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Other Spells & How to Make Rituals

This is a collection of less comon magical studies. They still exsist in the world but they are not being actively taught to groups of poeple. Having these skills is often a roll-over from having a character before the nation or group that the magic was used by went into decline. To have these skills after the destruction or removal of the key location and teachers requires an in-play mentor to teach it. They can only teach up to the level and the spells or rituals that they know.

How to Make a Ritual
Ritual magic is unlike other magics in its vastness for creativity. However there are strict rules that apply to ritual magic, and enforced by the group's own actual kabbalist and mystery school'specialist': Helvainia. Ritualists focus on creating their own magic.

Ritual mages often shun casters and their schools from Wysteria. They understand that such things are a crutch (hence the nickname) and that a true arcane master makes his/her own magic because that IS his/her power. Ritual magic takes preparation and time to use, often its effects are not instant, however they never draw energy through the caster so a ritual mage never runs out of the ability to use it and skilled ones can even run multiple rituals at once.

Ritual magic is more entwined with the magic in the Arcane Sanctum. Casters who are trained by the Arcane Sanctum are taught ritual magic and if they are not capable of preforming it naturally they are given mana therapies to attain that power. There is no reason that the Solarians would leave a mage to be only half their potential.

Note: Feel free to create your own rituals, you may make 1 ritual for every 2 yrs you’ve been a Ritual Mage. The moderator (aka Robin the big bad and vicious) will approve/disapprove of them while looking over your CIS.

The Steps
Step 1: What does it do?
What is the power/ability of this ritual when its completed? Does it change your appearance to copy another? Does it create a protection grid to keep out magic? What is the ability?

Step 2: What does it take?
Rituals require things to make them, since they are not one-off casts of random spells like Arcane Magic is. Oh, given long enough knowing them they can be quick cast and even manipulated, but the initial set up will take supplies and conditions.

Example: A ritual to turn mushrooms into rabbits might require the mushroom to be transformed, a "lucky" rabbits foot, the light of the full moon and one hour of meditation focus.

Step 3: Final Touches
To submit the ritual for your character sheet, please write it like this:

Mabbits: A ritual to turn mushrooms into rabbits. Requires: 1 mushroom, 1 rabbit (per transformed creature), full moon & one hour

Learning New Rituals
When you want a new ritual in role-play you just contact the GM about it. You submit the desired ritual and then must wait 1 month in RP while your character is mentioned to be working on perfecting it. Once that is done, it goes on your character sheet and can be used at any time.