World Setting


Adalis, The
The mortal enemy of the Keise. They war with them on the Dark World fronts.   

Highly powerful and intelligent demons.

Arcane Sanctum
See its world setting page.

Black Blood Zombies
These are a corrosive undead type that is made by the presence of Slada'Sha energy. Their blood, if ingested or entering an open wound, will turn the recipient into one of them.

Chimamire Chikara
(The Bloody Strength) A criminal organization, presumed to be affiliated to Mouko.

Corrupted, The
These creatures have consumed and are or were users of tainted quintessence (harvested from living blood). Parts of their body may have already warped and twisted but their mind is still under their control and the addiction is strong in their life.   

Courts, The
Many people refer to their "standing within the courts" what this really refers to is their standing with the primary social circles of Cardinal Meridian. Though there is no official "court" ever held these faces are commonly the same ones that show up to every major event in the castle and control all the rumors and reputation gains in the kingdom by being the main force present at such events.

The set of a katana and wakazashi, sometimes handed down as Family Daishos, which are revered by the family line.

A fantasy dragon, western style usually, that has the mind of a human but not the society or culture.

Dragon, Ancient
Ancient dragons are afflicted to the Gods. Much like the Ryuko believed, there as a dragon per element, however these dragons are not in the heavens as they liked to believe but rather they are based on very real beings that lived. The ancient dragons are massive, easily the size of a city, and can be devastating. They can twist and raise up creation based in their image. Though they can be a force for both destruction and protection, they are susceptible to magical misuse. They died thousands of years ago. Their bloodline lives on in what is known as True Dragons.

Dragon, Land of Dragons
These are actually dinosaurs.

Dragon, True
A true dragon is a dragon that possesses human and beyond intelligence as well as strong magical power. They age quickly to their young adulthood. Savarius and Satarius with their children are the last known true dragons alive.

Emotion Vault
A large crystal inside of the castle that stores ‘tracks’ of music like a database with the track’s information and an emotional ‘cookie’ or ‘tag’ for people to be able search by emotion.  

Spirits who were made by the Titan Tree to be heroes and protectors of the planet. With the Titan Tree's destruction and madness, they have twisted into becoming villains. Should the madness of the tree be removed from them they would return to their pure form.

God Realm
Each god has their own realm connected to the Umbral Halls and the Mists. Usually mortals cannot find the entrances to these realms and they need spirits of the God they seek to guide them.

It means Group and is from the Ryuko.

The gossipers of the courts, the rumor mills they begin can make or break a nobles reputation. They known for being the height of social ruthlessness - think like preppy popular girls in a high school.

Harpies are also the old species title for Phairans before their evolution.

Heavenly Host
These are the angelic powers that over see creation and progress. They are direct agents of The Light.

Heraldic Title
The lengthy title that describes a person and all important (to the Courts) facts about them, it is called a heraldic title because heralds must declare it every time you enter a party.

Igneous Shades
Called "Shades" by most. The Igneous are fire elemental wraiths that can only be harmed by magic. The issue with Igneous is they can be beaten but it only destroys their ability to manifest for a time, but when they recover they can come back at any time. Physically damaging an Igneous does no harm but does cause it to divide, making two Igneous where there was one – a fast way to make you fellow warriors not like you! The Igneous seem violent by nature but are drawn to locations where the population is high, they rarely attack rural areas. They are also more likely to attack a mage or priest then a warrior or peasant – lastly they also are known to attack elves more then Wysterians.

Legion, The
An order in Aether full of knights that specifically do the work of the Crown (with no emotional allegiance to who wears it). They are an elite force who will also do the Crown's dirty work and cover ups.

A knight who is working in The Legion.

Light, The
A powerful force of creation that is worshiped by the Arcane Sanctum's people and through the Heavenly Host.

Lore Keeper
A title granted to Cerec Ashcroft when he took it upon himself to safe guard all historical knowledge of Aether's people. It is a title that says the person is the keeper of all lore and history as well as the preserver of it.

Mists, The
A connection realm for souls of the dead and spirits of death to travel through, this place is connected to the Umbral Halls and the God Realms. It is the place where iconic heroes and legends leave their energy behind to inspire future generations through magical invocation and prayer.

Large powerful demons but not always intelligent. Some are, they are depicted with four horns on their head (top two are larger and bottom two smaller). Ironically the smaller the Oni the more intelligent it is.

Order of the Crown
An order of knights who are loyal to the Kingdom of Aether and its king. They make up the military and the peace keeping patrols.

A profession. See Magic Professions.

Called when a “soul meets soul” this happens the soul names are forcibly exchanged between two people by "the Gods". The reaction is based in gender.

Was your soul mate the same gender? Great. Your soul siblings. You now feel each others emotions no matter the distance (not thoughts though, just emotional states). You also know when one of you dies and can follow this connection to find each other.

Was your soul mate the opposite gender? Uh, less great. You get all the benefits of the soul sibling but you also get the downside of a sudden uncontrollable sexual drive towards the other person. This will linger until you have a child with that person OR one of you dies. Each day it is ignored both parties get sick and suffer. Eventually the weaker of the two will die if it is never carried out.

A profession. See Magic Professions.

Sacred Web
A place where historically significant people or things are kept within a spun web.

A profession. See Magic Professions.

This is the title that the Arcane Sanctum's people know the armies and minions of the Slada'Sha as. The undead and creatures that the Slada'Sha create are all considered Shaytan.

These are massive 'world breakers' that are dormant most of the time and rise up in response to the world tree's disposition, though they can take hundreds of years to fully awaken and begin their activities. They can also be woken with rituals that are long since lost or hidden. They are technically servants of Entropy and thus Mouko and his people have a spiritual attachment to them. Mouko can lull or awaken a Slada'Sha with an ancient song-ritual.

Soul Name
Similar to ElfQuest's idea of soul names, these are the “true name” of the character which they were born with. If others learn this name, or steal it, they can control you with it or harm you, like how magi can control or harm demons and spirits by using their true names.

This is a person who watches over the lands for a land holding noble while they are out on business (personal or otherwise). Such a rank is often only granted to the most trusted person to that land holder.

Umbra Halls
Equivalently this is the space and ‘world’ of darkness, shadows and the absence of light that they can walk through, moving from shadow to shadow via their racial power
Umbra Transverse.

Velvet Secret
A scandalous night club that is run by Xanthus and his Mafia with Usha. They conduct criminal activities and organized crime through this location. All guests must wear a mask while on site to conceal their identities and asking for 'real names' is usually bad form.

This means the realm of the void, a chaotic place full of what creates reality. The Void is not without substance, rather there is a whole world inside of the void that is in a constant state of motion. The void has portals to the normal world in various locations where the wall between the worlds is thin or torn.

A creature from the void. They can look like anything but their most primal and form comes in congealed energy of purple blue and black. Voidbeasts are often controlled by Voidmancers.

A profession. See Magic Professions.

Violeteye, The
A group of elite mages that have existed since time immemorial for Wysteria. They pushed the envelope of magic, crossing ethical bounds at every turn and bending the laws of nature and reality to their whim. It is said they are cursed, to know one is to die - and that is the best scenario!

A person who uses Unholy Magic and usually has contracts or is contracted to, a demon.

Workers in the Sacred Web.