The Kingdom of Aether


Every character has something they do with their lives. In CoA people do not often clock in for a 9-5 sort of job. They live it. A knight may be off duty at times but they are still responsible for being a knight and acting the part. A merchant is always looking to peddle wares or make business contacts. A mage is always learning and seeking new forms of arcane power.

To add to this, everyone works for someone (unless they are the boss!). It is uncommon for someone to have the skills of a warrior and not be part of a group like the Order of the Crown or Legionnaires. Listed below are the various types of professions. It is important to consider what kind of character you want. A knight can either be a good white knight and up hold the law and justice or they can be a crooked knight who uses their power to get their way with their lessers. A mage can be a secrety crafty power craven person willing to step on others or a benevolent individual who just likes to study.