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Elemental (Angels & Elemental Gods)

This page holds information about the elemental gods and the Heavenly Host's powers that are offered to clergy. These magics are only given to those who are favored of a deity. The powers of the now defunct Elemental Heritage is considered to be the same foundation of the elemental powers given to the Temple and favored of these deities.

Character Creation - Favored
1) Ask a Moderator (or check this page) to see if your character is a favored of any deities. If they are not, you could request the moderator to consider the option but these things are decided by the moderators and given to characters that 'fit' in personality and actions. If your character does not, it simply does not and it is not the end of the world.

2) If you are favored, read below to determine how you learned it.

3) Determine how far along your character is in powers and take 2 powers from your highest level and take 3 powers from each of the lower levels.


When someone becomes a favored it means that there is something about the personality or actions of the character that resonates with the deity.

Favored of Elemental Gods and Dragons tend to learn about their abilities through emotional trauma. The ability simply happens, at a master level for the moment of activation, and saves the character from whatever is causing the emotional issue. After the initial act, their power is at the Beginner level and they must explore their power to increase through the levels. It often takes years to gain Mastery.

Favored of Demons learn about their powers in two ways, generally. The demon offers the in the form of a contract (though the character already has the power, this is a ploy). Or the demon will activate the power in the person when they need it the least (it is inconvenient) or they need it the most (a demon still favors them and would rather they are alive). The level of this power's activation is often random and fitting for the need of the situation. Unless done by contract, the character starts with the Beginner level.

Favored of the Heavenly Host usually first start to learn of their patron in the way of dreams or a sense of interest in that angel. A desire to study the angel and gravitate to their symboloy can be the symptoms of one coming into conscious awareness of their orientation. The second common sign is to see the angel or their symbology in their dreams. If the character becomes a worshiper of the angel, they can be contacted by the angel and told they are a favored and granted Beginner level powers. Like the others, if the character requires the power to save their lives or the lives of someone they dearly love, the power can activate to get the job done and then reduce in scale to Beginner.

Some angels are less giving with their power then others. Zerachiel and Raziel do not follow the standard protocol. In many ways these two angels are more destiny based angels as they have the power and orders to watch over the mortal realm and reality itself.

Zerachiel requires the character to contact them, after noticing the signs of their divine patron and requesting an audience. The angel will interview their favored and ask for them to explain what they want the power for before granting it. At times, if the character needs the power for destiny reasons or to retain their sense of self, Zerachiel will temporarily give them the power and then visit them for the interview (if they do not pass the interview they lose their power all together).

Raziel is the most elusive angel of all. He will hide his symbology in riddles in both dreams and happen stance in daily life. He requires his favored to first pass the test of observation, riddle and intellect before he begins to test them in their sleep by taking them to the astral plane. There he will have one of his abandon the favored in a realm and see how they react to the various dangers and peoples. If they react in a way that warrants further attention, Raziel will make more direct contact in dreams or during astral visits to interview the person, though he will not be obvious as to who he is or that it is an interview at all. If the person passes this test, he will reveal himself to them and ask them directly what they would like to create in the world, what destiny are they called to accomplish that benefits not just themselves, but everything in creation. If they can make a suitable suggestion, he will grant them his power which gives them access to the ethereal realms. This is for seeking teachers and experiences that would aid them in personal and destiny based growth.


Some characters are primary 'voices' for the angels. These channelers will be the common method of communication between the angel and the world, sometimes even being the approachers to favored people. Channels can lose favoritism, like everyone else if they make poor life choices that are against the angelic disposition. These channels unconsciously gain knowledge (not powers) from their patron and after they are awakened to their position, can consciously channel the angel.

Losing Favoritism

Characters that make choices that insult or defile the angelic agenda will lose favoritism and their powers along with it. They can, potentially in time, regain them after a long under taking of self-discovery and penance.

Character Creation - Elemental Heritage (Defunct)
1) Figure out how you have something that does not exist in the world anymore.
2) Start with 3 abilities plus 1 for ever 5 years of practice. You must max out all the abilities a rank before going forward.


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Archangel Rafiel, the Demon Reail, the Dragon of Wind and the Elemental God of Wind. This power focuses on Weather and Levitation.


