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Holy - The Heavenly Host (Temple & Phaira)


Holy is the power of the Light also known as Creation. The Heavenly Host taught holy magic to the Phairans who trained the Aetherians in the Temple. The people of the past (Solarians and others in the Arcane Sanctum) worship the Light and use its power in both healing, defense and offense. The spells are different as they come from different practices.

This faith can be to one of two things: the Heavenly Host (Angels & Divinity), the demonic power of Demons. Since there are often very few people who want to play Warlocks the demonic powers will not be listed. Make em up and we can approve them with tweaking.

Character Creation
A starting character can have 2 low, 2 medium and 1 high level spell if they are graduated.
If they are students, Summon Familiar + 2 low, 1 medium level spell

Gain spells by role played after 3 game months of study or learning new spells can be requested during large jumps in time.


The ability to bless an object or weapon to do holy damage or increase holy power. 

Divine Protection
A reflexive spell which can summon a holy shield before 1 target. 

By use of a pendulum the character may ask the dangling piece to show the direction of things (water, a person, etc) and it will move in that direction.

Healing Touch
The ability to heal basic injures.


Divine Retribution
The ability to inflict harm with the power of holy righteousness upon the wicked. It does harm to anyone with "darkness" in their heart but does far larger damage to demons and dahhak.

The ability to cast demons out of possessed hosts. As a major note this power will not work on major demons. The only thing that can remove such powerful darkness is archangels. 

Healing Wave
The ability to heal major injuries - nearly fatal ones.

Lessen Corruption
Reduces the effect of demonic abilities on a target. 

The ability to consecrate a person or thing, once this is done the person or thing becomes "cleansed and made holy" so demons cannot walk upon the space or enter that body for possession - that doesn't mean they can't destroy them in other ways.


The ability to cast any of your spells on a target by praying to your entity of choice and asking them to "pass along" the spell over limitless distances. This allows you to grant a healing touch or to sanctify someone on the other side of the world as long as you know their name.

Guardian Angel
The ability to pray and have a guardian angel sent to watch over a person, place or thing. This angel will act only when that specific person/place/thing is endangered but will ensure that it is safe so long as it "lives". However, powerful demons have been known to kill such angels - but even still the guardian will send the caster a warning of the situation just before it expires.

Summoning of a Host
Summons a fragment of consciousness of a heavenly host member. This host must be your patron and will act upon its own will. Depending on the piety of the person and the request, some times (rarely) a patron will actually manifest a mortal form and walk the world in duality (i.e. Lel'Eyon the character). Requires initiation by a master and an angelic patron. 

Summoning of the Higher-Self
This is the highest summoning spell. It summons your own heavenly soul from the realms of Heaven. This part of you acts for your best interest above all others and in your perception. That means if it was in your best interest to lose a leg to go on to become an inspiration to others it will see you loosing your leg as undesirable and thus stop it or heal you. This last for only a few moments and then fades for if you disconnect yourself for too long you lose your ability to connect at all to the higher realms until death.  Requires initiation by a master and an angelic patron.