The Kingdom of Aether


Days in the Year: 336
Days in a Week: 7 (Monday – Sunday)
Days in a Month: 28 (4 Weeks)


Aries (1)
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Animal: Ram
Stone: Diamond
Flower: Thistle

Tarus (2)
Element: Earth
Planet: Earth
Animal: Bull
Stone: Emerald
Flower: Violet

Gemini (3)
Element: Wind
Planet: Mercury
Animal: Monkey
Stone: Agate
Flower: Lavender


Cancer (4)
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Animal: Crab
Stone: Pearl
Flower: Lily

Leo (5)
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Animal: Lion
Stone: Ruby
Flower: Marigold

Virgo (6)
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Animal: Cat
Stone: Sardonyx
Flower: Buttercup


Libra (7)
Element: Wind
Planet: Venus
Animal: Reptile
Stone: Sapphire
Flower: Rose

Scorpio (8)
Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Animal: Scorpion
Stone: Opal
Flower: Rhododendron

Sagittarius (9)
Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Animal: Deer
Stone: Topaz
Flower: Carnation


Capricorn (10)
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Animal: Goat
Stone: Amethyst
Flower: Pansy

Aquarius (11)
Element: Wind
Planet: Uranus
Animal: Swallow
Stone: Aquamarine
Flower: Orchid

Pisces (12)
Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Animal: Fish
Stone: Moonstone
Flower: Water Lily

All Hallow's Eve (Scorpio 28th)
To honor the spirits of the dead and evade ‘evil’ spirits. Nobles hold extravagant costume balls with a costume contests. As for peasants, children dress in costumes and collect candy door to door up until nightfall (its considered bad luck to be on the streets after dark on this night).

To celebrate the life of the person and tick off each passing year of that life. Nobles typically hold a ball in the castle or their home. Gifts are brought and placed on a table upon arrival, when the party is to end the birthday boy/girl sits down and opens each giving thanks to the people who gave them before they leave. The family of peasants may hold a small personal party if they wish, gifts are given and opened whenever they want.

To honor the dead. The noble dead are prettied up and dressed in their best before being placed in their coffin. The ceremony is held at the Temple of the Elemental Cross with the casket near the front. The Lord Spiritual speaks words on the dead’s behalf and allows others to speak of the deceased as well. A commoner is given a casket and placed within the earth. There a priest speaks words of parting for the dead party and allows others to speak on their behalf.

Harmonic Convergence (11/11 – 11/18)
A holiday of remembrance for the multi-cultural event that brought back magic to the people of Aether. This day is meant to inspire the people of the world to understand they are one people, to invite them to learn more about other cultures and to explore what it means to be a part of one world. In the theme of that fact, it is held in a different major nation each year.

Jubilee (Century of a Sovereign’s Reign - Anniversary of their Coronation) 
The first century is named for the stone of Aries and it follows the order of the months in stone types for each century of rule thereafter. Parades are held in every capitol and the King/Queen travels to each location during a month to see all their people and have lavish balls/parades held in each location to honor them.

Knight Tournament (1/19)
To hone skills and raise morale with a competition of knights. Sharp weapons are illegal, but injury is an accepted consequence. To compete a noble house must back a participant. This is required so that if the knight cannot pay the debt incurred by their losses the noble house will act as insurance.

Favors: A lady may choose, if she favors a knight as hers in some regard, to give him a ‘favor’. Commonly favors are ribbons or kerchiefs. The knight wears these things in plain view to sport his lady’s affections while jousting. Note: To wear favors from more than one lady is to degrade both and essentially declare what a ‘pimp daddy’ you are - taboo.

Flowers: A knight may choose to throw a flower to a lady before he enters a match. Such a display is seen as romantic and commonly only done to one’s wife, or someone close enough to it. This offer is not often done as a woman to a man since it is seen as ‘de-masculine-izing’ the man in question. Note: It is VERY taboo for a man to throw a man a flower, even if they are in a relationship, since its rather like broadcasting ‘I’m here and queer’.

To bind a couple in holy matrimony and bless their union. Divorce can happen but there is no marriage based event for it.

Nobles: The wedding a bridal shower is held to give the bride various gifts in preparation for her new role as a wife as well as to help her select her brides maids. Likewise the men hold a bachelor party, which is usually more celebration that the man is finally getting a woman, during this time he also selects his best man.

The Holy House of Kingdom’s main hall is host for the wedding and all invited parties fill the pews. The bride is dressed and attended to by her maids while the groom waits next to the priest. When she approaches up the hall flower girls lay white petals along the path, which she is to step upon to reach her destination. Once there the Lord Spiritual give a speech that ends in the request for vows and rings to be exchanged.

Once this is done there will be a moment for anyone to object, after which the bride and groom kiss to seal the wedlock. Following this a large hall of the Holy House of Kingdom is already set up for a ball and reception party during which gifts are given to the newly weds. After the wedding they go on a one-week ‘Honey Moon’ vacation during which it is hoped they will consummate and produce a child.

Peasants: The peasants save up enough money to hire a priest and set up a quaint party area outdoors. The same speech is given and the exchange of vows/rings is made. Once the objection period passes the two kiss and are wed. There after a party follows with food roasted on a fire pit, decent food and lively music usually played by friends or family. Gifts are given at leisure by those who can afford to do so.

Valentine's Day (7/1)
To commemorate the lovers and promote breeding.

Nobles: A large ball is held which everyone must attend with a date. If you cannot find one by that eve you may have one select for you out of other singles but it is very taboo to leave you date for a long period of time that night. At the close of the ball there will be three baskets near the doors full of ribbons. If you enjoyed the date and wish to ask the partner for a continued relationship (or you are already in a continuing relationship) you give a red one to your date. If you enjoyed the date but wish to be simply friends you give a pink one. If you did not enjoy your date you give a black one, this is considered very insulting to the other party.

Peasants: Giving letters or gifts to your special some one, or some one you wish was your lover, usually with admission of your love declared on them. It is also common to give your spouse/lover flowers on this eve, though to give black flowers is to wish death upon the person instead.

Winter Solstice (12/28)
Celebration of all life, seen like a universal birthday party for everyone. They day where everyone gives thanks for everyone being alive. Yet another large ball however the ball is held in a chamber of the castle, which is near a frozen pond so that people may ice-skate if they desire. Everyone attends in white or pale colors and to do otherwise is considered gaudy. Gifts are given throughout the course of the night at your leisure and the party ends at exactly midnight when the bells of the Holy House of Kingdom toll that the New Year has begun.