Magic Library


The magic of Entropy is only held by a select few. The spells listed here are the ones that have been uses thus far by Mouko or his sons. Their is no place to go to learn Entropy. It is a magic that is isolated on the Isle of Entropy.

Character Creation
There are no teachers that willingly teach it to outsiders. It is a magic held by Mouko and his sons.


Entropic Body
This transforms the caster into a corpse, instantly. The caster can continue to function, though they may slow down over time as their body starts to stiffen. Their eyes become a soft glowing green. They can take damage but they feel no pain and they do not bleed out. It is essentially stabbing or beating on a dead piece of meat.

Entropic Command
The caster can command the dead and those corrupted with entropic magic to do their bidding. They have their own mind but their bodies are puppets, and easily controlled by the master. They cannot fight this, as entropy is one of the only magics that circumvents willpower.

Entropic Psyche
The caster can inflict mental maladies on a person. The mind begins to rapidly degrade, with light afflictions affecting basic short term memory or wiping the oldest memories first. Longer or stronger attacks will leave the mind addled as though with Parkinson (affecting the body) or Alzheimer.

Entropic Touch
With a touch, the caster can create a corrupted rot on a target. This rot spreads over time, if the touch continues, for an inch per second. The rot can be healed but the area will remain off-colored. It does both entropic and death damage, and cannot be dispelled.


Contract of Service
This creates a contract that grants one wish, reality breaking or not, so long as the person swears loyalty to the contract writer. This is done with a simple agreement between parties. This is most often done by Mouko when he recruits close family.

Corrupted Rain
This creates a green toxic rain that will corrupt anything living it touches. The corruption kills the weakest and twists the strongest in interesting ways. A light does may just harm the psyche and personality while being stuck in it will twist a body into a monstrosity.

Omini Levitation
With concentration, the magi can ritualistically lift up a piece of land. The land breaks from the ground in whatever natural form the sentiments are laying in. This can cause massive earthquakes to happen. The piece of land is permanently air born and will float up as high as the caster has sent it. Naturally, too high and one will be without oxygen. This spell cannot larch something into space.

Opening the Gates of Yomi
With this ritual, the caster can open up a gateway the darker realms of Yomi (hell) and allow akuma, yokai and other forms of shen to enter into the world of the living. The gate only lasts for a few minutes, so it is not viable to travel into these worlds by way of the gate unless you plan on having a resident of Yomi show you the way out! There are natural locations where the underworld meets the living, so it is possible to escape Yomi.