of the coin (aka Farthing, Pence, ect).

The Coins & Exchange Rates

The exchange rate isn’t standard 1 to 100. Below is the standard coin system for Aether, their values in comparison and their materials, which dictate their value. The Foreign Exchange is also listed. Keise, not having metals for their monetary system agreed to equalize their gems to Ather's system

4 Farthing = 1 Pence                                                     Farthing - Copper
240 Pence = 1 Pound                                                     Pence - Bronze
12 Pounds = 1 Shilling                                                  Pound - Steel
5 Shillings = 1 Crown                                                   Shilling - Silver Plated Steel
4 Crowns = 1 Guinea                                                    Crown - Gold Plated Bronze
                                                                                             Guinea - Ruby

Foreign Exchange
Since the CIS does not have money sitting on it, knowing the exchange rate is a little pointless. Most people just ask the moderator of they can purchase something. However for the sake of completion it is listed below. It is easy to remember that copper is about the same as a farthing everywhere but after that, Phaira and the Arcane Sanctum's coins are at least double if not a five times the value of the rest of the Aetherian coins. Phaira's Mythril and Orichalum are of no value to Aether as they have no idea how to use the material and thus have no real understanding of how precious it is.

Arcane Sanctum: Copper = Farthing | Silver = x 10 Pound, x 5 Bronze, x 2 Shilling | Gold = x2 Crown | Guinea x2 Gold
Keise: Green = Farthing | Yellow = Pence | Blue = Pound | Purple = Shilling | Gold = Crown | Black = Guinea)
Phaira: Bronze = x4 Farthing | Bronze = Pence | Silver = x5 Pound | Silver = x2 Shilling| Gold = x2 Crown
Mythril &
Orichalcum has no value as Aether cannot utilize the material.


One is equal to a quarter of a Pence. Farthing is the lowest form of currency and commonly traded among the low of peasantry. Farthings are made from copper.

Pence (Plural: Pence)

When referred to in the plural sense this denomination of coin is called pence. One Pence is equal to four farthings. This is the common currency of knights or priests as well as many well-to-do peasants. Pence are made from bronze.


A pound is comprised of 240 pence, which in turn is 960 farthings. Pounds are the common currency in the hands of Nobles and upper crust merchants. Each pound is minted from steel.


The shilling is made from 12 pounds, or 2,880 pence (11,520 farthings) and is the currency normally used by Nobles and royals. Most peasants will never see a shilling in their life (that doesn’t mean they wont make that much several times over, but at one time they will never have that much usually). A shilling is minted in silver (note: Not pure silver but plated. Pure would tarnish badly and rub away too quickly).


A single crown is worth 5 shillings. (60 pounds, 14, 400 pence and 57,600 farthings) It is rare to see a crown and normally only upper crust Nobles or the royals will posses them, especially more then one there of. Crowns are made from gold. (note: Not pure gold but plated on bronze. Pure would rub away too quickly and is far too malleable).


One guinea is made with four crowns, clearly this is an ungodly amount of money in a tiny coin. (20 shillings, 240 pounds, 57,600 pence and 230,400 farthings.) Only the royal house may issue the order for a guinea to be printed and will normally only do so in the events a massive amount of money needs to be shipped in a small and nondescript package. Guinea are made of solid carved rubies and only a handful of gem smiths in Phandaria even know how to or will be trusted with such an honorable task.

Class Wealth

Per your social class you have a different niche you fit into monetarily. The numbers here are for your monthly income, they do not reflect what a player's character has saved up or not. It is meant to give the understand of how much money one can spend in a given month for story based reasons.


King/Queen (100 Guinea), Prince/Princess (50 Guinea), Royal Duke/Duchess (10 Guinea)


Duke/Duchess (5 Guinea), Marquis/Marquise (1 Guinea), Count/Countess (3 Crowns), Viscount/Viscountess (1 Crown), Baron/Baroness (4 Shillings)


Aetherian Standars
Diplomat (1 Pound) , Doctor (1 Pound), Nurse (20 Pence), Entertainer (1 Pound + commission), Fashion Designer (1 Pound + commission), Healer, Royal (1 Pound), Instructor (200 Pence), Stewardship of Land (100 Pence)

Council Member (1 Shilling), Headmaster (5 Pounds), Archmage (1 Pound), Mage (200 Pence)

The dawn bringer uses the same system as Aether. Knights are Order of the Crown, not Legionnaire in pay bracket.

Order of the Crown
Knight Commander (1 Shillling), Knight (8 Pounds), Rifleman (1 Pound), Scout (1 Pound), Solider (150 Pence)

Knight Commander (1 Shilling), Knight (10 Pounds)

The Temple
Lord Spiritual (98 Guinea), Holy Knight Commander (1 Guinea), Elemental Paladin (3 Crowns), Holy Knight (10 Pounds)
Clergy - Battle (10 pounds), Clergy (5 pounds)
*The Lord Spiritual pays for the rest of the list out of his own pocket, hence he has a strange monthly income.

