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Holy - Arcane Sanctum

The seraph and paladins of the Arcane Sanctum have harnessed the power of holy magic through the Light (Creation) and turned it into a weapon for justice. The two work together in the Halls of Heaven, though they are technically different groups from different disciplines. The paladins and seraph do not share their abilities since each group individually developed their spells through the lens of their specific training. seraph are priests and priestess of the Light while the paladins are the defenders of good against unholy magic. Both groups have a difficult time accepting the death magic using reavers as they see the magic as against the Light.

The only true anti-thesis to holy is unholy but the laws of magic are bent by their casters. Death magic and dark witchcraft is a sub-opposite to the Light when talking about the holy magic of the Arcane Sanctum. The definition of witchcraft, to them, is any magic that inherently calls upon malice. Witchcraft is not evil per say, but should it be used for malice it qualifies.

Character Creation
Decide on your character's level of experience:
           Squire (No Spells | 1 Ritual with History Reason)
           paladin (Divine Armor, Divine Weapon | 3 Rituals | + 1 spell or ritual per year of dedication)

           Seraph (Mend, Banish Lesser Unholy | 2 Rituals)
           High seraph (Mend, Banish Lesser Unholy, Divine Healing | 3 Rituals | + 1 spell or ritual per year of dedication)



Banish Evil
paladins have a strong sense of righteously, so much so that evil must leave the presence of the paladin if they attack them with this spell. The evil runs from the paladin, force into fleeing. Only the strongest of demons or undead can fight this, and most will be brought to their knees.

Divine Armor
Imbue your self and your armor to absorb all damage for a duration of thirty seconds. This includes crushing or burning damage. Damage that ignores armor cannot ignore the divine armor.

Divine Retribution
The ability to inflict harm with the power of holy righteousness upon the wicked. It does harm to anyone with "darkness" in their heart but does far larger damage to demons and dahhak.

Divine Weapon
The weapon becomes a thing of holy smite. It will do ten times the damage to unholy creatures and double damage to undead targets. The weapon remains empowered until the fight is over or after thirty minutes of time. 

Heaven's Fire
Summoning down a pillar of holy wrath, this spell does fire and holy damage to a target. It does not miss. It blasts them from the sky like a beam of empowered sunlight.

Holy Touch
This allows the paladin to heal damage. It is not a fantastic heal, doing only moderate mending, but it can be the difference between dying and having a chance. A paladin, if not interrupted, can sustain this spell continuously until exhausted to do a full healing job on a target.

Healing Plea
The paladin can heal moderate injuries and cast a regeneration on a target.

Purify Taint
Paladins can remove the taint of the unholy, toxins and curses that are temporary (they cannot remove a long-standing curse or a strong curse but simple curses are doable). They can also heal sickness if this is combined with Holy Touch.

Seraphic Radiance
The paladin can knock back their enemies with their sheer force of righteousness. They blast holy light from their person and send any and all enemies flying back at least three yards. This also does holy moderate holy damage.

Turn Undead
The paladins can take the lesser and common undead creatures and force them to turn back to inanimate corpses. This affects all simple undead in the area. Undead that are too strong to be reduced to corpses have a chance of running for their unlives while strong undead, such as reavers, are only made uncomfortable. It is like standing in front of an oven for them.


Advent Guardian
The paladin can spend a few minutes in prayer, summoning forth a guardian of the Light to fight by their side. This is a member of the Heavenly Host, usually a common angel under Mikhael. The summoned guardian will prioritize protecting the paladin or a target the paladin has asked it to watch. It will also fight independently. It lasts until the end of the fight/post. It can take moderate damage and has no armor. If it is summoned to heal it will not fight, and instead it will do moderate healing to single targets to a slow regeneration to all targets.

Paladins anoint people of great faith that have a warrior's spirit. Disciples to paladins must be anointed before they enter service to the Light as a paladin. A person who is anointed gains the ability to channel light holy magic through their attacks, turning regular warriors into holy warriors even if they have not dedicated themselves to the Light as a paladin. Anointing people only done to those who are of devout faith. Some paladins anoint seraph so that they have a better chance at winning a fight should they be left on their own. All paladins are anointed, once as squires and again during their Oath Ceremony.

The paladin can consecrate an item or place to be set aside for holy purposes. While in this location, after the ritual and blessing, all holy magic has a doubled affect and evil must take damage in order to step upon the hollowed ground. Undead, unless very powerful, cannot enter this space. This location, if desecrated, becomes a void of holy, warping into an unholy space, doing damage to all creatures in the area and becoming a portal for demons and spirits of malice. A location remains consecrated so long as a single devout person prays for it to remain set aside for the Light and pure of all evil. This must be done to a location with land of some nature. It cannot be done to a ship or moving object.

