World Setting


The Phairan people are both sensual and vicious. They have warrior spirits that burn brightly and passionately. Phairans are considered extremely exotic, dangerous and beautiful people. They embrace sensuality and expression more then most of the other species. Phairans are very religious. They worship the Heavenly Host and the Light that they come from. They focus more on the Heavenly Host and devote their time and energy into either acting as they feel the Host would, dispensing justice in the name of the Heavenly Host or seeing guidance from them.

They are the wealthiest nation in terms of raw precious metal and minerals. They have lavish temples and vast gold leafed complexes in their major cities. The Phairan people are aware of their monetary superiority and enjoy flaunting it. They are also considered one of the strongest military, having held their own against Aether and their Ryuko allies during their war over sacred ground.

Phaira is a matriarchy. They are socially opposite of Aether. Their brazen displays of female power, monetary advantage and boastfulness about having the 'right' religion usually puts them at odds with Aetherians. There is both jealousy and fear from the Aetherian side. They are not allies, nor will they be since they are so polar of one another.

The regions, which are listed below, are allowed to war with one another. This does not extend to Phairapolis, which is the center of their government. The Awilu see this as both profitable and also encourages their people to retain their fighting spirit. They believe in letting the regions sort themselves out.



The oldest region, Babylon has many ancient sites. Paranormal phenomenon is frequently reported here. The people are superstitious and religious. This large and powerful region, is known for mystical might and religiously motivated armies.

Grasslands and rock lands


The region of Bessesus is feared for its large over powering warriors. The people there are larger, stronger and built as juggernauts. Bessesus is known for breeding legendary physical warriors. This region is known for having the strongest warriors

Rock lands and desert


Ecabana is a land of enchantment. They are the like gypsies. The criminal underbelly element thrives best in Ecabana. The less wealthy seem to live well. There are also great hunters and sport games that take place in the wetlands and jungle area.

Wetlands and light jungle


The capitol center of the nation isPhairapolis. It is the richest of all the regions. It is a giant city and has no provinces. Phairapolis is where people go to hobnob, merchants who can afford to, buy stalls in the streets or rent space to sell their goods where the richest shop. Entertainers and artists come to be recognized as stars and gain fame and fortune.

This is a place where the hopeful attempt to carve dreams into reality. Architecturally it is a huge city lined in marble, stone, gold and silver. The temple and palace have giant gem stone inserts for architectural decoration. It is the most expensive place on the planet

Seaside and semi-tropic Mediterranean


Sairag is focused on medicine and agriculture. Sairag the food production capitol, and located on a large island near Phairapolis. In their mountainous region they are known for the harvest of ore and gemstones. Politically, for defense of its borders, Sairag focuses on lobbying to keep favor with the Awilu in Phairapolis.

Mountains and grasslands


This is the map for Phaira.

Current Land of Dragons Map