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The population of Aether is highly diverse, thanks to more than one fallen allied kingdom needing to come stay in their borders. As a result, there are many races but they all live by the rules of the Kingdom of Aether. This does not meal all the species are treated as equals. In fact many of them are seen as lesser or even savage as in the case of the Nazcan. Aetherians are not entirely xenophobic but they do pride themselves on their pedigree, specifically the nobility.

The two races that are the most beloved of the Aetherians are the Keise and the Ryuko. Both have shown their friendship multipliable times in either offering innovation and technological advancement or as military allies. Both races have been housed by Aether. The race that Aetherians deem as 'equals' but begrudgingly is the Pairans. They are their people's opposites. The Phairans embrace sensuality and are more female dominated as a society. They are also far more wealthy in gems and precious metals.

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Population Percentage: Total 51% [Highborn (25%), Lowborn (25%), Half-breed (1 %)]

Aetherian high-born hold most important offices within the nation. They are, as a group, not entirely xenophobic but they prefer their heirs to be pure-blood high-born. Aetherian low-born are treated as lesser and hold commoner jobs.

Theme: Victorian Europe

Popular Classes: Noble, Peasant

Popular Professions: Knight, Soldier, Clergy, Mage


Population Percentage: 1%

Aranaeae, are low in number, are few and far between. Aetherian low-born not common to the capitol, may have no idea what they are when they see one. They commonly hold higher end jobs and are respected as lower nobility no matter their profession or class.

Theme: Gothic Spider-Elves

Popular Classes: Nobility

Popular Professions: Warrior, Diplomat


Population Percentage: 3%

These people were monsters that haunted the stories and nightmares of Aetherians. Aetherians dislike and fear them. A recent change in Dahhak and Temple leadership has brought them amesty as a people. Most Aetherians would be happier if they were destroyed as a whole..

Theme: Mimic Monsters

Popular Classes: Peasant

Popular Professions: Rogue


Population Percentage: 8%

Aether consider the Keise to be their strong allies in industry. The Keise that Given their strong bonds, many Keise choose to live in Aether for a variety of reasons.

Theme: Dark Steampunk

Popular Classes: Noblity

Popular Professions: Inventor, Diplomat, Entertainer


Population Percentage: 5%

After Aether won the war against them they took over leadership (all but in seat) for the Nazcan people. The Nazcan now live as second class citizens, all save for the highest of their royalty, and are treated like beings just above dogs.

Theme: Romanticized Aztec/Mayan

Popular Classes: Peaseant

Popular Professions: Soldier, Shaman


Population Percentage: 10%

Feared for their pride and ecessive wealth, the Phairan people are not allies of Aether but some choose to live there for whatever reason. It is by Phairan if they are loyal to their homeland and Queen or have shunned their holy and rich homeland for Aether's patriarchy. Most Phairan are not citizens but are long-staying guests.

Theme: High-Fantasy Persian

Popular Classes: tba

Popular Professions: Clergy, Rogue


Population Percentage: -1%

Viewed as theives, con-artists and criminals, the Roma tend to stick to themselves. Most of them have died off and the population is so small it is not even a full precentage. They are treated poorly and often denied common rights when arrested.

Theme: Gypsy

Popular Classes: Peasent

Popular Professions: Entertainer, Rogue, Merchant


Population Percentage: 3%

The Ryuko are treated very well by the Aetherian people. They are seen as powerful, scerine and exotic people. They are known to have been the deciding factor in two of their most recent wars and the Aetherians graceiously accept them into their nation.

Theme: Fantasy Meiji -Japan

Popular Classes: Token Nobility

Popular Professions: Samurai, Archer, Scout, Courtier, Crafter


Population Percentage: 0%

The Solarians may be the poeple of Aether's ancestry line but they are not beheld to Aetherian standards one bit. They maintain their outside distance and keep their loyalities to the Arcane Sanctum and their own royalty. Even so, Aether respects their class and profession titles. 

Theme: High Fantasy

Popular Classes: Any on the Arcane Sanctum's list.

Popular Professions: -


Population Percentage: 2%

The werewolves have been a reclusive and tribal people for centuries. Typically, the outside races feared them, attacked them, and as a result they found no good in interacting with them. They claimed the Dark Forest as their own and rarely strayed from it. 

Theme: Viking/Native American

Popular Classes: -

Popular Professions: -


Population Percentage: 8%

The Kingdom of Aether dominated the Empire of Wysteria in the Wysterian War. They control much of where Wysterian technology and military goes. Naturally this has bred a lot of resentment between the two, leaving Wysterians second class citizens inside of the kingdom.

Theme: Romanticized Industrial

Popular Classes: Token Nobility (for the royals), Peasant

Popular Professions: Inventor, Rifleman, Merchant


Population Percentage: 0%

The Vykrul are not friendies to Aether and only a small number have ever been on Aetherian soil. The Arcane Sanctum came with some of their ancient lineage called the Wilder.

Theme: Viking / Semi-Tribal

Popular Classes: Warrior, Rouge

Popular Professions: -


Population Percentage: 4%

Crossbreeds are when two of the in-play races mix to have a single child. This is not uncommon, particularly since many of the kingdoms have formed alliances and begun to live with each other. Some crossbreeds may suffer more prejudice then others (see Races in the Join section).

Theme: -

Popular Classes: -

Popular Professions: -

Other Supernaturals

Population Percentage: 1%

Supernatural races do exist in the land of Aether but they are extremely rare and selective in where they dwell. As a result, the section below will give an overview of the ones that exist (or have been discovered at least) in the role-play thus far.

Theme: Dark to High Fantasy

Popular Classes: -

Popular Professions: -