Arcane Sanctum
Remember to double the amount for Aetherian Guinea since Arcane Sanctum's gold is x2 the value.
Arcanist (30 Gold), Archamge (20 Gold), Mage (5 Gold), Apprentice (1 Gold), Enchanter (1 Gold + commission)
Master Marskman (20 Gold), Marskman (5 Gold)
Wraith Lord/Lady (20 Gold), Reaver (5 Gold), Revanent (5 Silver (if they have their own will))
Radiant Lord/Lady (30 Gold), Paladin (20 Gold), Disciple (10 Gold)
Divine Lady/Lord (30 Gold), High Seraph (20 Gold), Seraph (10 Gold)
Void Lord/Lady (20 Gold), Void Master (10 Gold), Voidmancer (5 Gold), Apprentice (1 Gold)

These are all commission based and do not have a typical income.
Agent, Alchemist, Apothecary, Architect, Artist, Assassin, Spy, Thug, Witch

Working Class

Merchant (1 Crown), Employee (1 Pound), Butler/Handmaiden (6 Pounds)


Total Worth: None, if you have no job you have no worth to society. The most you can claim to have (either by thievery or what have you) is 1 Pence.

Basic Payments

To help those who are trying to figure out what menial things would cost below is a chart of AVERAGE costs, players who have merchant characters may of course choose to ask more or less than the price below but this is the standard for when you’re dealing with an NPC selling the items or just trying to figure out what a ‘gift’ would have coasted before a present post line.


Standard Meal at an Inn (2 Farthings)
Deluxe Meal at a Restaurant (1 Pence)
Royal Meal at a Mansion (100 Pence)

Drink (Per Glass)

Water (1 Farthing)
Juice (2 Farthings)
Mead (2 Farthings)
Hard Liquor (5 Pence)
Rare or Imported Liquor (15 Pence)
Wine (10 Pence)
Coffee (1 Pence)
Tea (5 Farthings)


Work Clothes (3 Pence)
Nice Clothes (20 Pence)
Fancy Clothes (1 Pound)
Rich Clothes (1 Shilling)
Designer Clothes (5 Shillings +)


Leather (100 Pence)
Chain Mail (1 Pound)
Plate Mail - Simple (4 Pounds)
Plate Mail – Ornate (1 Shilling)

Armor (Enchanted)

Cloth (1 Pound)
Leather (2 Pounds)
Chain Mail (3 Pounds)
Plate Mail - Simple (6 Pounds)
Plate Mail – Ornate (9 Pounds)


Wood (5 Pence)
Bronze (50 Pence)
Iron (100 Pence)
Steel (200 Pence)

Weapons (Enchanted)

Wood (5 Pence)
Wand (5 Pence)
Bronze (100 Pence)
Iron (100 Pence)
Steel (200 Pence)
Mythril (200 Pence)


Mount (Horse)
An animal capable of pulling a plow, responding to whistles, basic training.
               Cost: 200 Pence

Combat Mount (Horse)
A horse that can go into combat.
               Cost: 1 Pound (Waved for knights of an order.)

Flight Mount (Hawk)
A trained large hawk from the Temple.
               Cost: 2 Pounds and 40 Pence (Rent) | 2 Shilling (Buy)

Drivers of carriages can offer the service of it to others to get from one place to another, like ye old taxi. Nobles often take advantage of this.
               Cost: 1 Shilling per day ( garner their service for inner city they may choose to modify this to 100 pence each ‘way’.)

Keise Umbral Transportation
The Keise escort your through the Umbral Halls, cutting all travel in half time wise. However they must do a full on escort of travelers or delivery objects. 
               Cost: 10 Pence per mile of traveled in the Umbral Halls

Using teleporation sites is an instant way to travel anywhere in the world. The sites are sized for a person with a carriage full of their junk. This is very expensive and usually only used by the richest of people
              Cost: 10 Crown
              (Waived with an emergency pass from leaders of Ather, Phaira, Dawnbringer or the Arcane Sanctum)


Taxes are used for various functions of government, from paying the nobility to funding construction and invention endeavors. Taxes are heaviest on the poorest of people as the peasantry is all lobbed in to 50 pence a month no matter what they make. Many of the poorest of people cannot pay this and spend some time in jail.


The royal family is not taxed.


Nobles are taxed 5% of their yearly earnings.


Peasants are expected to pay 50 pence a month as their taxes.


Trade has a sales tax of 5% per item cataloged, or a bulk sum of three crowns for a full shipment.