World Setting


The continent of the Vykrul people is spread wide but sparsely populated. Most of the common people live within the domains of the Forest of Night and below. Meanwhile the Frostfire Mountain Range and above is controlled by the giants called Juton. Dragons Roost, up north is a place of fear and mystery, not inhabited by the juton. The Vykrul have no desire to expand or explore their homeland since it is so dangerous for them to travel. All exploration done happened hundreds of years ago before they settled down in their safe locations, fortified the best they could for the juton attacks.

As far as playing a Vykrul, they are rarely out of their homes much less so far across the ocean that they'd be in Aether. There is no Classes and Professions or Species page for them.


Hearth Glen
The Tender lands

This is a place for non-predator, field animals to live. They have a huge network of underground warrens that keep them safe from being easily spotted by juton or other predators. They live a very full life of fun, food and family. Their biggest concerns are really other vykrul taking their food from them!


This is a place made up of forest based animals breeds. Primarily Bears, cats, wolves, foxes, shrew, racoons, mice, otters, beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, minks, weasels, fill the population. They live in tree-house villiages, trying to stay above the juton's reach. Their craft and trade focus around being hunters, skinners, leather workers and fur traders.


This is a smaller domain near the river and Serpent Lake. The people here are primarily fishers. Rochelle has fishing ports that are also used to evacuate people should juton appear. Sometimes, when the juton do not come with their dragons, the villagers can board the boats and go out onto the water to escape them. Dragons make this pointless.


The capitol, is a mix of all breeds. This is a huge mecca that has farming, fishing, foresting, entertainment, shopping, crafting, and trains powerful warriors. It is built into the land, like a massive canyon kingdom. The markets are full of activity and the upper class pavilions are rich with politics, philosophy and scholarly pursuits.

There are massive wooden beams linked up by pillars that, when giants come around, they can’t just grab up a handful of adorable beast folk to eat. In the event that a giant comes, a huge lid is rolled into place, secured by several feet into both sides of the canyon and made with metal to reinforce it. They all hurry into warrens and warriors deal with the problem.


This is a place of winter animals. They survive well in the snow. They focus on hunting and fishing. They are located in the lower area, near the Griffin Buttes. They deal more with attacks from the griffins then the jutons. Griffins fight off the dragons that the juton ride on and they also have the power to attack the juton. It's a semi safe place.


Old Isle of Dragons Map