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The magic of death is also called Necromancy. Death magic is used by the reavers of the the Arcane Sanctum as a primary power. Necromancy exists all over the world, though, and death magic is not proprietary of the Reavers (some spells and rituals are). Reavers can take rituals from the Necromancer list.

Character Creation
Decide on your character's level of experience:
           Necromancer (Death Speak + 1 Spell or Ritual per year of practice)
           Revanaent (Rigor Mortis + 1 Spell for every year of sentience)
           Reaver (All Necromancy Spells + Raise Dead, Rigor Mortis, Reaver Spells +1 Spell or Ritual per year in service)



Control Undead
This allows the necromancer to control the bodies of the dead into a hive like mind connected to their will. The bodies are usually local ones. They will not dig out of their graves. These are shambling zombies and they have the limitations of function that their decaying bodies have. They feel no pain or emotions. The necromancer can see through their eyes with concentration. They will obey simple orders.

Death Speak
This allows for the speaking to spirits, ghosts and other creatures of the dead.

Sense Energy
The necromancer has a keen sense of energy and can tell what various types of energy are that they have encountered. They will be able to also sense the kind of magic one possesses as well as if someone's life force is diminished greatly.

Spirit Sight
This allows for the necromancer to see ghosts and into the spectral world which is a copy of this world in the mists of the dead.


Animate the Body
Necromancers animate the undead to do jobs, take on rolls and fill needs in their lives. Most of the time these animation periods are short, no longer then a day. There needs to be a body to animate. Animating a body does not stop it from decay. Sometimes a necromancer will build a body out of various body parts, making abominations. With the use of Preserve the Body, these beasts can retain their vile forms without further decay. They are often very strong and hearty. They can be created to look like anything.

Mend the Body for the Soul
This ritual is used by necromancers who want to have a more or less living undead. It creates a zombie that is not decaying and is trapped in a status. This ritual takes a lot of time and energy, often requiring an entire month to create the body from nothing. If the body exists and is used in the ritual it can speed up the process provided it isn't too far into decay.

Open Spirit Portal
The necromancer can open up a portal to the spirit world to call forth entities to haunt a location. They can use this to make a safe place for them to practice with ample spirit energy. This requires them to draw a magical circle, in their personal style, that signifies the world of the spirits. Reavers are taught a specific magical circle where as other necromancers can make their own so long as they continue to use it.

Preserve the Body
Necromancers are capable of putting a body into status so it will not decay anymore. This does not summon a soul into it nor does it animate it. This is useful if the necromancer wants to keep a fresh body around to animate for temporary uses.

Summon the Deceased
By using an object to tie to the deceased, the necromancer can summon forth the spirit of the dead. This is useful for interrogations and investigations however it can cause the summoned soul to lose its way back and become an earth bound spirit. Good necromancers will be prepared to take the soul into a vessel (crystals usually) until they can get the soul to someone who can cross it over again. Careless or young ones do not know this is a possible problem and are usually not prepared for the spirit's journey back.



Death Grip
The reaver grabs the spirit of the target and can throw them around by it. The reaver has five times their normal strength while they toss the target about, allowing them to lift up heavy people in armor, even war horses. Something that is over 2000 pounds they cannot lift, but they can slow it. This can also be used to try and crush a body part, though it will crush the spiritual counter part first, giving the effect of the damage without actual damage occurring visually. Healing can be done to negate this damage.

Death Strike
The reaver infuses their weapon or body with death magic. When they strike their targets (and hit) they do added death damage which has a chance to stun the target for three seconds.

Deathly Resurrection
The reaver can bring back to life a single target. That target is temporarily under their command. After a few minutes (depends on target's willpower) they can regain their own mind. Their wounds are healed as scars and they are effectively restored. The reaver can only do this once a night.

Frost Imbuement
The reaver can turn their entire person and affects bone chilling cold. Those who hit them with weapons (unarmed takes x2 damage) takes damage as frost spikes up through their bones.

Raise Dead
This powerful spell aniamtes and raises the dead bodies around the reaver. It will take the dead right out of their graves, giving them unholy strength to break free of their coffins and burial sites. These dead are still decaying, have no mind of their own and have no emotions. They will keep on fighting or doing their job until they fall apart. There is no soul to them, they are flesh robots. The reaver can have up to ten of these active at one time before they start to take fatigue. Usually these dead are not kept active for more then their purpose as it is a waste of energy.