Oath Ceremony
This rite takes at least an hour to preform. The proper garments are required (paladin armor, divine libarm to read from and a holy sword to knight the to be paladin with). The ceremony asks for the Light to accept the new warrior into service, to show a sign of its acceptance (often in the form of a sudden pillar of light over the to-be paladin) and to guide the new paladin in reciting the Oath, "I _________ give my body and soul to the service of justice. For the Light I will rend evil, seek out the unholy and end malice. My life is for the Light, first and above all other mortal pleasures and loves. My actions are for good. My devotion is unbreakable. I willingly serve." The new paladin automatically gains Divine Armor and Divine Weapon + 2 spells.

Pyres of Sin
Paladin are righteous people who bring death to evil. A paladin can preform this rite to a target or group of people. They walk around them, clockwise, speaking a blessing that compels the evil inside of a person to burn. A person who is in a contract with, or happens to be unholy will begin to catch fire, holy fire. People who have dark secrets and deep sins will start to smolder and feel the fire burning inside of them. This is a torture technique to punish evil. A person who confesses their sins and gives a meaningful apology will be sent to the seraph for a Baptism, should they live through the full ritual that can last any where from five minutes to days. paladins have been known to take their time with the ritual, trading of who walks and speaks, to punish the truly vile before killing them. The slower they walk the slower the ritual. The words are simply repeated.



Banish Lesser Unholy
The seraph can banish common and lesser demons and undead. Once activated, all unholy and undead creatures in their vicinity will either become corpses or be banished, or they will run from the seraph. Strong demons and undead will only be uncomfortable the closer they get to the seraph but they will take no damage.

The seraph are used to dealing with social issues between people. This power forces a person to answer honestly, any questions the seraph asks for the next five minutes. To try to lie, misdirect or be vague causes great amounts of pain and makes it clear to the seraph that there is deception going on. This power can force a person to speak through a magical restriction, but it will not spare them from whatever fate comes of breaking such a contract or seal.

Divine Aegis
Absorbs up to a great amount of damage before it dispels, lasts 1 scene/post line. This can hold off dragon fire and other extremely powerful damaging affects. The seraph must sustain it as a channeled affect if it is to hold off channeled damage.

Divine Healing
This is a greater heal, can heal from nearly anything to full health but can only be cast once ever minute.

Divine Protection
This is a reflexive spell which can summon a holy shield before one target.

Healing Touch
The seraph has the ability to heal moderate injures.

Holy Flare
seraph can gesture with their hands to create a holy glowing 'slap' of light. It strikes the target, dazing them if it hits them in the face, and does moderate holy damage.

Lessen Corruption
Reduces the effect of demonic abilities on a target, must be cast before or within sixty seconds after the corruption takes place. This can actually stop even Entropic magic from corrupting.

This allows the seraph to keep someone in a state of regeneration. It is not instant regeneration and if the target takes too much damage all at once there is nothing this can do. However in a fight, it will heal up minor wounds quickly, moderate wounds in a few seconds and major wounds lose their potency as the regeneration runs. It lasts only a minute long unless the seraph is sustaining it as a channeled affect. This is single target.

Seraph can purify a place, person or item of any unholy magic so long as it was not gained willingly. They can cut ties to evil so long as the target was not willingly associating to the evil. If they were given little option and resented going into business with unholy entities then the seraph can work to undo that contract. If they sought power and then later realized the deal wasn't for them, the seraph cannot undo the contract or purify them with a spell. They must undergo a purification ceremony.


Cleanse a person from unholy energies, death energies and karma. This person is safe from being brought into contract with any unholy forces or being risen from the dead by death magic, for three years. This ritual is done with holy water and blessings by the seraph onto the person. This is done to all members of the Halls of Heaven once a year as an event they hold.

Cross Over
The seraph preform the rite of crossing a spirit over to the Light. This sends the spirit directly to the Light for judgment and salvation. A person who is very unholy or cruel may not be entitled to the full rite that would wrap their spirit in the blessings of the divine. Rather an unsavory sort is simply sent to the spirit world in the hopes that they will find the Light.

