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The power of the void is brings chaotic energies that are neither good nor evil. The void plays more on the emotional and mental aspects of a living creature. It is a space that is not solid and can be manipulated by the will and imagination of a caster. The void's powers live inside each person as a part of their psychology, or their mind. By tapping into the void inside of a target, voidmancers are capable of manipulating that target in ways that harm their cognitive abilities.

The void is full of strange abonimations and creatures know as void beasts. These beasts do have a mind of their own and are simliar to demons in that they come with their own layers of sofiphitication and willpower. What they do not have is a culture.

Character Creation
Decide on your character's level of experience:
           Voidmanser (Disorient, Drain Life + 1 spell for every year of study | Rituals: Submission + 1 other)
           Voidmanser Apprentice (Disorient, Drain Life, + 2 spells from Master | Rituals: Submission + 3 others)
           Void Master (Disorient, Drain Life, Void Bolt + 1 spell per year of study | Rituals: Submission + 4 others)

Operative Spells

Slips in memory can be created by sending the memory into the void. Memories gaps can only last up to 24 hours and can be as small as five minutes, at the discretion of the operative.

Blade Dance
The operative released their magic in the form of void shards that act like daggers, shooting out all around them for 5 feet. Each does minor damage. This can be recast over and over again.

With the power of void, the operative can temporarily daze a single target at a time. The average target takes on a drunken and glossed over disposition for about a minute. The dazed person cannot perceive their environment and are in a waking/dream like trance. They cannot interact with the world properly either, only simple words and thoughts. People with the Hero Skill Willpower are slightly inhibited but are not incapable of action and though. They are only stunned as though shocked, for about a second. Spells that do not allow, or remove, mind controlling techniques will cancel this out.

By throwing sound into the void, the operative can silence a location from their local person to an extension of an in closed space or within 50 feet around them. So they can silence themselves, a single target, a room, or an open space up to 50 feet around them. The sound returns slowly, like coming out of a dream, after ten minutes or when the caster releases the spell.

Void Vision
They can tap into the void and see things in a different light, literally. It gives them the ability to see past walls like 'Detective Mode' in many video games. This ability to see more then they usually can (including traps that are both physical and magical in make) has the draw back that they are less able to proficiently attack in short ranged combat as they can see the bones of a target but not their actual mass, speed and depth is also distorted slightly.

The operative can create a mirage of themselves, up to three times (each a separate cast). The mirage copies can only do basic physical attacks (not use void magic) and last for three seconds. A single mirage can be created and sustained through concentration, to act as a proxy (save for void magic). The proxy can communicate, do physical actions, and think (using the mind of the caster). This allows the proxy to take any damage for the caster without the damage going to the caster.

Operatives can vanish from sight. They are not silent and they cannot hide their energy, but they are invisible. This lasts for up to a minute and can be recast after fifteen seconds it deactivates. This requires them to still have proficiency in stealth.

Void Step
The operative vanished from one location and appears within five feet somewhere else, within their line of sight.

Voidmancer Spells

Burn Psyche
The voidmancer catches the person's mana on fire, causing fire and void damage over time (15 seconds, minor damage). The victim has to make a quick check to see if they can shake off the effects. If they fail to do so they are unbalanced for the next fifteen seconds, making attacking and dodging difficult.

The voidmaster can do a quick manipulation a single target to charm them. The charm causes the target to, unless they win a will vs will contest, be twitterpaited with the voidmancer, finding any emotional reason to not harm them. This can go dark and the target can want to own the voidmancer. Thankfully this only lasts for a minute before the target reverts.

With a blast of void to the mind, the voidmancer renders a target confused. They have trouble walking, aiming and talking. This acts as a silence spell for casters. It lasts up to a minute but is cancled if the target takes damage.

Mindless Fear
Voidmancers send a target into a mindless feared state. They cannot cast, think or even determine who is safe and who isn't unless they see someone they are extremely close to. Close people that give a sense of comfort tend to be used as sheilds by the victims. This lasts for a minute maximum. Damage done to the person only enhances the effect.

Rend Mind
The voidmancer pulls on the mind of their target, doing modrate damage over time and replenishing their own mana pool. The target is dazed for three seconds. The full casting of the spell can be channeled up to fifteen seconds. The target is slowly made incoherenent if they take too much damage. This spell can leave the weak in a temporary coma.