Gust: Create a harmless gust of wind

Increase Aim: Improves the possibility of hitting a desired target

Increase Illness/Toxin: Make someone sicker, they need to already have a toxin or illness

Sense Weather: Know what the weather is going to be for the day, and into the next if it is stable


Minor Levitation: Lift things under a pound and move them at a calm speed

Minor Suffocation: Deprive someone of oxygen, making it feel like an asthma attack (vulgar to use)

Wind Blades: Mind damage from wind 'blades' tossed out

Wind Gliding: Glide on the surface of air pressure, about 5 inches off the ground, feels like ice skating


Dust Devil: Create a dust devil that will blow dirt, grass and light objects around

Levitation: Lift roughly your own mass, allows for self-flight

Steal Air: Take the air from someone's lungs, suffocating them (very vulgar to use)

Summon Weather: Create and change weather patterns, requires the time for the weather to change


Deflect Artillery: Make a shield of air pressure around you that will toss away powerful projectiles aimed for you

Sever Winds: Create strong winds of 40-80mph

Summon Sylph: Summon an elemental king who doesn’t care for combat but loves to play havoc

Tornado: Create a tornado that will make land and move for about a mile plus, if weather conditions are good for it

Wind Burn: Use the wind to make friction burns on a person, creates wind and fire minor to moderate damage


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Archangel Zerachiel.


Cleanse the Blood: You can purify blood of toxins

Cosmetic Change: The ability to change hair color, eye color, skin color

Gift Blood: You can do a magical blood transfusion from a target or yourself to someone, and the blood will not be rejected

Sense Blood: Learn about the person through blood


Flesh Craft, Minor: You can make minor alterations in their hair, skin, eyes

Resist Pain: You can focus blood so it pumps so hard you feel no pain

Shape Shifting: You can change to yourself into someone of the same gender, size, etc.

Track Blood: Find anyone with just a small bit of their blood


Flesh Craft: You can shape shift flesh, muscle and bone to re-sculpt the body, it takes time and skill as it is a craft

Know Blood: With a bit of someone's blood you can know gain strong memories and emotions of the person

Shape Shifting: You can change into another, if you have some of their blood you can even be an exact genetic copy of them

Vampire: You can feed off the blood of other things and use it to regenerate your health


Become Blood: You can literally know a person up until the moment the blood was taken as well as they know themselves - be sure to confer with the player of the character if there is one

Corpse Walker: Become a corpse with limited blood movement for temporary time (body will slowly go into rigor mortis)

Flesh Craft, Major: You can compile different body parts to create a single form

Shape Shifting: Strong, you can combine this with Become Blood literally become the other person in mind and body


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Elemental God of Dark.


Dampen Location: Cover the local area in a 'darkness' that makes it hard to see as though it were twilight, increasing the number of shadows but not darkening them

Shadow Deepening: Saturate the darkness to become more obfuscated, making it easier to hide in

Thread Personalization: See your own threads of fate and do minor tweaks to them, influencing immediate outcomes only slightly (difference between making a good impression and having someone like you for no reason)

Threads of Fate: See the threads of a person's fate, giving the power to understand their future and connections


Shadow Grab: Grab a target's shadow with your own to get a hold as though you were physically holding on

Shadow Puppets: Create shapes in the shadow that are not tangible and cannot attack but can be distracting or eerie

Thread Spinning: Create a new thread on yourself or a person that can moderately influence them such as a crush, a dislike, a sickness, an injury, good luck or simple destiny (save a person from a thug)

Unravel: Release a person, or you own, threads from any complications, giving a clear picture of actions to be taken and removing mental and emotional barriers to pursuing them


Manifest Shadow: Make tangible shadows to attack or hold people), vanish (within shadows you can literally become unseen, however light cast upon you will nullify the effect)

Shadow Stealing: You can literally absorb someone's shadow into your own, taking their shadow from them to puppet for inflicting harm or phantom sensations (like a voodoo doll)

Thread Cutting: Cut all the threads off of a person, leaving them entirely clean of all good and bad as well as personal connections, they can reconnect threads by encountering people and taking actions

Thread Weaving: Create strong threads that greatly influence a person in the area of love, luck, happiness, and health


Become Shadow: Allows the user to move through existing shadows and become intangible like a specter

Expedite Fate: Inflicts the persons fate at a higher rate, can be used for both good and evil obviously an the fate will only move as fast as is logical

Swap Fate: take the threads from one person and swap them to another, swapping destiny and relationship connections (emotionally)

Summon Grim: Summon the elemental king who will both kill and protect and acts on its own chaotic will, will not answer to the call for childish or petty reasons


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Archangel Uriel, the Demon Bael, and the Elemental God of Earth.


