Magic Library


This is a sacred art of the Ryuko that has survived due to being taught in A.E.G.I.S. The ryuko had many techniques, all based off of their manipulation of chi. Chi is the only art form taught to do this day. Chi is mana based and it can be silenced or dispelled. It is common knowedlge that 'chi' flows through everything and is part of life, if not the life force itself.

Character Creation
1) Determine your age:
Child Years: High (0) Medium (1) Low (3)
Teenager Years: High (1) Medium (3) Low (4)
Young Adult Years: High (2) Medium (5) Low (5)
Adult Years: High (4) Medium (5) Low (5)
Senior Years: High (5) Medium (5) Low (5)
Elder Years: High (6) Medium (5) Low (5)
2) How long have you studied Chi? You can study different techniques at the same time but the time requirements do not change so if you are studying 2 level Lows at the same time it will take you 2 years to master them both. 
Low: 3-6 Months
Average: 1-1.5 Years
High: 3 Years


Blessing of Purity
Cures poison or ailing effects from a target.

Breath of the Serpent
Allows a target to breath underwater for one half hour.

Force Fist
By focusing their chi to their hands the caster attacks with their fist, usually palm up for impact but a variant with the hand in a fist is also possible. The first strike is powered by the chi and will send the enemy flying backwards (or in the direction they were being hit towards). When used cleverly this attack can be devastating. 

Healing Touch
Heals a target for an amount of damage equal to that time concentration is given. Meaning the longer you heal the person the more they are healed. 

Mend the Spirit
Gives your chi to another, you determine how much chi this costs you as that is how much you grant to the other person.


Chi Barrier
They focus chi and expel it all at once but not allowing it to dissipate, they hold it in place and it creates a hard nearly unbreakable barrier around them. This is sustained, meaning 'channeled'. You cannot perform another chi based action while holding this barrier. You must have at least one hand busy focusing out the chi (usually your off hand). 

Chi Blast
Make a ball of chi to remotely detonate and explode in combat, disorienting anyone immediately surrounding it out.

Chi Immunity
Makes the target immune to chi based attacks, however they cannot use chi based attacks themselves while this is in effect.

By focusing their chi they make a blade over their hand (like a punch dagger of sorts) that can rend through muscle, flesh and bone. 


Blind Sight
Concentrating and sensing the chi of all living things around you allows the caster to see within the dark or while blind, add to this the training to sense an opponents kai and they are even capable of combating without sight. 

Eternal Sleep
They pokes the pressure points of the neck with one motion, releasing the chi inside them in such a way it causes the target to fall into a deep sleep that some never wake from. The attack happens so fast that the targets usually do not notice it.

Finger Tap
By summoning up chi and focusing it to the ring finger, highly condensing it, they can tap a large boulder and it would shatter into pieces as the chi is released through it. This is obviously more devastating on a living thing.

Forgetful Word
They imposes their will on to another and erases their entire memory. The process is swift and painless. The next thing the victim knows is they are completely confused and surrounded. Voices, sounds and actions are able to slowly be remembered but it as if they are remembering everything from a very distant dream. Who they were is completely gone as is most of their life’s experiences. 

Hundred Fist
The caster focuses where they’d like to attack on their target (a general location like upper body, lower body) and then releases chi to increase their punching speed a hundred times fold giving them at least fifty hits on a person (unless that person has a speed enhancement as well on then this sort of doesn’t work). They cannot spend more chi for more hits. 

Stolen Serpent
They can counter a chi based attack that they know is coming and using their own chi as a shield they may redirect it back to the attacker. 

Withering Grasp
They get hold of the back of the neck, their hands flat to the back where the central charka is and then siphons the chi from the person after spending the initial chi to hold contact for at least a second. During that second the connection between charkas and the line of chi holds the connection making it impossible to detach until the caster wills it. When the connection breaks the target is much weaker physical and spiritually. A benefit is this technique is agonizing and usually leaves less experienced warriors dazed or incapacitated off the pain alone.

These skills are only taught to members of the Shadow Hunters or by surviving Shinobi and Kunoichi. Unless the character has a historical reason, or a role played reason, to have these skills there is no reason to take them. These are hidden chi magics that are not taught by A.E.G.I.S.

Attack of the Void
The kage draws upon all of their remaining chi (if not done right this technique will kill the user) and the chi around them, effectively giving them a max chi. They release that around them, composed of every element. The effect is a black hole of sorts that absorbs the area around it leaving a crater in the land and a whole in the spiritual world. Everything inside this attack has a 99% chance of being killed as it is a one hit kill. The only way the caster can survive this is if, timed perfectly, when the explosion goes off they absorb the chi of those being killed around them. The chi of the victims equals the chi of the caster in the end, this could effectively rise their chi rating. If their chi rating rises they are incapacitated for a while as their body (spiritual) adjusts.
Level: High

Burn the Soul
Burns away chi from a target, the longer one concentrates the more chi is burned. If someone loses all their chi (the younger and more full of life one is the more chi there is) they die.
Level: High

Chi Blast
A Ninjutsu technique where the kage creates a suicidal shadow clone. After creating it, the kage can cause the clone to remotely detonate and explode in combat, taking anyone immediately surrounding it out.
Level: Medium
NOTE: Requires one to already know Shadow Figure Clone

Fear of the Devil
A technique, which uses chi to enhance your ki to such an extent that it, makes others innately afraid of you. Strong willed enemies will become insecure or over-estimate you; those of your level may flee or seek a more peaceful resolution while those far weaker will run, scream or pass out.
Level: High

Frozen Glare
The kage focuses their chi to their eyes. When they make eye contact with a target the target is frozen and cannot move for at least 30 seconds.
Level: Medium

Ghost Blade
Using their chi the kage makes a ‘ghost blade’ over their katana that actually extends an inch longer from the tip. This is useful since many people who would narrowly dodge the blade will now become struck instead and cannot properly gauge their back steps.
Level: Medium

Invisible Blades
By summoning up his chi the kage can throw invisible ‘blades’ like throwing kunai knifes.
Level: Medium

Limited Teleport
The kage can teleport from one place to another with in line of sight of their current location. This is useful for getting into places and getting out without leaving evidence of entry.
Level: Medium

Memory Curse
The kage focuses on the target and with a mental command they can choose one memory from the person and either completely corrupt it (scripting it as it were in a way they’d like) or simply deleting it from the person’s mind.
Level: High

Shadow Figure Clone
Creates a shadow clone of the person.
Level: Low

Shadow Star
By using the great shuriken aka the Fuuma Shuriken. The kage focuses chi into the weapon and then throws it. The physical great shuriken acts normal but the shadow it creates lifts off the ground behind the opponent and attacks in the manner of a returning boomerang.
Level: Medium

Slayers Knives
Small blades of wind assault a target from all directions.
Level: Low

By focusing their chi the kage makes a blade over their hand (like a punch dagger of sorts) that can rend through muscle, flesh and bone.
Level: Low