World Setting


Nazcans are the oldest enemy to Aetherians, as Aetherians (not as Solarians). The war would likely still be going on to this day if Aether hadn't gained such a strong ally in the Ryuko people. The dragons made a huge difference. The Nazcan homeland is up north of Aether. Though now lost to beasts of the ancient dragons and uninhabited, it was a mecca within a huge lush jungle. The Nazcan people are thematically very romanticized Mayan/Incan/Nazcan. They worshipped the Fire God but they had magical domain over the earth and plants.

Their only territory, beyond the vast wilderness was a huge city called Tenochitititlan. To Aetherians it's the Capitol of Nazca. It was built with huge stone slabs much like we see in ancient Incan ruins. It exsisted on the edge of Intiq Lake.

Blending With Other Nations 


The Aetherians do not look highly upon the Nazcan people. The High Shaman retains his title but it means nothing to the Aetherian people but a token of his histroy. The only other Nazcan to be given speical privlange is Xiphil, the High Shaman's son, who is best friend with Janos Promathea the III, the current Lord Spiritual.


The Nazcans found Phaira to be a much more welcoming place. Unlike Aether, they have never wared with Phaira. The Phairan Empire does not extend token nobility beyond inital housing and moneitary resources to start their lives over. It is the way they treat the Nazcans fairly, despite class, that appeals.


The Nazcans who joined the efforts of the Dawnbringer have mixed treament. There are a lot of Aetherians and Ryuko and there are no laws that prohibit peopole to dislike someone. They get a little more respect as far as their professional and class titles. Still, a life around your old enemies can be uncomfortable.


This is the map for Nazca.

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