Grow Plants: Improve the health and growth rate of a plant, doubting its growth rate and production

Nature Empathy: Having an instinct for how safe or healthy a local area is

Simple Instincts: have gut instincts about on coming disasters

Tremors: Create minor quakes, rank 3 and under, to the local area


Animal Empathy: Have an acute feeling for the emotional state of an animal

Mineral Empathy: Instinctively, you know what a mineral would be good for health wise (or if it is toxic)

Shape Plants: Shape a plant over a short duration of time (1 hour per cubic foot of mass) into a new shape or design without harming the plant in the process

Summon Animals: Call local critters to your location, peacefully


Beast Speak: Communicate with animals, though they do not have to have the same thought process you do

Create Quake: Create an earthquake up to a level 7 in the local area

Earth Manipulation: You can shape anything made out of plant or mineral material into weapons and objects, quickly

Manifest Earth: Create solid rock or compact soil that equals your body mass


Become Earth: Turn your body into any mineral or plant matter without having to become the plant or mineral itself

Control Beasts: You can control the local animals as a hive mind

Shape Shift: Become a plant or animal that is made up of the same mass you are (huge cat, dog, small horse)

Summon Unicorn: Elemental King on the planet capable of healing and protection, is a defender; will not answer selfish calls or offensive ones unless it is in the protection of something/someone


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Archangel Raziel.


Energy Sensitive: You can pick up the 'vibe' of a location by sensing the astral plane as you move around, getting only vague impressions of emotions and situations within the ethereal plane

Ethereal Aptitude: Learn magic in half the and with half the trouble

Out of Body Experience: You can leave your body and walk around the current plane in your ethereal body; you cannot leave the planet or move through various realms

Uncanny Skill: Temporarily perform a skill or talent the character has no training as though they did


Ethereal Lexicon: See the meaning in text no matter the language its written in (seals can prevent this)

Ethereal Projection: You can leave your body and travel to the realms of the elemental gods, spirits and you can travel the universe to visit other locations

Skill Tap: You can pick up the skill, and match the level of it, of someone who is in the vicinity by remotely 'tapping' into their astral information, retaining it for up to a day (any longer would require you to find that person again and 'tap them')

Summon Ether Beast: You can summon a medium powered ethereal beast to fight for you, or do your bidding, for a few minutes


Astral Overview: See solutions to things, if there is one, with concentration and light meditation

Manipulate Ether: You can create raw magical manifestations and shape them to your will to do physical and magical harm (arcane damage) up to your own body mass in portion

Warp Essence: Turn any magic into ether and absorb it for your own power and healing effectively dispelling the magic and voiding any of its power, even area affects


Become Ether: Transform your physical visage and accessories on your person, to an ethereal form, allows flight

Jump Ley Lines: Travel along ley lines this way as well as visit the ethereal plane

Sense Ether: Sense magic and have a gut feeling as to what kind it is, even if you do not have familiar experience with the magic

Summon Great Ethereal Beast: Summon a powerful beast of ether, usually taking the form of a fantastical animal such as a feathered serpent dragon, a butterfly winged phoenix or other estrange and creatively wild mix-match, that will act on your behalf up to the point of childish or fickle commands


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with Archangel Mikhael, the Demon Choroze, the Dragon of Fire and the Elemental God of Fire.


Adrenaline Rush: Increase adrenaline to enhance reflexes and attention to detail

Flammable Objects: Set on fire already flammable objects

Handful of Flame: Create a handful of flame

Sense Combat: You can sense the combat prowess and power of a target


Body of Flame: Create a flame body equal to your own mass

Immolate: Heat objects and melt objects

Insight Emotion: Insight fear, lust, or rage

Resist Fire: Take half damage from fire based damage


Create Wall: Create a fire wall 12x12ft

Flame Immunity: Take no damage from fire

Increase Aptitude: increase speed or strength temporarily

Temporary Insanity: Create temporarily insanity in a target, must touch the target's skin with your skin


Boil Blood: Considered very vulgar and criminal

Immunity: You are immune to toxins and poisons, this is an automatic power and is passively on

Self-Regeneration: Regenerate damage as fast as you receive it for a minute

Summon Drake: Summon the elemental king to aid you, they will not heed your orders once present and will not come to petty or childish reasons

Wave of Flame: Create a wave of flame 20x20ft, become flame


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Elemental God of Light.


