World Setting

How to Write Langauges when Role Playing

There are a variety of languages in this story and not everyone is proficient at understanding them all, in fact without a magical means, no one character should be able to speak or write them all. This co-created role playing game utliazes visual cues that are not customary to the English written langauge. This gives the various langauges an instant recgonizizable symbol that will warn the player that the character is not speaking in the common Aetherian tounge (or is not using a translation device at the very least). Though the player may need to look up what the symbol means before they can know if their character understands what is said, they at least have a quick mental flag to do so. Below are the symbols used and how to use them.

"Blah." - If everyone knows the language(s) being used only normal quotes are needed.

A characters internal thoughts.

Magical Languages
Ancient Elfin: |Blah|
A dead language of the elves.

Animal/Plant Speech

Telepathy, Private
When doing telepathy in a different language add in that language's unique symbols to it.

*{Where are you?}*
Keise Telepathy

Writing Other Languages

Keise: {blah}

Nazcan: =Blah.=

Phairan: $Blah.$

Roman: <Blah>

Ryuko: ^Blah.^

Spirits: ~*Blah.*~

Wysterian: ["Blah."]

=Where are you going?=
Nazcan language.