The Kingdom of Aether

Points of Interest

This page tells you the various interesting locations mentioned regularly in the story. The areas are divided by duchy and at the bottom by 'other' which holds other interesting, but non-Aetherian specific locations.

Shade's Run

This is a large school campus with four wings and three stories to each. The central building these wings move around is the Council Building, which is where the buisness and rule/government based aspects of the school take place. The east wing of the school is for the Archives as well as student facilities like dueling spaces, cafeteria and the like. The south and east wing are class rooms. The north wing is the dormitory.


This is a large two-story facility that is a giant central block with two wings coming off the backside. The bottom floor of the central block is for seeing patients, doctor’s offices, reception and basic needs. The central block upper floor is for long term patients, surgery and research. The left rear wing is for schooling of future nurses and doctors. The right rear wing is for the mentally insane. No one is turned away, nor must they pay upfront, but people are served based on urgency of need and order in which they arrived. Payments must be tendered, as all information is taken when you get your visit and you will be pursued for failure to eventually provide the money.

Defense Grid System

The system is a series of towers built around Shade's Run's outer wall. It is a combination of Originator and Keise technology and developed by the Consortium. The towers look like wapping spires of gold and brass that wrap around a large floating light-blue crystal. When activated the crystal glows a phosphorous blue-purple and a physical and magical shield is placed as a dome over the city. The main control center is in the center part of the entry courtyard to Shade's Run. Given its extreme vulnerability a series of guards (as well as security measure built in) are always present around it.

Emberlight Tavern

The Emberlight Tavern is a two story lengthy rectangular building. The majority of its bottom floor is dedicated to a large open forum for people to drink, order meals and enjoy performances. There is a bar, and behind said bar is the kitchen. Some of the space is used for rooms around that area but not much. Upstairs is all rooms to stay in, some of which are rented out on a permanent basis by members of the Shattered Realm. Those who utilize this tavern tend to be low or middle class and as such it can be a rowdy venue.


The Fairgrounds are a a massive dirt arena (100 yard radius) meant for all manner of sports and events. To the north of this arena is a large set of stadium seats, the bottom rows of which are made of wood plants with no backs and not much space between the tiers. However, at the back and the highest elevation, is box seats for the nobles and royals who might attend. The arena is fenced in via wood rail posts that stand 5 feet and some change high. Typically the low class will have to stand all around the location while the middle class afford the stadium seating. The Knight's Touroment is held here.

Hawking Industry Complex

This massive complex is a bit outside of the outer wall of Shade's Run. It is home to a huge smithing, smelting and fabrication hub. Owned and headed up by Charles Hawking, this location is a hub for the Consortium.

Jade Garden

The Jade Garden is a tall but narrow building, standing 3 stories high. The outside looks very French with cute cloth awnings and glass windows to see inside via - not to mention lots of well tended plants as atmosphere. The interior is very vineyard meets romantic Italian restaurant. The bottom and second floor are for dinning, with balcony seating off the second floor and patio seating around the bottom. The top most floor is for storage and office needs. Naturally there is a kitchen on the second floor which has a dumbwaiter to quickly send food wherever it is needed before it would cool too much.

Legacy Institute

The instittue is a cross shaped building with iron fences around the permitter that form a full square shape and a centra clock tower that sings at the tick of each hour. The front “wing” is for office and reception. The rear “wing” is for student living and needs. The left and right are for classrooms. There is an attached stables as well and a training field for swordsmanship.

Legionnaire Headquarters

The headquarters of the Legion is a large fortified garrison with a massive training yard and apartment like housing. It also has a front office which is a series of rooms divided by the rank and duties of the members. The location is guarded by the members themselves, all trained warriors of some nature. Guests are only allowed in the entry hall and must have escorts (doors locked by key) from a member. Many of the Crown's secrets are handled through this group so it is important to keep security tight.

Mansion District

The Mansion District is an outer ring of the city that is filled with newly built housing to accommodate the sudden influx of nobility in the city after it was made into a capitol. It has walls between it and Old Town as well as it and the outside world. Most mansions have plenty of space between them and their neighbors - about a 100 sq ft of yard each.

Market District

The Market District exists in the heart of Old Town, many of the houses there were taken over or demolished to create new shops as the population surged out of control. It has various “beautifications”, such as fountains and benches for resting on, as well as a prime view of Promathea Castle on the hill. However it is overshadowed at times by the Temple, depending on the hour given the structure is in the air and can act as a giant sundail over the city.

Old Town

Old Town is the former city of Shade’s Run before it became a capitol and was choked with a population far beyond its capacity. The homes there are older in design, some are even wood and stonework instead of the new Victorian style homes of Aether. Most homes are squished up against each other and alley ways are very narrow - naturally the maze like scenario this creates has allowed crime to swell in these territories even though it is also where most of the low to middle class people live.