The ability to cast any of your spells on a target by praying to your entity of choice and asking them to "pass along" the spell over limitless distances. This allows you to grant a healing touch or to sanctify someone on the other side of the world as long as you know their name or face of the person. This is done while in prayer.

seraph are good at blessing people with good luck. Like the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty, a seraph can bless the actions of a person, granting them Grace which gives them a 90% chance to succeed at a single goal. The seraph must cleanse the person and understand the desired goal before they begin the short ritual. This ritual can be done in combat as it takes only a minute to cast. During the casting the seraph imbues the person, stating their blessing in the action that the person wants to take. This does not ensure victory, and it cannot be used more then a day after the casting.

Holy Protection
The seraph can bless a location to be protected from unholy entering into it. Stronger death based creatures will be able to pass but the weaker undead won't. Powerful demons will have to force their way into the location, damaging the barrier and destroying any guise they had. The demon is also weakened after breaking through (about 1/4th their usual power). Moderate to weak demons cannot cross the border of the protected place. This is done with holy water and holy salt, and prayer; similar to a house blessing.

Holy Form
The seraph can summon an aspect of the Light to aid it in combat or ritual. This summoning brings forward and angel of the Heavenly Host. They add their power and experience to whatever the cause is. The angel does not stay around after their purpose is done. The seraph can call upon the Holy Form to help them with any ritual or to buff any spell they are casting to do x2 the normal affect (x10 if an archangel shows). Holy Form can also be used to terrify the enemy into submission. Often people are not expecting to see and feel the immense holy power of the light in its full incarnation. If they are devout people they must over come the desire to bow their heads. If they are unholy or death empowered people they must revert their eyes and commonly they will run from the vision, powerful ones will have to revert their eyes.

Shared Rituals

The devout members of the Light can expel dark spirits and malicious beings from a location, person or object. The ritual is done with prayer, holy water, salt and the conjuring of the Light to infuse the target. The willpower of the offending spell or entity is in combat against the will of the clergy that is preforming the ritual. Damage can be taken if the struggle between the two goes on for any duration of time past five minutes. This looks like a standard exorcism with the creatures trying to fear or mislead the clergy member. It is often desired to get the true name of the entity. If it is a magic being expelled, this only takes a few minutes as the magic is not in contest with the will of the rite performer.

Guardian Angel
This ritual is done through prayer and focused meditation. A guardian angel is sent to watch over a person, place or thing. This angel will act only when that specific person/place/thing is endangered but will ensure that it is safe so long as it "lives". However, powerful demons have been known to kill such angels - but even still the guardian will send the caster a warning of the situation just before it expires. These guardians can be felt but only seen by spiritually sensitive people or other spirits.

Last Rites / Funeral
Paladins and seraph can preform last rites to a dying person or a funeral for the deceased. Where it does not assure that the soul goes to the Light (that is a cross over ritual of the seraph) it does increase the odds. The rite master leads others (or does it alone) in prayers to the Light to accept the deceased and forgive them of their sins. If the person was particularly evil the rite master often asks the Light to give rightful punishment and then accept them into its graces. A truly evil person is not given the grace of blessings and prayers for their soul, but rather the funeral consists of the clergy ensuring the tomb will be sealed and the soul, sealed in it so they cannot come back as a demon or undead and continue their terror.

Both members of the Halls of Heaven have the right to wed people before the Light. The ceremony is elaborate with vows shared between the members, prayers given to bless their union and (if desired) prayers for fertility are given. A ceremony with dancing, food and revelry are enjoyed next, often with the couple receiving gifts from their guests. During the ceremony a person of equal or higher rank of the highest ranked person that is being wed can object to the wedding and put it on pause. They must give a founded reason for the objection. It is up to the clergy member preforming the wedding to decide if the reason is good enough that the wedding should be canceled.

The seraph and paladins know the value of learning from ones mistakes. If a person has wronged the Light or delved to far into unholy magics they can come to the seraph and paladins for repentance. With a combination of purification, exorcism and blessing of the person, the paladin or seraph can beseech the Light for its forgiveness for the person. The Light responds within the heart or mind of the rite master. Should the person require to pay for their crimes first they are tortured or put into isolation with only a holy book, until the Light is satisfied. The rite master finishes the rite (after payments are done) by blessing the person. Until another large infraction is done, they are assured to go to the Light should they die.

The paladins and seraph can take action to take a dark and warped place to the Light. It requires a great deal of energy (often they employ others to help them). Even a nest of demons can be sanctified by these two groups. It seals the evil away and closes any portals to spirit worlds or other realms. The sanctification of a location leaves it with a warmth to the air and a 'brightness' that is felt more than seen. Once a place is Sanctified it cannot be used for evil unless a holy person is killed on the grounds. The more perverse the death, the more dark side the location will go. It can be re-sanctified, though.