World Setting

The Darkworld

The Darkworld is the home of the Keise. It exists in a sub-realm and the realm of the God of Darkness. It is not accessible to those who cannot travel through the Umbral Halls. In the current time frame of the story, the Darkworld has retreated far into the Dark God's realm to escape the cataclysmic problems happening. The only Keise who are in play are those who stayed behind. This section acts as a reference for them to know what their society is like.

Garden of Nightfall
A large garden full of bioluminescent plant life and Dark World critters, it is hard to believe it is a city as well. A central court holds all the main commerce buildings while homes are scattered. There are only shadow symbols to mark places. It sports a large hedge maze as one of the domains. 

Social Function: Basic living location, entertainment center. 
Capitol: Central Garden, a large garden in the center that is built within a huge central fountain.  


Hedge Maze of
Lost Wonders

A large hedge maze. The hedges are high and multi leveled. Much of the district is confusing for those who don't live there, as some stairways are cut into the hedges that go no where and some archways lead to only small alcoves in the garden. The buildings here are also within the hedges, built within and letting the hedge grow over them. 

Rose, Nightshade, Thorn

Ivory Petals, Dark Rose, Tears in the Brush (Rose), Ivy Niles, The Cobbles, Narrow Heights (Nightshade), Sleeping Edge, Bramble Shade, Twiny Greens (Thorn)

Wildflower Bog

A bog of mist and exotic flowers. Every section is a combination of glowing flowers and marsh waters.

Ever Glows, Technolight, Swamp Swallows

Heart Creep, Hearth Bog, Bloomed Deep (Ever Glows), Longvine, Dangle Vale, Skyblooms (Technolight), Longvine, Dangle,Vale, Skyblooms (Swamp Swallows)

Seasons' Gardens

A collection of gardens favoring the frost of winter and heat of summer as well as one that embodies all four seasons annually. In the winter location the plants are made of ice, and in the summer burn actual fire.

Garden of Frozen Springs, Garden of Cinders, Solstice Gardens 

Daimon Fountains, Frost Blossoms, Chill Thickets (Garden of Frozen Springs)  Promenade of Smoke, Firebloom, Mercury Flows (Garden of Cinders), Winterland, Summerland, Springland, Autumnland (Solstice Gardens)

Halls of Obscurity
The huge place is one giant palace the size of a city. It houses and trains all forms of combatants and clergy. Techniques and magic are trained to warriors and priests alike. There is a barracks for both classes and a huge variety of trainers in weapons and styles both native and ‘learned’ from other locations.

Social Function: Religion & Combat Center 
Capitol: Foundation of Night, a central pillar of chambers, colored gold and red for district definition.


Halls of Rending Blades

Colored white and purple, this is the Sentinel's training and command center.

End’s Near, Light’s End, End Times

Halls of Swords, Cambers of Blood, Oblivion Chambers (End’s Near), Hallow Lights, Dim Creeps, Black Diamond (Light’s End), Night Claw, Spellbreaker Halls, Martial Crawl (End Times)

Halls of Shadow Knives

Colored black and purple, this is the Reaper's training and command center.

Almighty Darkness, Sleeping Darkness, Hidden Darkness

Ever Quiet, Night's Pledge, No Moon Rising (Almighty Darkness), Cadaver Cluster, Skulking Rows, Creeping Sentry (Sleeping Darkness), Hushed Shade, Shadow's Retreat, Quintessence Fountains (Hidden Darkness)

Halls of Darkness

Colored purple and silver, this district is all about the worship of the Dark God.

Looming Darkness, Tranquil Darkness, Teeming Darkness

Shadow Cat Allies, Grim Hound Streets, Black Wing Lair (Looming Darkness)   Terrace of Paws, Bat Cave, Circles of Black (Tranquil Darkness), Shadows Keep, Silent Hollows, Endless Night (Teeming Darkness)


Isle of Twilight
A large mountain of a castle, with dark spires rising high, leafed with gold, embellished with dark gems and built out of obsidian. It stands on, and is part of, the floating landmass that hovers over the dark inky bottomless Umbra Falls.

