Magic Library


Shamanism is a Nazcan prevalent study. The Temple of Aether took in the spiritualists of the Nazcan people when their home was destroyed. The Lord Spiritual's deep respect for their culture allowed it space to be taught on the sacred grounds as a legitimate magic and worship practice.

Character Creation
1) Start with 3 abilities plus 2 for ever 50 years of practice. A character with 150 years would have 5 points. Each technique costs 3 points and cannot be learned without a mentor.

Invoke the ...

Hear via sonar, makes hearing in general hypersensitive. Cannot be blinded in this invocation. 

Natural stamina and healing boost. The user takes less damage when hit and if they meditate while in this invocation they will naturally heal the damage they have with amazing speed but cannot move or be interrupted while doing so. 

Ability to remain underwater without going back up for air for up to a half hour. Note: This is not underwater breathing, you are simply capable of holding you breath well. Also grants a bonus to stealth while in the water.

User becomes inhumanly fast, able to take two actions a turn and out run most anything.

Sight is increased even from yards off you have precise details. Also increases all skills based on ranged weaponry.

Increased stealth on land, even while climbing or doing things that otherwise might make stealth exceedingly difficult. Also grants a bonus to ‘pouncing’ actions.

Jump amazing distances with relative ease. Can also gnaw through things they ordinarily could not.

Inflict poison with any natural attack (bite, nails, ect) you do to an opponent that breaks skin. Can attempt to paralyze targets if you lock eyes with them but this is a contest of wills that is rolled by the moderator.

Can digest poisonous or very unhealthy substances without severe penalty (and most certainly not death). Can sense when something is diseased or otherwise dying.

The user may invoke the spirit of the wolf allowing them to track with scent with pinpoint accuracy and minimal resources. They can also lock their jaws for ripping and tearing in a more feral form of combat.


The ability to summon plants to grow into a location - even if they naturally shouldn't. The environment will slowly shift, the types of plants will change and grow. One attempt will at best grow a handful of exotic jungle life in a small location. A week will turn a small city into a jungle. A month will turn a nation into one. 


This actually is a multi section spell much like Invocation however it’s the same in all but what you summon when you do it. Summoning takes a post to do (meaning you have to stand around for a post line and if some one can reach you to hit you then they may interrupt your summoning). Once the summoned beast is in action it will do all in its power to carry out your orders AND protect you in the process. The beasts look like misshapen monster versions of themselves that are a minimum of 6 feet in size (many are far larger) while being made of plant matter. If you are knocked unconscious the beast will vanish. The beast itself has no health and can only be stopped by being severed into pieces so it cannot ‘operate’ anymore.

Condor, Flower, Lizard, Monkey, Snake, Spider, Tiger, Tree, Wolf