The Kingdom of Aether


The Aetherian people are not very picky about their religion. The only thing common is that if they are under 30 years of age they worship the Heavenly Host primarily (as in a population percentage), where as the older they are the more likely they cling to the Elemental Gods of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. A few worship the Light and far less worship the Dark.

The Heavenly Host are the creators of the realm, the worlds and all that is in the reality of the Aetherans (and of the story universe). They created what people call the Elemental Gods to deal with the fine tuning of functions of the physical world and magical world.

Tiers of Power
Tier 1: Heavenly Host
The Heavenly Host are the closest to the "Creator" and thus the highest in power and reach. Archangels being the mightiest of the Host, of course.

Tier 2: Dragons & Elemental Gods
The Dragons and Elemental Gods are both elementally tethered entities. In some ways the Dragons are a greater power source, as they have creative properties and more elements then the basic cardinal energies, but the two are considered equal for the most part. They coven the elemental powers of the planet and ensure its balance.

Tier 3: Shinto & Nazca
Both of these religions worship smaller aspects of the world, be it spirits of nature, ancestors or energies of the world.

Tier 4: Asoth & One God
Gods created by the collective "will" of a peoples or person. As a result they are the lowest tier but have some of the most creative and zealous followers!

The Elements
Elements have always had a very large part to play in the religion of Aether, and much of the other cultures and people of the world. To simply things, the below chart shows you what elements are utilized by the different peoples of Aether. Use this chart to see what elemental deity a character may be more interested in worshiping or favoring based on cultural background.

  Aetherian Ryuko Wysterian Nazcan Keise Araneae A.Sanctum Dragon
Holy               Satarius (Soul/Light)
Unholy               Krul (Soul/Dark)
Light               -
Dark               -
Fire               Primus (Lightning/Metal)
Water               Nylus (Wood/Fog)
Earth               Matael (Wood/Metal)
Air               Serpa (Lightning/Fog)
Lightning               -
Fog               -
Metal               -
Wood               -
Soul               -
Blood               Savarius
Entropy               Abason
Arcane               Andregerous
Death               -
Sladasha               -
Fate               -

Historically, Aetherians only knew of the four elemental gods: Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. Their worship primarily started after the first King of Aether, a tyrant who abused the elemental gods for his alchemy and dark magic, was taken out. Eclipse Glasshour, the first Lord Spiritual, was the first Aetheran to be blessed and beloved of all six gods at once. He lead the first Paladins in battle against warlocks and the royal Eclipse blood linage, despite the irony of his first name matching his enemy's last.

At the end of war with Nazca, the god of Darkness and Light revealed themselves. The god of Light was trapped by the Nazcan High Shaman. Once these two presented themselves they were added into the pantheon with Maelstrom and Lucious De'Dawning becoming the first paladins of the Dark and Light.

Each introduction to other races and cultures added into their pantheon. Rather then refuse the possibilities of other gods, the Aetherians had no issues just accepting there were more. The Keise brought more information on the God of Darkness. The Ryuko came forward with the elemental dragons which were similar to the elemental gods known to Aether. The Wysterians believe in their single god while the Nazcan have spirit beats and the God of Fire.

The largest change to the Aetherian religion was the introduction of the Phairan's Heavenly Host. Never before had another people's god been 'above' their own. The Aetherians found it hard to refute the Heavenly Host after they proved themselves during the Harmonic Convergence. This was when Janos Promathea III (JJ) wrote them in as the God of Gods. Of course that meant that their enemies, the 'demons' were now the wost of the worst, and for the first time in Aetheran history there was a strong sense of Good vs. Evil. In no time the Aetheran people were worshiping the Heavenly Host and the elemental gods were left on the doorsteps of those who were Paladins, in the Paladin's companies or were lucky enough to find the gods' in their mortal born forms. The older elves, (over the age of 30) also fall back onto old habits, but surely not all of them. They are opportunistic creatures and the Heavenly Host seems to offer more power now a days.