Magic Library

Holy - Shinto

Shinto techniques can only be preformed by priests and mikos. It is a sacred art that they pass down. The shinto magic also teaches one how to use Spell Craft (Chi), by happenstance.

Character Creation
Take all Low spells, 2 average and 1 high to start with. It is assumed your training is complete.

Call Fire
Summons the fire kami in the area to light something on fire, this can only work on a flammable substance such as wood, oil, flour or the like.
Level: Average

Clean Slate
Inflicts a target with amnesia while erasing their karmatic debt by the kamuii’s blessing. The target remembers nothing of who they were before the casting and only has speech skills and common sense but otherwise retains nothing of their former abilities. This spell can only be cast on a willing target.
Level: High

Eternally Banish the Curse
Remove all curses from target.
Level: High

Exile the Harmful Spirit
This will send away a weaker 'demon' or negative spirit from the mortal plane onwards to the land beyond.
Level: Low

Exile the Strong Demon
This will banish an akuma or extremely powerful negative spirit like an ebisu that's gone south for the winter. It will work on lower level ones too but it will not banish the lower leveled ones, it will erase them from existence.
Level: High

Exile the Weaker Demon
This will banish oni (weaker demons) and powerful negative spirits to the land beyond. It will also work on lower level spirits and demons but it has a chance of simply shredding their essence, erasing them completely.
Level: Average

Creates a small sphere of light, which glows like a torch.
Level: Low

Peace of Sezaku
Sends a mournful spirit onwards in their reincarnation cycle, removing the haunting. The spirit cannot be aggressively against this exorcism. The miko cannot choose where the spirit is reborn.
Level: Average