A secondary use of this power can return the recently dead to life with their wounds healed enough they are no longer dying. This can only be done to a corpse that has not been dead for longer then five minutes and cannot be done to someone who is pulverized or otherwise lacking most of their body. It can be done to someone who was beheaded (just put the head close enough...).

Rend Marrow
By focusing on the bone of a target, the reaver can inflict fractures and even breaks in the bones of their target. This can lead to some very painful actions on the part of the target, slowing them down and creating damage over time from puncture wounds done by broken bone. Even if the bone does not break from the attack, the bone is frail and cracked at least, this leaves it open to break easily. The reaver must pick what part of the body they are afflicting: arm, leg, ribs. They cannot inflict this on the head or spine due to the high concentration of vitality that flows through those parts.

Rigor Mortis
The reaver embraces their corpse like attributes and their body hardens. They take half damage from magical affects (except Holy) and take 1/4th physical damage coming their way (including elemental). This lasts for a maximum of thirty seconds. It can be recast every minute.

The reaver takes the voice from a target, throwing their voice into the nullified world of spirits where they cannot use it for casting. The target is silenced for a full minute.

The reaver can take blood from a target by reaching a hand out. The blood tears from the target's skin (mists through quickly) and a line of it tethers to the reaver who absorbs it into their essence. This grants them health for every bit of damage done to the target, as well as empowers their mana. Vampirism can be cast on the reaver's weapon as an artifact enchantment, giving them health for each point of damage they do to the target. The catch here is the target must have blood for this to work.

Wake the Dead
The reaver calls out to the lingering spirits in a place, summoning forth a temporary army of ghosts. The ghosts can assist them by disabling or distracting the targets and doing minor damage to targets in the area. This lasts for the duration of the fight.

Winter's Bite
The attacks of the reaver also frostbit wounds doing not just death magic but also frost/water damage (opposite of cauterized).

Focusing on a target, the reaver can bring them to their knees in agony as their body begins to decay. This is a major damaging attack and can kill a person in the matter of minutes. The body, no matter the age, starts to sag, shrivel and go through rigor mortis, leaving the victim a screaming husk.


Bound Blood
Reavers are masters of blood magic. By taking someone's blood they can begin to weave their magic into it, giving them mental power over the victim. It takes a week of work, each night new blood is needed. If they only work a week with blood, not the body of the person then their control is weak and influential at most. If they can have a few minutes with the living body of their victim and mark them with a blood rune, then they can have a greater influence, even bringing the person into believing that they have a reason to trust or adore the reaver. It is up to the target how they handle the strong influence that the reaver has on them, but it is always in a positive light and they will begin to put their life on the line for their master. The reaver can puppet their bodies, breaking all illusion and exposing their control over their victim. This destroys any positive notions the target has but does nothing to change the fact that they are a puppet to the Reaver and cannot take physically harmful actions against them.

Flesh Shaping
By taking body parts, reavers can shape flesh, bone and tissues to crate ghastly creatures. These are often simple in mind at most, being given specific tasks such as guardianship or message delivery. If done to a living creature to change their body's appearance, the living creature must endure the agony of the transformation (taking damage every second the reaver is shaping them). Having a healer on hand is useful, but often seraph and paladins would rather kill the reaver then allow for this transgression on the body.

Mists of Dread
Reavers are creepy creatures tied to death. They can create a mist or fog that reaches out along their territory and crate a hauntingly uncomfortable vibe. This location feels haunted, evil and unwelcoming. It takes courage to move through it. Hallucinations of figures, eyes, and shadows is common in this area affect. It keeps out the majority of folks.

Portal to the Mist
The reaver can open a portal into the land of the dead and out of it. They do not necessarily know their way in the ever shifting mist filled echo of a dimension but they can always come in and out of it. The reaver's portal allows multiple people to enter the land of the dead. There is the danger of staying too long. If a living person stays in the mists longer then three months time they are permanently transform into a specter, losing their corporeal body and forced to haunt the world.

Spectral Travel
By transforming into a specter themselves, they can travel quickly through the realm of the dead. They do not leave their body or affects behind. Everything goes. Travel in the spectral form is ten times faster than if they were in their physical form. The spirit can glide, fly and move almost at the speed of thought, hampered by the speed of psychological comfort and perception of where one is going. Going too fast means you'll get lost quick. They cannot take others with them in this form. This requires them to spend a few seconds focusing on transforming, leaving this more a ritual than a spell.