World Setting

The Land of Dragons

The Land of Dragons is a rich large terrain south of Aether, past the volcanic mountain range. Everything from lush jungles to misty bamboo forests, rolling plains to snow capped mountains; this place has everything but a desert to its name. The Isle of dragons was crafted with the same geological zones, though tempered by Ryuko magic to maintain their ecology. The Land of Dragons was the Ryuko's original homeland. The place still has the remains of their vast and artistic cities, their various ports and their hundreds of shrines and monasteries. None are inhabited, of course. Now the dinosaurs (dragons) roam freely and nature has taken its claim.

Currently, Mouko has taken claim of the land and is not inviting anyone back in. He is starting to build it up to be his personal empire. For whatever reason the Scion of Entropy has deemed to keep the land clean of taint and corruption. For the most part only looters and adventurers brave the now wild and dragon filled landscape of the Land of Dragons.

Blending With Other Nations 


Most of the surviving Ryuko were already living in Aether as citizens. They were already established inside of Aether with Aetherian classes and professions. When the influx came, they aided their fellows in acclimating and taking on new, Aetherian roles. Their royalty and nobility hold token rank at most.


Very few Ryuko moved to Phaira despite having ancient ties to one another through exploration and trade. The difference is, the two nations were never allies and the Phairans always kept themselves very covert around the Ryuko. The expressive and flamboyant way of life is also very counter intuitive to the Ryuko culture.


Motivated Ryuko who were warriors at heart joined the international Dawnbringer group. They had to accept Aetherian titles to their classes and professions but while on the Dawnbringer, given its blend of nations and cultures, they can get away with asking to be called by their Ryuko titles.

Old Maps 

These are reference maps for the Land of Dragons and now gone, Isle of Dragons. The cities and landmarks are for reference only as they do not exist in a functioning state. The top is the Isle of Dragons. Ryugu is missing (as seen in the new World Map) as it was used to create the Isle of Dragon's capitol.

Old Isle of Dragons Map Current Land of Dragons Map
Old Land of Dragons Map Art Old Land of Dragons Map Locations Old Land of Dragons Territories