Create Light: Create ambient light or a focused point of light in a space, remains until dismissed

Deflect Light: Push light away from yourself or a target to make it semi-transparent and easier to hide in shadow

Invincibility: Make objects unbreakable for a temporary time (about a post line)

Time Shifting: Take speed up one object by slowing down another in motion


Light Deflection: Become invisible as you bend light, everything with three feet of you becomes five degrees hotter

Object of Light: Create one thing of solid light like weapons of light, light beams that can cut, etc

Revert: Return an object to a previously orderly state within the last day's time

Time Tweaking: Slow or speed up time by half their time's usual count


Light Warping: You can create illusions of light, these illusions are not real if touched but are real in all other aspects

Object of Light: Create mass objects of solid light (several weapons, a box around yourself instead of one wall, etc)

Stop Time: The ability to freeze time in the local area while the caster can move about freely

Time Distortion: Take a location and temporarily take yourself and others into that time period, with the possibility to interact with it but this is a pocket 'copy' of that time so there are no ramifications


Become Light: Allows the user to move intangibly through the area and travel through light sources

Illusion Mastery: You can create illusions which are tactile and real; if they are broken they shatter into glittering light

Time Travel: Move yourself (and up to a small number of others) through time by becoming a living time gate

Summon an Angel: Summon the elemental king on the day capable of defense and knowledge, is obeys the summoner implicitly so long as the summoner acts per the order of things. It is very literal and will do exactly as you ask of it, no more or less. Often it is most useful as a source of lore but it also has the ultimate capacity for defending a location.


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Archangel Ramiel and the Dragon of Light.


Aura Sight: See the color of auras and have some indication of what emotion someone is in and what their species is

Death Speak: Speak to the spirits of the dead in an area, if any are around

Dream Swaying: You can affect the dreams of another person who is sleeping to be positive or negative without any control of what the individual experiences

Ghost Sounds: Create haunting and eerie sounds in an area


Dream Crafting: You can give a theme, setting and general outline for what a person will dream

Dream Sharing: Bring up to four people into the same dream, with limited control over the environment

Spirit Sight: See spirits of the departed, if they are around

Spirit Summoning: Lure a spirit in the local area to your location


Dream Vision: Using a reflective surface, you can show others the dream of a single target as though watching television

Dream Walking: Enter into dreams of another person while you sleep (leaving your body behind) and witness what they are seeing, with control over the dream but not the dreamer

Spiritual Echoes: Manifest echoes of activities in the past that spirits in the local area are connected to, to witness the events as though you were standing in them, though you will have no interaction with the vision

Spirit Manifestation: Give energy to a spirit or entity to allow it to create a blurry, transparent but visible manifestation, like a basic apperation, with no solid physics


Communal Dream: Bring up to a hundred people into a single controlled and crafted dream, without the power to control the people's actions or feelings

Dream Manifesting: Create a dream to inflict on a person who is awake, they will interact with the world as though they are in the dream, safe for bending physics themselves

Fragment of History: Enter into a vision of a location's history if you have some knowledge of an event linked to a local spirit, and interact with the vision until dispelled or you are violently attacked (no damage)

Temporary Incarnation: Grant a spirit a fully functioning body for a short amount of time (about 12 hours, maximum)


Possessed By
Those affiliated spiritually with the Archangel Jibriel, Demon Levian, the Dragon of Water and the Elemental God of Water.


Aqua Tongue: Speak to sea life

Create Water: Create a handful of water: liquid, ice or gas

Purify Water: Create or cleanse water so it is safe

Sense Water: Sense the direction of where water is and what kind it is


Create Body of Water: Create a body of water equal to your own mass, liquid, ice or gas

Breathe Water: Grant yourself or others the ability to breathe water (but not remove the water pressure

Detoxify: Cleanse a target of poisons or toxins including body chemistry that is causing trouble

Shape Water: Make ice and fog or just shape water into objects or designs with solid form


Astral Projection: Leave your body (prone) to travel the astral plane

Dream Weaving: You can create dreams in yourself or another person

Oracular Visions: See the future in dreams, as premonitions or as visions

Water Siphon: Summon water from a target (dehydrates and kills , considered very vulgar and criminal)


Become Water: Make your body and your personal affects water, in whatever form you want to have, liquid, ice or gas

Wall of Water: Create a wave of water 4x20ft

Transmute Liquid: Turn liquids into various types, from water to wine, from booze to apple juice... etc.

Summon Undine: Summon the elemental king who is not picky on the form of action it is summoned for but will not commit amoral atrocities. It has a maternal nature making it ignore orders in favor of protecting its summoner