World Setting


Royal Ruler: Prince Saren Solaris

Arcanist: Theos

Divine Lady: Chantria Winterlight

Knight Com. - Radiant Sun: Brynn

Master of Intelligence: Open

Master Marksman: Open

Radiant Lord: Ravengale Sunblade

Wraith Lord: Zanzas Soulspire

Void Lord: Kariel Darkfallow

Arcane Sanctum

Solarians are the originator race of the Aetherians. They were on the plant hundreds of years before the ancestors of the current Aetherian's crashed their ship. They choose the plant to crash on because it was known that other Solarians had occupied it and they were looking to get help from their own kind. However, the Solarians had left on the Arcane Sanctum very long ago, leaving the ancestors stranded and left to evovle into what they are today.

The Santum is a city-ship. It was built as a time capsule to counter the Slada'Sha threat. They were displaced through time inside of the void. The time displacement did not stop them from having day to day lives but they never felt the passage of time. While in the void they had numerous dangers to counter and protect their sanctuary from. The void has beasts of all manner of magics and the void itself connects to many various points in time all in a jumble which include locations harboring powerful enemies. Having patrols and sending out groups to take down on-coming creatures was a casual occurrence.

Realms in the Void
Several realms exist, like floating islands in space, within the void. The Arcane Sanctum, being able to float about, encountered most of them. They used the various realm-lands for resources, food and maintenance materials. There is no geographical rhyme or reason to the void realms, and in fact they move about in the void. One day to the east could be the Summerlands and the next day it could be the festive Spring Meadows.

In many ways the Arcane Sanctum was at the mercy of luck for who would be able to attack them on a daily basis. All realms have creatures and peoples who were hostile to the invaders. It was not uncommon for assaults to happen to the Arcane Sanctum when it was least expected. The Solarians, and those who were unlucky enough to find their way into the void by accident or who were on the ship when it entered into the void, lived with a constant chance of assault. This honed warriors out of almost everyone.

The Shaytan / Slada'Sha
Shaytan aka Demons
: These are the creatures of evil. Shaytan are also called demons and are active of destruction, harm and suffering. They create the polar opposite of the Heavenly Host's good. Where one could argue 'what is evil' and 'what is good' the point is they are undesirable and typically that is labeled as evil.

The Undead: The Shaytan rise the bodies of the dead and bend them to their will. The bodies have their original soul inside of the corpse and often decomposition is halted. Some undead have and extremely powerful tie to the Heavenly Host or another god, or sheer self identity and can break the control their demonic masters have. These people become self-empowered undead. However that is very rarely the case. Often the undead who retain their will are resurrected through rites and rituals of Reavers, people who are not evil but master similar death magics.

Shaytan Corrupted: These are creatures or manifestations of the shaytan's energy. These creatures can look like anything but they are always horrific. Their only desire is to consume anything that is not of their kind.


The Solarians do not consider themselves to be Aetherians even though they are ancestrally the same species. They see the Aetherians as less pure and a lower form of their kind, if anything.

A person who is of another species can accidently end up abord the Sanctum. Most of the time they are from the ages past, when the first group was put together after defeating the Shaytan (Slada'Sha). The other method is a person is accidently taken into the void by either a spell, a trickster spirit of the Dark God or they became lost in the Mists after death and could not find their God's Realm nor were they found by Fate.

These people joined the Arcane Sanctum when they were found because they had a lack of options. The other realm's peoples do not take kindly to invaders and are always hostile cultures. Leaving the void was the issue. The Sanctum is equpiped to be ejected frrom the realm when it is 'summoned' by specific circumstances. Save for a very small handful, no one has found a gate out of the void (often in a realm).


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(Their North is Aether's South)

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