World Setting


Wysteria was once a proud war based nation with a lot of military might in their war machines. They were eventually conquored by Aether and a puppet government was set up with the Wysterian royalty kept as the figure head. The Wysterian people are very different than most of the other speices. They age, which is a huge difference (they are basically standard humans). Most non-aging speices cannot comprehend what it is like to get old. The Wysterians also put the might of steel and engineering above the power of magic. Most other species at least consider magic an equally powerful weapon, but Wysterians see it as power from 'outside' and not power the highlights the person's true physical prowess.

Wysteria lost their homeland to the ancient dragons when Fate roused them. The Wysterian people had to relocate to survive. Most went to Aether since they already owned them and they understood the Aetherian culture far better then the Phairan. Sadly, Wysterians are seen as dangerously hostile, criminally minded and tempermental by Aetherians. They are, in other words, considered poweder kegs. It doesn't help matters that after their defeat in the Aetherian-Wysterian war many insurgance groups sprouted up! Wysteria was also the nation that killed King Christopher and it was one of their necormancers that rose him from the dead to control him. All in all the Wysterian people are just considered undesired.

Blending With Other Nations 


They have lost all their title both in class rank and profession. The Aetherians accept them as labor but trust them to do little else. Even their religious disposition is a bit too forceful and narrow minded for Wysterians to get along with the usually open minded clergy of the Temple. They tend to end up in less then fantastic lifestyles.


Wysterians do not understand Phaira very well both as a culture and as a language. The Phairans are far to open sexually and far to female empowered for the Wysterians to want to live with them. However those who have moved to Phaira, though not given class rank and profession title, are not forced into the the labor and dead end jobs.


Some Wysterians choose to work with the Dawnbringer. These people still suffer social hazing from Aetherians but they are not as distrusted. The Commander of the Dawnbringer is a half Wysterian. That gives them the feeling of security working under such a person, making the Dawnbringer a tempting location to live and serve.


This is the map for Wysteria, showing the location of their territories.

Current Land of Dragons Map