Order of the Crown Barracks

The Order of the Crown Barracks is a large L shaped building. The shorter length of the L is for offices and reception. The longer section is for sleeping quarters. There is a dungeon beneath it with air holes for light and ventilation. There is also a stables off the side of the office portion of the building and the area between the two “wings” is open for training with plenty of dummies and wooden equipment to use.

Promathea Castle

Promathea Castle was built on a hill that overlooks the city. The location is one massive building with the center square carved out as a bailey for gardens and horses. The only entrance gate is from the south and the northern building is where event halls, ballrooms, war rooms and the throne room are housed. All around it is living quarters for the Promathea family and their personal servants. There are four guard towers at the corners and catwalks above that are lined with archers and scouts.


This is a large farming and irrigation town that wraps around the southern part of Shade's Run. It is most notable for having the most trouble with bandits, thugs and Slada'Sha minions. The knights here are their own group, under the Crown, but are somewhat lazy and slack in their jobs. It just seems to be easier to keep the peasantry in line and let the criminals keep the peasants needing knights to not be flat out murdered.

Temple, The

The Temple of the Heavenly Host is a marvel to behold. It is a massive Cathedral structure of white and gold. It has a large central tower that is where the main hall of worship is, the offices and many (many) floors of housing - this central portion is eight stories tall. The side structures, which are attached but do not scale as high, are for research, libraries and treasury storage. The top most level also opens up to the sky and is where the Great Hawks are bred, cared for and trained.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this location is that it floats some five stories up in the sky. It is reachable via modular bridges that are designed to detach should the Temple need to move for any reason.

Velvet Secret

It is a night club where people hide their identities with masks. The mafia works out of here.


The Dark Forest

A duchy within a duchy, the Dark Forrest is renowned for its creepy atmosphere. A thick canopy keeps light from coming through even in the daylight and high moisture levels create a semi-permanent fog about the ankles of travelers. It is inhabited by werewolves, formerly by witches and its nearest city location is Stonehollow.

Farragorn Woods

The Farragorn Woods are named for the unicorn found within them that is now the steed and friend of the Paladin of Light. They are bright, open and full of lush greenery.

Forest of Spears

A woodland territory that is man-made instead of naturally occurring. Centuries ago a man actually crossed the Mountains of Fire’s Blood and brought back with him trees he found there – bamboo. He planted them and they grew into the small but majestic Forest of Spears.

Little Tree Forest

More like a dense thicket then a forest, this area is very open and spread out despite having plenty of trees.


Duncan's Daughters

A grouping of four massive lakes in Merlose. They were named after the four daughters of an explorer named Duncan – who was the first to find and map them. The are: Shanalia, Eve, Clarise & Miranda.

Golden Scale Resort

A resort group built by the Champion's League to create revenue for their travels. It is a massive location with high class relaxation services and a huge entertainment set up. From massages and restorative treatments to performances and a huge pools, this resort was designed by Aros to incorporate the best that both his time (future-esque) and the current time line could offer.

Sardor Isle

A large island off the coast of Merlose. It was once an isolated but thriving county that had religious significance. Rumors claimed that somewhere on it was the “point where the Gods first touched the earth”, a point of creation and celestial power. However, whatever majesty or promise this isle had is long gone, it has been overrun by undead, housed a Slada’sha and in general become renowned as a place of curses and death.


Glen of Wine

This is a massive farming district devoted solely to the growing of wine fields for all of Aether. It is literally miles upon miles of wine territory and is Aether's "wine country".

Mountains of Fire's Blood

An expansive mountain ridge that cuts Aether off from the Isle of Dragons beneath it. This territory is full of constantly active volcanoes. Waters in the area are high acidic, the air is hard to breath and it is considered extremely deadly to traverse.

Epitaph Sands

An entire duchy worth of land that is full of nothing but scorched white-golden sand. Legends say that the territory was created over the 100 years of war held between Nazca and Aether, and while the devastation of it is attributed to that the desert itself has existed for as long as records go back. It is extremely in hospitable to life, temperatures in the daylight can reach 100 degrees and the late night can go as low as 40 degrees.

Serenity Meadow

A large grassy plain which is inhabited by many horses and other plains creatures.


Forest of Nightsong

The land at the center of Aether, between all duchies but a part of none, was once lush and fertile but has since become corrupted. The trees are now black with veins of white and purple cracking beneath their bark. A thick smoke like fog lingers along the ground and no sounds of animal life come from within.

Mt. Araneae

A volcano roughly the size of Shasta. Its interior was once the home of the Araneae people but when the volcano became active once again they were forced to flee it. No one knows what state the old city is in since the activity has yet to fully subside but it is presumed most of the location has been destroyed.

Vast Plains of Evergreen

Open green grasslands around the edge of the Forest of Nightsong that die of the closer you get to the forest edge.