Social Function: This houses the rulers and presiding leaders of the Keise as well as being the hub of their politics. 
Capitol: N/A - It is the capitol of the Darkworld
Domains: N/A

Tomb of Nihility
This is a place for the dead to rest, but why rest alone? The large graveyard sports several crypts that are used as homes and catacomb as their city streets and main commerce section. The dead are buried in the earth around the area. Hundreds and thousands of tombstones, varying in design, jut up all around the upper city like terrain.

Social Function: Burial Place  
Capitol: Grave at the Crossroads. It is a large mausoleum with all the clan territory main roads connecting in the center of it.


Gallow's Hill

A large hill where at the top are ancient gallows used to destroy criminals in the past or blighted in current times.

Dead’s Watch, Dark Watch, Vigil

Hallowed Graves, Bonepile Fields, Dead Orchards (Dead’s Watch), Hangman's Heights, Executioner's Grounds, Death Groves (Dark Watch), Cremation Parks, Skulls, Dead and Buried (Vigil)

Shallow Graves

This is the common person's cemetery and built to feel both cozy and nightmarish.

Skeleton Key, Midnight Murder, Darkness Falls

Hidden Graves, Unbury, Robber's Tomb (Skeleton Key), Ripper's Lane, Rending Allies, Toren Parkways (Midnight Murder), Dark Light, Dark Night, Dark Heights (Darkness Falls)

Hallowed Land

A large portion of the cemetery devoted to the highest of society. This is the 'rich' domain and built to impress.

Holy Grove, Garden of Remembrance, Epitaph

Land of Beyond, Honored and Dead, Praise the Fallen (Holy Grove)  Wraith, Haunt, Specter (Garden of Remembrance), Eulogy, Nevermore, Death's Wait (Epitaph)

Valley of Naught
A slum of a city built out of the ruins of a once great temple dug deep into the ground-gone chasm like ruins. This place is full of filth in both litter and people. Those presiding over it live in high raised towers. The walls, still somewhat held up by the once great temple brick walls, make natural a cage for the people there. A huge obsidian gate, gothic in design with purple flames coming from the eyes of a huge Grim head as the center piece, is the cage door. Magical barriers are placed all around the location to keep people from using the Umbra Halls. The wardens have well-guarded walkways to the other side of the gate where they walk down and out of the barrier, free to walk the halls as desired.

Social Function: Prison & Slum   
Capitol: N/A


Abandoned Dreams

This domain is the front domain for the Valley of Naught. It is the foremost part of it and thus holds the entry gate for new arrivals. It is the most policed section, with hard to control people pushed farther back into the clan lands. The Aspirations of Discard is where most of the mining takes place.

The Lost Forgotten, Aspirations Discard, Everland of None

Hallowed Graves, Bonepile Fields, Dead Orchards (Dead’s Watch), Hangman's Heights, Executioner's Grounds, Death Groves (Dark Watch), Cremation Parks, Skulls, Dead and Buried (Vigil)

Endless Sorrows

This is the farthest section into the Valley of Naught. No housing really exists here in an organized manner. Those in charge of the area only make sure that there are no escapees from the 'back' of the valley. A secondary gate resides here but is never opened. It leads to the Deep Darkness which even the Keise do not enter.

Wanders are compelled to curl up and die around a strange foreboding fountain in one of the districts. The Sabnack sends people in to claim the bodies to stave off plague that festers with the pile of dead. The foliage is disheartening in this place. Black flowers, gray trees, and over all lifeless and colorless. It drives the color from people as well. Here people go mad with hopelessness. Even the rulers of the area must say in high towers along the top of the valley to keep from going insane.

Warm Unwelcoming, Regretful Epiphanies, All That’s Hopeless


Hopeless Wanderings

Thick, high built 'shanty' buildings that are tightly closed together to make what seems a narrow maze is the structure of this part of the territory. These are made by criminals who have put together what little they can off the discards of the mining in the area.

Hearts Darkness, Lost Forlorn, Never Escape

Discarded Paths, Roads of Circles, Tarnished Brick Road (Hearts Darkness) Ever Seeking, Culprit's Allies, Dead End (Lost Forlorn), Backwards Province, Endless Paths, Road of Miles (Never Escape)