Shadow Fire
The voidmancer summons black fire from the ground under a target with a 5x5ft radius. It erupts up in a pillar and leaves the ground hot and painful. This does major damage if the person is caught in the blast. It does fire and void damage.

Summon Darkness
The voidmancer summons darkness into an area that can be up to a mile wide. The darkness prevents sunlight and other lights from extending past a soft few inches from the source. The area is pitch black where there are no light sources. Inside this darkness, shades and figuments of void beasts can be seen but not interacted with. The voidmancer and their allies are affected but they can see through the darkness somewhat. This is a good way to confuse and blind an entire area.

Summon Guardian Beast
The voidmancer summons their guardian void beast (Voidmancer = medium level beast, Void Master = high level beast). This creature fights on their behalf and will take damage for them. Once it has taken too much damage or is banished, it takes a mintue to regather itself, but it will return until the end of the fight.

Summon Lesser Beast
The voidmancer summons a small handful (up to five) void beasts that are no bigger then a large cat. They attack, scurry and pester the voidmancer's target(s), distracting them and doing minor damage. They last for a minute.

Void Bolt
A shadowy bolt of energy, this attack is a ranged 'thrown' ball of void energy. It does minor to major damage, depending on the size of the bolt. It can be anywhere from golfball sized to beach ball sized. The larger it is the longer it takes to manifest (1second per six inches) but the size will not take more energy from the voidmancer.

Void Form
The voidmancer can transform into a vapourous void form of themselves, becoming transparent and incapable of being physically or magically harmed. They can cast spells from this form but the spells are half their normal damage. The form lasts for up to a postline/fight, or twenty minutes, whichever comes first.

Void Storm
A location of choice that is 10x10 feet is covered in a dark static-electric purple void storm. Targets take moderate damage and are disoreitned. They feel dizzy, sapped or are hit with extreme anxiety. The storm lasts as long as the voidmancer channels it. It does not affect the voidmancer's allies.

Waking Nightmare
The voidmancer affects the entier area with hallunciations of terrifying, confusing images. The targets are locked in this hallucination. Objects and times are still present and they can see their enemies and other people but they tend to warp into monsters, people that are psycholgically painful to see or figmiets of their nightmares. Too much damage to the target will knock them out of the nightmare.

Voidmancer Rituals

Entangled Emotions
The voidmancer uses their connection to the void to bridge into the psyche of a person. They have the person's name or an object that belongs to them. During the ritual they create a series of sigils that represent themsevles in the mind of their victim. With this ritual, they can rewrite the emotional feelings that the taget has for them. Turning them from their most vile of enemy into someone they will at least tolerate in the same room as them. They can modify this ritual so that they are manipulating the emotions of the target and someone else. The voidmancer can turn the emotion negative (someone that loves them wants to murder them) but this is not often done as it puts the voidmancer in danger. This ritual will last up to a week at most, then it must be reacast. Most voidmancers feed the ritual with their mana on a daily basis to keep it up.

Psyche Shield
The voidmancers can create a safe zone around themselves to keep others from tampering with thier minds, dreams and emotions. Most voidmancers learn this before anything else as the fear of being manipulated is high. The shield is reactivated, after the initial ritual, by wearing an object that is the center point of the ritual. Voidmancers need to empower this ritual once a day with focused concentration and mana spending.

The voidmancers summon a void beast and lock it into a ritual circle. They enforce their will on it and 'tame' it. This can take anywhere from five minutes to hours, depending on the power level of the void beast and the endurance of the voidmancer. Summoned beasts can be summoned as guardians later, or they can follow their master around on a daily basis like a pet. Only three tamed beasts can be around at once, and they cannot be of the same level (lesser, moderate, greater).

Void Realm
Voidmancers can open a gate into the void realm, allowing people to travel to the lands hidden within. The portal is in a fixed location based on where the voidmancer opens it up intitally. If someone uses this to enter the Summer Lands, they must return to the location the portal is in in the Summer Lands to leave. If the portal is destroyed or the voidmancer who conjured it is destroyed the portal closes and locks whoever is inside, in the void realm until they can be found.